How to treat Keratosis Pilaris (aka Chicken Skin)

How to treat Keratosis Pilaris (aka Chicken Skin)

Have you ever had pimples on your upper
arms? Do you feel like you have bumps on your arms and you can’t get rid of them?
Well those aren’t actually pimples. They are not acne. This is a common condition
called Keratosis Pilaris. I’ve been really lucky to get a few patients that
came in to my office to see me and are willing to go on camera and talk about
this condition so we could show you what Keratosis Pilaris looks like, how it
looks different in different people, and what kind of treatment options are great
for you. Hi! I’m Charlotte and I have KP. Welcome! What’s going on – what are you
doing seeing the dermatologist today? I’ve never seen a dermatologist who
actually knows a lot about KP. Yes, I see. You do have it kind of extensively you
have it up and down your arm, that’s not so fun. Is it itchy? Not at all?
Because you have the little ones that look like they’re scratched up a little. Is that just because sometimes you rub it a little bit. I think that’s just from being in the shower you know with the loofah and it nicks on them a little bit. So you do take a loofah and rub it a little bit. So for you in particular, you have more noticeable hyperpigmentation or PIH (post
inflammatory hyperpigmentation.) That means that after an area where it was
irritated or red or inflamed .You go out in the sun and it darkens there. Or just
because of our skin color that we have more pigment in our skin we darken. You
have these bumps almost there like accentuations of your hair follicles
almost. You know like when we get goose bumps and then sometimes they’re
surrounded by a little circle of red. In your case, the red has sort of turned
into brown just because I think a lot has to do with sun exposure.
Somebody who has KP that kind of pigments a little bit more should use a
sunscreen. The sunscreen is going to help protect it and prevent it from getting darker. Would you say moisturizing daily is really important too? Moisturizer is really important because a lot of this has to do with our dry skin and dry environments and so dry skin makes it worse. So moisturizing is really important. I have a tub of moisturizing cream in
the shower with me. So when I’ve toweled off and I’m still like a little wet
that’s when you want to put it on. I feel like it’s active. I can feel the bumps
here. I actually have some products here that I want you to try. This is a body
scrub and the body scrub is important because it is really nice in the shower with you I know you’re using that loofah but this is going to be something
that’s going to help to exfoliate but I think it’s going to be less traumatizing to
your skin. Then you can also follow this up with the glycolic body lotion.
This is great because you can use it multiple times in the day. Glycolic is
really good particularly for Keratosis Pilaris because it’s going to
help smooth out the skin too, but it also helps to get rid of the dry dull
skin layer. So it really makes your skin more radiant. These are going to be really
good products that I think are really going to change your KP. My goal is to in
the next month or so for you to notice an improvement in the bumpiness. The
darkening is going to take a little longer. So sounds like a plan right? I hope it
all helps. I think it’s going to. So I’m excited to hear from you again. Thank you. Of course. I hope all this information today has helped you with your potential Keratosis Pilaris. My SLMD skincare line has some wonderful
products that are really meant to treat Keratosis Pilaris. We have the Glycolic Acid Scrub and we have the Glycolic Acid Body Lotion. So you can get it at


  • Lee says:

    I have it on my butt cheeks, desperate to get rid of them

  • Dawn Sullivan says:

    Finally! I never knew what the bumps were on my upper arms. Thank you so much. I can't wait to try out these products

  • Tigerflower says:

    OMG Finally Someone has addressed these “Unknown & Undressed issues” I’m getting “goosebumps” Yuck……thank you DOC….Thank You…

  • Adrian's Pets says:

    What if you have it on your face? I have it on my cheeks, and I have a patch area under both of my eyes.

  • Erica Haddad says:

    Me, my dad, my brother, my uncle, my daughter, etc. we all have this. I tend to pick at my daughters out of habit lol mine isn’t as bad as it used to be thankfully!

  • Lisa Lisa says:

    I have that on my arms and the upper part of the back of my neck. I focused on my diet and what I was eating a lot of when these bumps came. The culprit was Blueberries. Now that they are in season, I've been eating A LOT of them in my smoothies. A few days ago I stopped eating them, and already the bumps are going away. Pay attention to your diet. Foods that are rich in Keratin will cause this. I also used "Gold Bond- Rough and Bumpy cream".

  • Fran Raynal says:

    I have this. People stare at my arms and think I have some kind of disease. It looks really bad on my arms because I am so pale and they look reddish with some purple coloration. Someone told me that I should go to the doctor and have it looked at because it might be cancer. It's a harmless skin condition that isn't contagious.

