How to Treat Diaper Rashes

(pleasant electronic music) – Diaper rash is best
prevented and treated by using products that insulate the skin from wetness and infection
or infectious material, or by no diapers at all, so cloth diapers and naked time are the best ways to prevent diaper rash. If your kid gets a diaper rash, there are three main things to consider. One, you wanna manage the pain, two, prevent infection, and three, help the skin barrier recover so that that diaper rash can go away. Diaper rash can be caused
by all kinds of things, but it’s pretty much all
treated the same way, which is to either give
it lots of air time, or to use a nice, thick,
zinc-based diaper cream that will completely insulate the skin from the wetness in the diaper. (pleasant electronic music)

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