How to Recognize Dermatillomania Symptoms

How to Recognize Dermatillomania Symptoms

How to Recognize Dermatillomania Symptoms. Obsessive skin-picking to the point of self-mutilation
has a name: dermatillomania. If you suffer from a compulsion to pick at
your skin, you are not alone, and treatment is available. You will need Observation skills Mirror and
doctor. Step 1. Reflect on the times you experience stress. Compulsive skin picking can be triggered by
stress. Dermatillomania is often seen in people with
obsessive-compulsive disorder and body dysmorphic disorder. If you suffer from one of these, your skin
picking may be more than just popping a few zits here and there. Step 2. Ask yourself if you are picking at your skin
to relieve boredom or as self-stimulation during times of inactivity. Step 3. Look at yourself in the mirror. The desire to begin the picking process to
perfect your appearance or punish yourself may be a sign of dermatillomania. If you spend more than five or ten minutes
at the mirror picking at imperfections, you may need to seek treatment. You will end up doing more damage than good
to your skin. Step 4. Think about how you see yourself. Wanting to be attractive is normal, but obsessing
over your skin’s imperfections and causing yourself harm is not. Step 5. Ask yourself if you pick at your skin and
cause bleeding or bruising to reach out for help. Looking for help doesn’t always involve speech
for people with compulsive skin picking. Step 6. Seek treatment by calling your doctor or mental
health specialist. There are medications and therapy techniques
that can help with your destructive picking. Did you know The body’s largest organ, the
skin, covers an area of about 22 square feet and ranges from 1/2 to 4 millimeters thick.


  • brettonlee says:


  • HelloImIsabella says:


  • TheJessieCar says:

    i have had it for 5 years now :/ have spent well over an hour picking in one go

  • Bleep Shmeep says:

    @Thesugarhi that is also Dermatillomania, some have it worst on their face, some on their legs or arms and many pick their scalp.

  • elementwind91 says:

    I've had it ever since I was a kid…I can't afford a therapist though. and it's spreading to places other than my arms now. :'(

  • Mabel Garza says:

    I just peeled off and ate most of the skin on my finger.

  • burrochapadogrl says:

    @akatsuki45671 may i ask why you did it. Im trying to understand this myself. Ive had this for years and It doesnt seem to have clear "triggers" to what causes it. I think most of the time is boredom and then at certain times its stress. do you think that boredom can cause self destructive tendencies?

  • Mabel Garza says:

    @burrochapadogrl Yeah I think its bordem too…Im still lerarning about it myself:/

  • Mandy Moore says:

    i like to pick at my skin.. like tiny dry skin bumps on my upper back and on my scalp… its not because i want to pick off imperfections but because i like how it feels underneath my fingernails. i also love to run crisp edges of things like my bedsheets underneath my fingernails just because it feels good!!

  • danni says:

    Do lips count? :3 Cause I bit mine until they bleed. And when they heal I'll bite them again -_- Bad habit, I don't even know I'm doing it most of the time.

  • Emily Rose says:

    I only clicked on this 'cause i didn't know what Dermatillomania was O.o now I'm kinda sorry I did.

  • Alexis Sanocki says:

    I think I have this… I pick my head constantly and cause wounds and now I get them on my neck and other places now. 🙁

  • Nicole says:

    how did i end up here? oh no the weird part of youtube again……

  • TryMyMartini says:

    Yep. Lips.

  • TryMyMartini says:

    Oh, lips and cuticles.

  • Michelle Bouchard says:

    i have this disorder and whats in the video is whats happening to me

  • Tj Laizans says:

    i've had this for about 4 years now and i gotta say, it takes A LOT more than a few steps to win this battle. i've taken them all and i still haven't won.

  • annaladybuggirl88 says:

    I think I have this…I always pick at my cuticles and scalp. I can't stop. I mostly do it at school..

  • lakenessa says:

    i have trichotillomania too but have always picked at my arms legs and other parts until they bled but never why..until now.

  • kittenjuliet says:

    lips and fingers!!

  • kittenjuliet says:

    people are sometimes surpised when my lip is bleeding!! i cant help it and im unconcsciously doing it!!

  • laramenke says:

    0:44 what's the answers? is it dermatillomania if I do it out of boredom?

  • MickBaconBurger says:

    i have dermatillomania AND trichotilomania ( which is pulling your hair out)

  • xxnycbeauty says:

    Same! I always pick at mosquito bites and pop pimples so much until it scars… I have about four scars on my face from that and I keep trying to pop this pimple on my nose, and I won't stop until it goes away or finally pops.