  • beryl maley says:

    Mine started like a joke on my arm this was helpful

  • beryl maley says:

    I really need to get products i have kp, acne, hyperpigmentation just months to my wedding can anything be more depressing right now

  • Mish mash says:

    Nice commercial.

  • Silze alves ferreira says:

    Tem no Brasil ?

  • Kimberly Martyn says:

    This runs in our family

  • Barbara Namjooing says:

    i have this shit i hate it with every part of me

  • Sarah Princess says:

    Would love to try this as me & my daughter both have kp but we’re in the uk so dk if you ship here & would imagine v expensive!??

  • Katherine Ford says:

    Iv had this since about 8. I was told at 14 it's rare to have it this bad cause everyone gets this, it's just a 1% that get it thier whole life or severe. I was told you can do nothing. I have the moisturize down pat but it's the red dots I don't know what to do with. I have it all over my legs and arms. I even opted to have my half sleeve tattoo done at 19 instead of waiting a few years cause I wanted it covered. I'm pale as hell so I'm sensitive to the sun big time and my main moisturizer is an spf. Maybe that's why at 36 ppl think I'm early 20's 😉. Thanks for doing this video! One that has my weirdness in it is cool 😆

  • silverbracelet6 says:

    I live where it's really humid and I still have this on my arms.

  • Victoria G says:

    I actually talked to my dermatologist who said exfoliating exacerbates the issue. Now I have KP with ingrown hairs so maybe it's different. Has any one had any experience with both?

  • Eza Breeza says:

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. I have seen three doctors about this and they don't know what to do. You are a DIAMOND!!!!

  • Modacious Make-Up says:

    I must have missed something. These comments saying ‘great information’ and thanks for the help… all I heard was to ‘lube ur arm immediately after u shower w this kind of soap’… so ppl with this problem for years and been so dramatically effected by it, haven’t tried shower/moisturize?? Wth? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Chelsi Emery says:

    Thank you for this post! My daughter has this and no idea why. At least know I know how to help her manage it!

  • Anna Cain says:

    i have keratosis pilarus this vid helped

  • April Real says:

    I have this on my arms & thighs 😩😪

  • my name's blurryface and i care what you think says:

    I have this! it runs in the family

  • Rachel Berens says:

    I have kp. It’s the worst.

  • paranoiaprincess says:

    My fiance has this, and I always pick at it. I thought it was ingrown hair or something. Now I know! Thank you!

  • Astro Angel says:

    I thought there was just something wrong with me, I had no idea it was an actual diagnosis. I'm so glad I know what it is now, and that this was addressed. Thank you so much! <3

  • Tanisha Wallace says:

    For fellow sufferers. I use African black soap and the moisturizer from and it helps a ton

  • S. Lee says:

    I went to a "dermatologist" who wouldn't even touch your skin. He seemed afraid & grossed…not a nice feeling.😑 Anyway I have a chronic condition called Fibromyalgia and I started using Dr. Teals Epsom Salt lotion in lavender, but they have many scents. You can purchase it at Walmart, nice size pump bottle for around $4.99. Anyway I use this for pain but I noticed it works WONDERS for this condition!! Hope this helps someone😊

  • gwendolyncasey says:

    Can something like this be used on a toddler? My toddler has KP on his arms, thighs and cheeks.

  • Chloe Gonzalez says:

    I hope exfoliating works because im so insecure about my KP I have it all over my legs and arms 😩

  • Chloe Charbonneau says:

    I have severe KP on my arms as shown but also ALL over my legs. A large portion my my leg hair is ingrown, it grows in all directions making it hard to remove and it's extremely itchy! After several dermatologist visits the only advice I got was to get laser hair removal but even that wouldn't help since my hair is too fair 😭 It's extremely frustration having something that make a huge impact on self-esteem that no doctor thinks is a big deal.

  • Winner's Creed says:

    I've heard it's a sign of a wheat allergy

  • WendydOwl says:

    KP boys and girls,
    Buy the “Buffy” from Lush!
    After trying a million kinds of products, the Buffy has been the only product that has really improved my skin.

  • Meg Root says:

    I was originally told that I had eczema. I didn't find out until last year that it's actually KP. I just wish I could afford the stuff you have Dr. Lee. For now I will use the jergens lotion I have. Thank you for making this little video.

