How to Treat Eczema

How to Treat Eczema

How to Treat Eczema. While the cause of eczema, which makes the
skin itchy, is unknown and there is no cure, there are ways to lessen its discomfort. You will need Topical steroid creams Cold
compress Antihistamines Soap and shampoo with coal-tar extracts Oral corticosteroids Antibiotics
Mild laundry detergent (optional) Unscented fabric softener (optional) and unscented bath
products (optional). Step 1. Apply topical steroid creams, which help reduce
inflammation, after a bath to seal in moisture. Topical steroids can cause acne and thinning
of the skin. Step 2. Apply cold compresses to affected areas and
take oral antihistamines to help alleviate itching. Step 3. Use soaps and shampoos that contain coal-tar
extracts, which help reduce itching, rashes, and inflammation. Use mild laundry detergents and unscented
fabric softener and bath products to avoid triggering eczema. Step 4. Ask your doctor to prescribe oral corticosteroids,
which help reduce inflammation, and antibiotics, to treat infected areas caused by excessive
scratching. Did you know Eczema affects 20 percent of


  • boyuchuadaniel says:

    first!!! sub 2 me!!! not anyone else!!!

  • Jordan L says:

    Some other tips
    Keep your nails short
    When you get all sweaty, take a 5 minute break to cool off with a nice cold glass of water. Also, Stay away from drinks full of sugar like coke, and drink fruit juices instead.

    When showering, take quick showers with cool water, you skin wont dry out as fast. Hope this helps

  • OS253 says:

    I don't have eczema. I have keloids that itch like hell. How do you fix keloids?

  • maddy nguyen says:

    you make it sound like eczema is a really bad thing like a really deadly disease…. it's not that bad, just a lot of scabs that will turn to scars in a few weeks.

  • boyuchuadaniel says:

    @HDTutorialsTV i am not FUCKING crazy. you r like ————> 0_0 i am sooo jealous i didn't get to be the first commentor than you cry!!

  • wudude13 says:

    0:30 is she doing what i THINK shes doing??

  • boyuchuadaniel says:

    @HDTutorialsTV yeah right 🙂

  • Michelle Yuen says:

    @zedsicles546 no, it's pronounced ek zi ma. they said it right…

  • Saxon Anglo says:

    excuseme, did i hear sterioids?

  • SpencerLives says:

    @SamBelievable you shouldn't even be on youtube

  • LemurLaunch says:

    I am one of those 20%

  • Erin says:


  • Erin says:

    and I look like I rubbed raspberry jam on my mouth cuz I got some eczema on the corners of my lips and pinkness behind my knees and on my arms, and the worse part? I have a naturally 'tanned' skin colour -_- and my crush rejected me T.T my life is screwed

  • Jeronimo says:

    thumbs up if you clicked this video because u didnt know what Eczema was

  • picturesqueish says:

    Due to summer weather, I get eczema flare-ups on portions of my right hand and even though there is only a small region affected, it is still pretty crap. Are oils such as evoo and vitamin e useful for topical treatment of eczema?

  • _ flores says:

    wait.. i know I can treat my eczema so it isnt as severe.. but seriously, there is no cure? Omg Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • runway34r says:

    Ok….. they can bring people back to life after they have been dead briefly…. but they cant cure itchy skin?

  • Rey Benasfre says:

    I have eczema:/

  • Gudey100 says:

    Ive had exzema my whole life and i cant were shorts and i have scars all over

  • Tori The Creator says:

    Wtf is eczema ive never had it :/

  • ObnoxiousAgnostic says:

    last comment

  • JDHHD1 says:

    Hey, i have eczema or what it is called, but a good tip is stay out off sugar and salt, those irritates your skin and makes it also dry and itchy, another reason of dry skin and maybe irritated is also of air around you. It can be moist or dry air, u should open your windows and be more outside in the sun to get some Vitamin C. You should also eat something that has Vitamin B and C. I'm sick of eczima, but I like candy. 🙁

  • JDHHD1 says:

    (I mean you get Vitamin D, not C.

  • jazmin2hip says:

    Its x-ee-ma I should know I've had it since the day I was born 😛

  • Stephanie Zhou says:

    @laxgivens are your hands better now?
    i have the exact same problem and i have never met anyone else who does too so 😀
    i tried a lot of prescribed creams but i never use them long enough because i can tell they wont work 😛
    if your hands are better can you tell me the name of the stuff you used? ^w^

    *and yeah i know your comment was posted like a year ago so youre probably sitting there like wtf ><

  • Jessie Stables says:


  • Rachel Ly says:

    It can't be cured? I had eczema since I was born , on my arms, hands , legs ,feet sometimes my face I wish I didn't have it

  • Rachel Ly says:

    Sometimes above my mouth too!! UGH!! It's everywhere

  • Aya Saras says:

    i have eczema all over my hands, i just use vaseline (not any other petroleum jelly) in the bath or shower , and thats all

  • Dan다니엘 says:

    I have it even on my back

  • Andrea Patane says:

    It's like shingles

  • 1shadowfang8 says:

    eczema is alll diet…….. dont eat anti inflamatory foods and find out what your allergies are message me for more info i got eczema too but control it… my skin looks better than people without it

  • ngradrian says:

    thumbs up if your video blocks

  • ngradrian says:

    she said inflamation 3 times in the whole video…

  • Jenna says:

    Is it normal to have seriously hideous eczema when you're 15? It's been a problem since I was little and I get teased because of it.

  • ngradrian says:

    0:35 DERP

  • Darryl D says:

    I had eczema over 2 decades since teenage. The issue still endured after visiting several doctors and taking various recommended products that only have a temporary effect. I tried out eczema guide “Jαmzοzο Kuz” (Google it) for about 30 days, surprisingly, the condition never returned for years.

  • Drew D says:

    I had eczema over Twenty years since teenage. I went to several medical doctors and used several different prescribed products, it worked for short time period, it always came back right after stopping using them. Right after a month of utilizing eczema guide “Jαmzοzο Kuz” (Google it), my condition vanished once and for all.

  • luipou says:

    I discovered this unique eczema manual “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it) two winters ago when I had been experiencing a really bad eczema outbreak on my wrists. My hands and fingers had been red, itching, very dry. The guide is a miracle that is effective. I wasn`t out of the hassle of wrapping my hands and fingers, thanks a lot for this guide. You should use this. .

  • RedDewottFoxyFlareon2067 RedAndRainbowEevee says:

    I have eczema and it really itches! So I have to stop itching…..I hate that disease ;0

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