How To Test for Iodine Deficiency

How To Test for Iodine Deficiency

Today I’d like to explain how to perform the
iodine patch test. Iodine is important for the proper function of your thyroid, and every
cell in your body. Without it, your body won’t produce enough thyroxin, which is a hormone
that balances your metabolism. So how do you know if your iodine deficient? One method
is to perform the simple iodine patch test. First, you need to acquire a solution or tincture
of iodine. Make sure the solution is colored orange and not clear. Detoxadine will work
for this test just fine. Second, paint a 3×3 inch square with the iodine on preferably
your abdomen, inner thigh, or the inner portion of your forearm, or upper arm. Do this in
the morning and allow it to dry. Throughout the day, check the color of the patch. If
it’s still there after 12 hours, then your results are normal. If the patch disappears,
than it may indicate that your body in some way is deficient. Be sure to use an iodine
solution that is meant to be applicable to the skin. Also remember that as a home test,
this is not something you can make a guaranteed diagnosis from. However, many recent studies
have shown that the fast absorption of iodine from the body may reflect deficiency or adequacy
of iodine. I recommend a more intense diagnosis through a natural health practitioner, through
an iodine loading test, or blood work. For more great health tips and information, follow
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  • Vincent Artale jr says:

    Hey Doc, thanks for the video. Last night I was speaking with a very dear friend of mine about the same test. it was only said to me to put it around the bellybutton. I will def let her know the other areas. She also had more than 50% of her thyroid removed, any further suggestions or info you can provide will be very helpful and considered a blessing, Thanks in advance.

  • fhhfgj says:

    Thank you, I'm pretty sure I'm deficient in iodine but it would be interesting to perform this test. Dr.Group you are a true healer, love the work you do with INFOWARS!

  • Natural Lifestyle Show says:

    This is very interesting!

  • Re-wear-it Boutique says:

    I did the iodine patch test today and it was gone in an hour.

  • Elsolra Saul says:

    Would you suggest using Iodine for ear infection? If so, would you apply directly into the ear or paint the skin around the ear?

  • Jeff Kelly says:

    Would this work with survival shield X2 or is that to harsh for the skin ? 

  • LapseOfApathy says:

    Will this work with Survival Shield Nascent iodine, not x2 the original

  • Natalie Rivera says:

    What kind do I buy to test? What is the brand name so I can order

  • French Viking says:

    Does it matter how strong the iodine solution is, I mean if I apply a strong % of Iodine solution will it stay longer than a less stronger %? And how much drops do i need to use for the patch test, 1? I buyed Lugol's 5% from medisca to use it also internally.

    Thank you

  • The Depressed Jets Fan says:

    I never in my life took iodine. I'm just curious on how I should take it, I purchased Lugol's. Can someone please help me.

  • ljrow49 says:

    bought your nascent iodine. should get it tomorrow. Can I use it for the test?

  • Tintin says:

    I was advised to take iodine from a biochemist who did my check up so I had some in the cupboard, when I did this test it disappeared in 4 hours, interesting and easy way to check your levels for yourself.

  • Melanie Ann says:

    I did the test this morning, it disappeared in 5 hours! It was completely gone what is the best supplement to get for iodine defiency? I am breastfeeding, is it safe to take while breastfeeding?

  • Heidi Smith says:

    You are stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dana Adalaide says:

    My patch dissapeared within a minute, hardly surprising when my doctor said my TSH is high. Should i apply some more?

  • stuffofme xx says:

    Is there a way of testing people with brown skin?

  • ShockTroop says:

    can i use a tincture I made from vodka and black walnut husks?

  • Alan Heath says:

    I would have thought that this depended on the amount of iodine used and how quickly it dried. Am I wrong?

  • WisdomTooth says:

    Strange i have nascent iodine i take anywhere from 4-10 drops a day which is 1600mcg – 4000mcg and i done the test twice today and its vanished within an hour or even less. maybe sunlight effects it ?

  • silver ekko says:

    that magical comb over tho

  • 2558jmb says:

    I use Swan Iodine Tincture put some on my wrist everyday to keep my levels optimal.

  • melisa lopez says:

    Can I use Povidine Iodine ?

  • Joes Disley says:

    can i use nascent iodine transdermal?

  • Juliana Dâmaris Cruz says:

    My patch disappear in 1 hour !

  • Mark Giubarelli says:

    Is blood work an accurate form of testing? The iodine soaks into tissue in less than 6 hours and your body excretes what is does not need.

  • Faith Keiling says:

    I love this guy more and more everyday. 😘💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Shift Happens says:

    This is really lacking in specifics and therefore results will be even more subjective to how any individual person does it vs. objective methods. Like 2% or 5% solution, and how many drops to use to ‘paint’ this patch. Also what method is used to paint it on and how that affects actual amount left on skin (like, for example, a q-tip would soak up less solution than say a cotton ball). Still interesting and may have some merits, but lacking in comparative outcomes in ways.

  • lkn says:

    I've purchased red iodine tincture (povidone iodine), can I use it for this test? It is only 8,5% of Iodine

  • Stuart McKenzie says:

    Clear and simple

  • Kathy Ashby says:

    Could Betadine be used for this testing method? (Since I have this product at home already….)