  • envious demon says:

    I get these bumps or sometimes just sharp hair like spot on certain areas of the body, mainly hips and close to arm pits. When i pop them sometime a plug with a hair in it comes out or just a hard like hair comes out. Well that hair looks to be a bunch of hairs stuck together. I mean like over a dozen or more. What is that? Sometimes when the hair is in the plug you see the hair tip split into a dozen or more ends. Just want some info. I know I should ask a doctor just never have

  • steve olson says:

    christopher olson sander lee

  • kokia05 says:

    Thanks for posting about this, i recently found out i have this, i noticed them on my thighs first. It is pretty annoying.

  • forum patel says:


  • Bethany Isabelle says:

    That's what I have I had so many of them all over my arms but I ended up getting them to go away I have a few left an mines was so itchy

  • Heatherini Sweetcake says:

    So happy that you made this video. I have it on my thighs and it can get so tender to the point that I don't want to be touched (which is hard when you have 2 small children and a loving husband). I'm tempted to make an appointment with you! It would be worth the drive!

  • Mrs. Thomas says:

    Thank you so much for posting this!! I have this on my arms and legs (even my bottom) and developed it some on my stomach after I got pregnant with my daughter. Unfortunately she started getting it on her legs some when she was about a year or two old. I would love to have clearer skin! I'm a popper so I'm bad to pop them.

  • torok says:

    I have this all over my body and on my face as well. It’s horrible.

  • Cara Stark says:

    Would you suggest using logo in or 1% hydrocortisone cream?

  • QB84 says:

    She didn't say anything different from any other dermatologist ever 😩😭

  • here2watch08 says:

    I read that exfoliation is bad for KP. The way to treat it is to keep it very moisturized with a lotion that has an acid component. The excess keratin has to be broken down on a cellular level.

  • VItou Dara says:

    Why can’t I deliver it UK ?

  • phantomkate6 says:

    Thank you! I've gone for years trying to figure out what this was! One doc even told me I was imagining the little white bumps because (he said) no skin condition fit that description. Moisturizing has never fixed mine completely–it's exacerbated by dry skin, but not caused by it I guess. Scrubbing sometimes helps, but sometimes it makes the bumps super angry and red. Have been getting some good results using an AHA now.

  • Eladio Mora says:

    hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about treatment keratosis pilaris try Elumpa KP Remedy Alchemist (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my m8 got great success with it.

  • WarpFactorFive says:

    I have these all over my arms and legs… they’re pretty flaky and annoying

  • Pink Judy says:

    Does it work?

  • FlametheSeraph says:

    I have them on my arms, lets, back, bottom. They're annoying af, I usually open the bump and will push out the plug, it's like a hard ball. Doing this regularly and also VERY GENTLY rubbing with a smooth pumice stone to help remove the skin. Not to the point of irritating it or anything, just to remove the dead skin, you may notice likes little rolls of gray stuff, that's usually dead skin after you shower.

  • Dolly Doll says:

    i have kp everywhere and it’s super dark
    i ordered this and thought it would last longer (only lasted me 2 weeks) but still have some of the lotion.. i’m so sad bc it did nothing for me and i’m young with no money so i spent my last on this. kp sucks i’m literally crying 😞

  • Hayley Scy says:

    i have KP and its been a hassle for half of my life. if you have this, PLEASE do not pick at it! i didnt know what it was as a child so i resorted to picking at my arms etc and its so unhealthy. im glad you posted about this Dr sandra lee. also if anyone has any tips on how to stop picking or how to get rid of this please let me know! would mean a lot

  • Seb Leney says:

    I have this so bad. Arms, legs, you name it. May have to look into this.

  • Mary Grace Swanson says:

    i didn’t even know my skin condition had a NAME. i’m so glad she’s talking about this, ad or not.

  • Ting Angeles says:

    I have been dealing with KP for so many years. Can you help me? I'm willing to go on camera!

  • Nikups says:

    Thanks to this video my KP is almost gone. I had this bad on my forearms and the top of my thighs. I bought a glycolic body scrub and a 12% AHA glycolic lotion. (Not her brand, sorry) I was using it daily and it was working but it was bit harsh to my skin. So I got a bottle of 12% lactic acid lotion and changed the routine a bit. Now I use the scrub every other night and switch the lotions daily. Meaning one night I use the lactic and the next I use the glycolic. I do the routine at night because you have to use sunscreen with these lotions and that’s just too much. It’s been about a 1 1/2 months and my arms & thighs are almost completely smooth.

