How To: Treat and Prevent Adult Acne with Water’s Edge Dermatology

How To: Treat and Prevent Adult Acne with Water’s Edge Dermatology

Adult acne is common and it affects people very frequently in both males and females. People think that acne is something that’s caused by poor hygiene or by sweating too much, by not washing your face regularly. In reality, that’s not really the case. It’s more of an internally driven process. Usually, it’s more common to be females
who continue to have acne when they’re adults because their hormones change a little bit and the hormones stimulate the glands and the hair follicles to create
the acne bump. Males can get acne in their adult years,
kind of as a bad luck of the draw. It’s not as hormonally related and it’s treated similarly to the teenage acne that we see in boys. But, with females often the treatment has to be changed, and the medicines that worked when you were a teenager don’t necessarily work when you’re an adult. The only preventative measures you can
do is using over-the-counter acne wash. For example, something that has a benzoyl
peroxide, usually at four or five percent, to try and prevent acne from getting bad. If that doesn’t work, usually we need
to combine that wash with a few other medications. We usually discuss the three different approaches to treating acne. Which is using topical medications, things that you put on your skin, oral medication, usually antibiotics
versus another class called spironolactone. And then, the third option is more of a
temporary relief of your acne, which would include either facials or chemical peels, very rarely light therapy, but something that you can do to help speed up the process as a temporary effect.


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