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Hello, all.
My name is Priya Gowda. And in this video, I’ll give you some tips
about premature greying. The reason why you get premature greying.. I’ll tell you the reasons and the cure. Firstly, let’s know the reasons.
We are all aware of the reasons. But we cannot avoid it. I’ll tell you the reasons first. The first reason is genetics. If your ancestors had this problem there are chances that
you also might get it. That’s called genetics. If you have such a problem,
it won’t get cured that easily. It won’t be a cakewalk to treat it. As it’s a genetics thing,
it might take time to cure. I feel that it’s difficult to get over it
with home remedies. The second reason is
environmental pollution. These days, we go out.
There’s a lot of pollution. Take any mode of transport.
There’s a lot of pollution. You might get premature greying. Third reason.
Smoking. Smoking is one of the important reasons. It’s a crucial reason.
The more you smoke.. You get a lot of impurities..
It’s called differently in medical terms. That’s also a reason for premature greying. Fourth.
Thyroid problems. If you have thyroid problems,
you might have premature greying. And excessive of medical drugs. If you take a lot of tablets that’ll also lead to premature greying. These are the reasons which lead
to premature greying. I’m going to tell you how you can avoid it. When genetics are responsible for your
premature greying, it’s a tough task. There are chances that
it might be impossible. But otherwise, if the reasons are environmental
pollution, smoking, thyroid problems or medications,
we can use homemade remedies or any other way to get rid
of premature greying. Firstly, massage your hair
before taking a head bath. You can use any oil.
Be it any oil.. You can use any kind of oil.
But the best is castor oil. If you use that,
you’ll never get premature greying. It’ll take about 2 months. You will be able to see the difference. It’s a very traditional way. It’s one reason.
Oiling is very important. Next, curry leaves.
If you mix fried curry leaves with the oil.. You can also boil the leaves
and apply the oil. Onion juice..
Smash some onions or grind it and extract the pure juice. You can directly spray it on your scalp. You can apply it with your hands too. It’ll help you get rid of the dandruff and it’ll give it a silky look. It’ll stop premature greying. Drink lots of water and have a lot
of green vegetables. Keep having green leafy vegetables. It’s good for the skin.
It has a lot of iron content. It’s good for the hair.
It’ll give shine to your hair. It’ll stop premature greying. Next, hair mask.
You’ll need some curry leaves powder and some henna leaves powder. Mix them with some egg whites. Mix them well and apply it on your hair
and leave it overnight. Use a towel or a paper
to cover it. You can wash your hair in the morning. If you do this, it’ll nourish your hair and will stop premature greying. If you follow these tips everyday you’ll see the change over a period of time because the grey hair has to get converted
to black hair again. But please practice this everyday and avoid the causes of premature greying. If you’re going out cover your hair. Nourish your hair
and eat good food.. Don’t eat a lot of junk. If you do this,
you will treat your hair well. You won’t have any problem. Thank you so much for watching
this video. I hope you liked this video. Please like and share this video.
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