How To STOP Oily/Greasy Hair & Scalp For MEN / Guys! || Remedy/Fix/Treatment To Get Rid Of Oily Hair

How To STOP Oily/Greasy Hair & Scalp For MEN / Guys! || Remedy/Fix/Treatment To Get Rid Of Oily Hair

does your hair look oily or greasy even
one day after washing it I had the same problem for years after doing a lot of
research and trying things out I finally found a routine that worked for me to
reduce my oily / greasy hair massively all the things I do to keep greasy hair away
will be described in this video so make sure to watch till the end the first
thing to take care of is the pillow you sleep on every night use a pillowcase
made of satin or silk instead of cotton because cotton absorbs the oil in your
hair encouraging to produce more oil also sleeping on a very soft pillow instead
of a very hard one helps a lot next get a shampoo that’s especially for
greasy hair or dandruff that’s right even if you don’t have dandruff anti
dandruff shampoo can help against greasy hair make sure to massage the shampoo on
your scalp and let it sink in a few minutes before rinsing if this kind of
shampoo doesn’t work for you you could try a more mild one everybody is
different so you have to try out and see which type works best for you another
trick is rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar (ACV) after you’ve washed it
with shampoo to balance the pH level make sure to dilute the apple cider vinegar (ACV) with
water not stronger than a 1 to 1 ratio as pure apple cider can be too acid
don’t forget to rinse with water again after applying the apple cider don’t
wash your hair too often aim for 3 to max 4 times a week because stripping away
the oil too many times stimulates your body to produce more also don’t use too
hot water but try to use a normal or even cold temperature don’t blow-dry your
hair afterwards or if you do don’t do it for too long and put the blow-dryer on
the coldest level because Heath and drying out can stimulate oil production
and after you’ve washed your hair don’t go through it too often
with a comb brush or your hands comb your hair once quick and then leave your
hair alone going through your hair will spread the oil everywhere and finally if
your hair is already less oily with these tips
but suddenly your hair looks a bit greasy while you need to look fresh ASAP
you can use a dry shampoo for emergency cases make sure you always have a bottle
of dry shampoo (spray) as a secret weapon but don’t use it too often as it can dry out
your scalp just use occasionally like once or max two times a week to fresh up
your hair between washing it it’s very effective and easy to use just spray the
dry shampoo on your hair and then use a comb these were my best tips for
treating greasy / oily hair if you got any questions comment below I will
always respond don’t forget to give this video a like subscribe to the channel on
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  • CBD Tube says:

    Bonus tips:
    -Washing your hair in the MORNING instead of the end of the day is a good trick to keep your hair extra fresh during the day / for an extra day, since you produce the most oil at night when sleeping! This way you didn't sleep on it yet during your day.
    -Oil can build up on your pillow when sleeping on it every night. So when you only wash it 1 time a week, there's a lot of oil on it at the end of the night. A good trick is to turn your pillowcase outside-in / around after 1 night, and after that, using another one and wash the current one instead of waiting all week!

  • Mahmoud Otaku says:


  • izzydjinn76 says:

    I had (well, still do if I stop doing what I'm doing) greasy and stinky hair. It got so bad that I couldn't go for an entire day without the fear that it would not only be greasy but stinks so bad. I tried almost all you mentioned with no luck.. until I tried what we all have under our noses, and practically inexpensive.. I'm talking about a regular bar of soap… yes, a dollar bar of soap did it for me. It counteracted beautifully the stench and greasiness, to the point that if I don't wash my hair for one day, I dont worry about being greasy/stinky. And I confirmed it with my pillow.. I would have to change the pillow case three times a week due to smelling bad.. and now it is great…


  • Helwin John says:

    Oily dandruff and hair fall

  • donatas puidokas says:

    Great tips bro😁

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