  • Robin Auras says:

    My adult son (who is severely autistic, low functioning, non-verbal) has had this since he was quite young, on the backs of his arms. I don't think it bothers him as I've never seen him scratch at it. I'm assuming if left untreated it won't develop into anything worse. Anyone know if there are possible complications when not treating it?

  • Invisible Man says:

    I have it on my face. Sucks

  • Mika P. says:

    Glad there’s a way to treat it, but I don’t exactly have access to this product unless I order it. Everyone says to use coconut oil, but I’m allergic to it.

  • YxVm says:

    my wife calls me dinosaur skin cos of KP

  • birdAdele says:

    the one on 0:18 looks exactly like my skin, I'm really looking forward to the video with this patient

  • birdAdele says:

    the one on 0:18 looks exactly like my skin, I'm really looking forward to the video with this patient

  • JennyJenn20 says:

    My 3 year old has KP. Can these products be used on children?

  • Ellen brouwer says:

    I have this and I’ve been to the doctors so many times and nothing worked. I might have to give this a go.

  • Karen Krista Tulinius says:

    I have this all over my arms and legs and it makes me so depressed I went to a doctor for this and he was like yeah just scrub it off lmao

  • WHRA 21 says:

    When I said if I could be any animal to be eaten I said chicken (chicken is my favourite meat) I feel like I'm closer to it and I'm hybrid of chicken and pork and honestly I feel complete right at this moment haha😎✊

  • MegzyWoody says:

    I have been using this products for a few months and the change in my arms has been miraculous even though I have not been very consistent in daily use. Love these products.

  • ForbiddenClay says:

    I have it and coconut oil, goat's milk soap took care of it…also changing laundry detergent

  • lizzydread says:

    I would have liked to see if it worked or not I mean after the treatment … I ve tried so many diferent kind of creams and scrubs But nothing really works and worst your products don't arrive to Southamerica! 🙁

  • Brandy Reynolds says:

    I’ve had to deal with this my entire life. If I have to hear one more person ask me if I’m cold…😖 I’ve been to countless dermatologists and plastic surgeons for this and I’ve had no resolution. Some say it’s a buildup of keratin. Some say it’s a buildup of dead skin cells. I’ve even tried popping them myself to no avail. There are no products that help me. And if u think about it, if it’s truly a buildup of keratin or dead skin cells, wouldn’t coating a bunch of products on your skin make the buildup even worse??? I wish doctors would just admit they have no idea what it is or how to treat it instead of throwing more moisturizers my way that end up under the sink cuz they don’t work. I’ve even considered doing laser hair removal on my arms to see if that will get rid of the bumps. If anybody has any REAL success with anything, please please please post it here.

  • Pilma Teves says:

    I will try this thanks for the info doc lee

  • That weird anime lover That weird anime lover says:

    I have keratosis pilaris and I went to a doctor about it but the treatment never worked and I have tried multiple treatments. I have also picked at them causing in my case scaring so I wear a lot of long sleeve shirts but thanks for all the information on what I need to do now to help it.

  • Quincy Baughman says:

    I literally have KP on 90% of my body. Instead of getting better over time, it has gotten worse. I’ve used about 12 different KP-specific products, and I’ve always followed directions to a T. We have never found anything that has even been able to stabilize it, let alone reverse it.
    I have had to live my life around my KP. Most of my adult life has been spent in long sleeves and pants, even in the summer. When I was in elementary school, the other kids ran from me because they thought it was contagious. As a teenager, and adult, my daily plans have always included covering up my arms, legs, and torso. When invited to a pool party or out to the lake, I have to make up excuses about why I can’t go. Anything done outside during the warm and hot months, I can’t attend. My wedding dress had to include sleeves because I didn’t want the happiest day of my life ruined by seeing all the red bumps and ugly scarring.
    My dermatologists have never really known what to do about the severity of my condition; not only is it spreading, but a lot of the times the bumps have become large, swollen, itchy, and even infected. I just finished 8 months of Acutane (which didn’t work) and am now on Fabior foam. It has been extremely painful, but they honestly don’t have many more ideas on what to do, and I told them I’ll do whatever if there’s even a chance it might work.
    As of the last year, nothing we’ve tried has done much of anything, but we’re still hopeful.

    So though to most who have it, it’s annoying and a little embarrassing, to some it has literally controlled just about every aspect of their life, and it is a big deal.