  • Kool Burn says:

    Great tip Dr. Group, thank you

  • veggiesxarexcool says:

    Can i effectively apply Detoxadine in the skin as a supplement instead of taking it orally ?

  • Regina J says:

    I have to agree, try googling Cynthia Yulesin for some proven advice, and a solution that works in as little as 3 days.

  • E S says:

    It’s sad how few views and comments this video has. This guy makes so much sense and has really put all the facts together. Iodine is SO important to general health. I’ve been driven here from doing research on my gut health and figured out that I have low stomach acid which disturbs my entire intestinal track and gives me IBS symptoms… what is responsible for the production of stomach acid? IODINE it’s the most important mineral for the human body besides iron. Get a high quality supplement if you have any issues with your health despite practicing healthy habits and diet!!!

  • Bill Spoon says:

    I have painted myself with iodine every day for a week in 8 hrs my body soaked it in every time!

  • veggiesxarexcool says:

    Does anyone here uses Detoxadine as a skin desinfectant instead of iodopovidone ?

  • Adrianne Rivera says:

    Does the absorbtion mean you're actually getting iodine transdermal?
    I just didn't want to but the edible if I can do it this way..

  • raspberryeri says:

    Omg, my large detoxadine patch disappeared in seconds o. O

  • Fatima Oem Lokmane says:

    A few tips.

    Black seed, is a cure for every disease, except death. That’s what prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) told us.

    And he (peace be upon him) told us to do hijama (wet cupping) at least once in our life. Hijama takes the toxins out of your body. You can see it on YouTube.

    He (peace be upon him) told us also to eat 7 dates a day.

    And other super foods that have been mentioned in the Quran are: honey, ginger, grapes, figs and so on. There are so much beneficial tips in the Islamic teachings about food/cure.

    I really hope that doctors (like this one) going to study about the the teaching from Islamic sources. There is benefit for all of us.

    The media is bombarding islam to keep the world in their grip.
    For example the Islamic banking system is the best. It is build to give everyone chances to grow up and not only the richest ones. The banks what we know today are only benefiting their wallet.

  • XO says:

    Wow my patch disappeared in under 5 minutes

  • stephen meinhold says:

    there is a sure fire way to tell if you are iodine deficient take some nacent iodine for a while if you feel better you know you need iodine.

  • Witchy Vibes 11 says:

    Do you need iodine if youve had your thyroid removed?

  • Lisa Gardner says:

    Hi I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroid is this safe to take and will the liquid be better than a sea kelp supplement? And where is the norms range for iodine suppose to be ?

  • Frank Logrim says:

    I just realized i have drank almost an entire bottle over time that's only for external use?… should i be worried?…..

  • J Paige Polson Edwards says:

    Please do not use providone iodine for this test. I made that mistake with my first test and because it didn't disappear I lost valuable time and my health continued to deteriorate. When I learned to test with a solution of lugols iodine, the patch was gone in an hour! After a year of supplimenting the patch is still gone in less than 24 hours, but it usually takes the majority of the day, plus I feel SO much better!
    Beware that supplimenting can trigger bromide detox. Look up "salt water flush" to see how to address the headaches, nausea, and flu like symptoms of you get them.

  • Xbot4Life says:

    May not work for all black people, i can get away with it as the Iodine will be darker than my skin, and palm of hand isnt reallly feasable for most people,

  • hplc123456 says:

    at application it was as dark as it gets, then it faded out almost directly with a very very small "odd" warm feeling inside my arm

  • Adiudicium 1776 says:

    what's the MOA of this test?

  • Dollymixture68 says:

    Mine never even made 3 minutes on my tummy… I used your product.
    So how much should I consume daily?
    Thank you for this..

  • Ed Evans says:

    We are all on borrowed time with these brilliant flashes of Natural Science. Big Pharma is slowly shutting down this Knowledge to eventually take control of Everyone's sickness's.

  • grod805 says:

    So if i know I'm deficient do i just keep applying it to my skin every day or do i have to drink something?

  • Show Cat says:

    This drives me crazy! Everyone who recommends this test NEVER say what strength of solution! Is is Lugol's 2%, 5%, or !0%? If it doesn't make any difference, THEN SAY SO!

  • roh alhope says:

    my iodine become black is this normal ?

  • Vishal Rao says:

    Lugol's Iodine (J. Crow brand) was sucked up in a few hours!

  • Mario Hostios says:

    12 hours=ok

  • Diana Hernandez says:

    For the ones who keep saying to not use the Povidone iodine solution & to use some expensive brand here goes my theory….I bought the Povidone solution AND the 2% Iodine Tincture solution, I did 2 patches, I had the Povidone patch on my left & the 2% on my right, placed them both at the same time & they both disappeared in 6hours. So my conclusion is that they BOTH work the same & it's not necessary to buy and expensive brand online (lugols iodine). Oh and I noticed that I tasted a Metalic taste in my mouth during it. So that makes me think that I was definitely absorbing it… I have Grave's Disease & I always assumed that we had TOO MUCH iodine, and turns out I'm deficient. So I highly recommend this test to the ones who assume they have too much.

  • Julian PW says:

    The global healing center vids are my main resource for health. Thank u… I did a skin test, put a patch on each bottom of the forearm close to the wrist. Both completely gone in 3 hours. That's a significant deficiency right?

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