    (I’ve been waiting awhile to kinda tell my little story, so please excuse the rambling😊)

  • FixItYourself Deb says:

    I get KP on upper arms and inside knees. Glycolic acid lotion up to 12% doesn't even work. However, Retina-A with Ammonium Lactate lotion works great.
    Oh, and DERMATOLIGISTS have no clue how to treat it! They gave me Urea lotion. It did nothing!!🤬
    Why are they so misadvised about such a common condition?

  • Rebecca Heggs says:

    Was great to see this. I have a fairly bad case of KP. Unfortunately it will never go away, so I've learned to just accept it as part of who I am. But it. Is good to see some ideas being offered to treat it.

  • The adventures of Rachel and Ava says:

    I have this, I have always had them and it drives me crazy! This really didn’t give much information though 🙁

  • CoDangIt says:

    Oh hey I have these and was always hold I had chicken skin and I got it as a child from like a rash and they would never go away but this actually helps

  • Rockstar chica Cute female chicken says:

    I have chicken skin It is so freaking annoying

  • Jasmine and Emmy says:

    I have this pretty bad on my arms and legs. Swollen and red. I use amlactin, you can buy it over the counter it helps alot. Use it every other day because its strong. And I've been putting cold water on my skin before I get out of the shower because our skin hates hot water. But yeah the lotion, exfoliate, and cold water and sun screen help. Even though the sun makes mine go away I know it's not healthy. It's so embarrassing people think you have something crazy but we can be confident!

  • krisej31 says:

    I'm not sure if what I have is actually KP or something similar. But, I've noticed that when I have something with gluten (I'm intolerant. ? Celiac like my mum) it really flares up. I get more spots and they become a darker red. But if I manage to avoid gluten entirely, then it's barely noticeable. I'm getting to the point now were even foods contaminated with traces of gluten can cause me to get sick. But, can KP be affected by allergies and other immune responses?

  • ChristianMadsen87 says:

    Omg I clicked randomly on this video and I now know why my skin looks weird. I'm going to try your advice. Thx been wondering all my life about this.

  • Beep beep bitches says:

    I have this on both of my entire legs and on my arms. Its barely noticeable on my arms but you can clearly see it on my legs ;-;

  • Shanna Lourine says:

    I have KP everywhere but my hands feet and back. I’ve tried for years to get rid of it cause it’s so ruff.

  • Darklustmoonchild says:

    The music….

  • Mochi V says:


  • Alice Burns says:

    Any recommendations for treating this on a 15 month old?

  • Anonymous65 says:

    Use The.Ordinary Glycolic Acid or Lactic Acid products. Much cheaper.

  • Laverne Armstrong says:

    Could maybe the music be alittle less loud so could hear you better?

  • yessica garcia says:

    con la crema se kita?en español por favor

  • yessica garcia says:

    me la puedes mandar a españa

  • Will Rodriguez says:

    Great keratosis pilaris treatment –

    Seriously this condition is terrible. Not only do I have Molluscum Contagiosum, which is definitely a great “boost of confidence”

    But I have had KP my whole life and it just gets worse, I have KP on the back of my biceps, thighs and my whole lower leg! KP keeps me from wearing T-Shirts and anything that shows above my knees. It is getting really hot and I don't have the confidence to wear shorts or T-Shirts. Not to mention that I have really skinny “chicken” legs and they are veiny too. I am so blessed and thankful that I am healthy, but I would like to feel confident in my body too. I am not sure what to do, (not comparing but) there are so many girls at school with beautiful skin, but I can’t do ANYTHING about the skin conditions I have

    (which I have only started to really notice get worse the past few months) 😔

  • Dana Fidler says:

    I have it but I also have it on my legs. Does anyone else that has this on their arms, also have it on their legs?

  • boboi puteh says:

    Guys.i took pill Bio Zinc Plus (Zinc plus Vit A) Blackmores brand and my KP was 95% dissapeared.scars are still there it will take time to improve but the bumps are significantly reduced….i had KP for 15 years.try work well for me…

  • zipzip zapzap says:

    mine is in-born

  • Mutt Davis says:

    just started getting symptoms of KP in the past week or so… it hasn't popped up before because it was only hereditary to the males in my family, but i started HRT a year ago and KP has only just started to take over my arms and chest (a year AFTER starting HRT…weird, right?). i've been following dr. lee for years now and i'm really glad she has a video about this because i really do trust her skincare advice 🙂 <3

  • Jheizelly Amante says:

    Hello, I'm from Philippines. I really want to try this product coz been suffering this KP for a long time. I hope someone could noticed this message.

  • Salti says:

    I’m just gonna tattoo over mine

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