  • Bob Saget says:

    i hate how they tell you "you need a doctor" in that list of three things at the start…

  • Heather S. says:

    it's not a disorder unless it's obsessive or addicting. it's a common habit so don't worry too much.

  • Yasmina saleh says:

    Yeah, I'm constantly picking at my imperfections (pimples, scabs ect.) but I don't do it because I'm depressed, it's an addiction that drives me crazy unless I find a piece of skin to relive my worry. I can't explain it!!

  • Milo Flynn says:

    Do I have dermatillomania?

  • Milo Flynn says:

    I have picked at scabs for as long as I can remember and since I became a teen, I have had acne. So I pick at that. Even when there's barely anything there, if there is an imperfection as small as it can be, I'll pick it. I also sometimes pick and I don't realize until it hits a nerve. I use makeup to coverup my acne scars and wear long pants when I have a scab. And when I'm stressed I pick at my forehead. My mom tells me every single time to stop picking but when she leaves, I just go at it aga

  • Milo Flynn says:

    in. I have too many scars to count. Do I have dermatillomania?

  • michelle s says:

    Does the picking interfere with your life? If so, you have a problem, though no one but a medical professional can diagnose you.

  • Milo Flynn says:

    It's confusing… The fact I pick makes me self-conscious and so I usually avoid people I want to "impress"

    Is that interfering enough? Lol

  • Sam Shavv says:

    I've spent a half an hour in front of the mirror just picking my skin. It's really horrible and I wish I could stop. I always thought I was happy but ever since I started doing this I have been pretty miserable. I can't look at other people anymore because I hate having them stare at the blotches on my face. I'm afraid of even being around my mother because every time she sees that I've picked she yells at me. I don't think she realizes that this is a mental disorder. Maybe I will show her this.

  • Jessica Van Norden says:

    you're not alone

  • diggles says:

    I have this sadly 🙁

  • Bwgp says:

    I kind of just realized I have this today. I've been picking at my skin and scalp for along as I remember but today I actually made a hole in my face from a blackhead! I clean it with alcohol every time I go to,the bathroom and put disinfecting cream in it then cover it with gauze. Hopefully it heals by Monday -.-

  • HowlHatter says:

    I pick at my lip line a lot, and I've got Derma, so yeah, I think it counts.

  • Neekolassify says:

    ohh i did that a lot… and i pick at my lips and i get awkward patches, and on my arms, and my face. i have one of those holes in my face right now 😡

  • Glen Coco says:

    My mum always tells me to stop picking at my lips but I can't help it. I stop picking at it when it starts bleeding

  • LIS Fan 2907 says:

    don't worry man, your not alone, I have it too.

  • Kodiak Domo says:

    I have it. Bad

  • Lynette Lowman says:

    same here……

  • Emalve Jane says:

    I wonder if I have this… I pretty much only pick at my fingernail cuticles.

  • Sabrina Ferraro says:

    I touch my face every day and i can't stop thinking how ugly is my skin. i hate my face..i want to love it but i can't. My make up is always imperfect and i can't cover all the imperfections..i'm tired. I see always beautiful girls wearing make up and look great and i will never be great..this thing is ruining me.

  • catchingwaves1 says:

    I pick at the skin around my fingers mostly on my left hand. Its like i try to get that skin smooth even know i knnow picking t it wount make it smooth but i do it anyway. Ive done this for years and it sucks because my fingers are always so sore and ugly

  • Aerowyn Blaze says:

    I spend an hour and a half to two hours straight everyday picking at mainly my face but also my legs and occasionally my arms

  • Eden Eliza says:

    as I was watching this I realized halfway through "hey I haven't picked for the first half of this video!" but then I looked down and I was picking my finger without even realizing it…

  • Tapping Tingles says:

    I pick at my lips everyday, i have so many bloody spots on them. I hate it but i cant stop

  • TheSuperHotpocket13 says:

    I pick at my thumbs until they bleed, or it hurts to move them. The worst part about this for me is that even if it hurts, I can't stop doing it. Not to mention that when your stuck next to the guy you have a crush on and your thumb begins to bleed, you'll find it quite hard to cover it up AND get work done.

  • YokoFujioka says:

    does this still count when you're picking scabs and not just always new skin?

  • lovelish123 says:

    I touch my face everyday in school, home, everywhere unconciously and when im alone i end up scarring my face. sometimes i try to leave it alone but sometimes it works but mostly the other acne i have ends up being pricked. when i have mosquito bites i scratched them until it was open but doesnt really bleed but it is scarred really badly. Im prone to being bitten by mosquitos. I have small pimples on my arms but i try not to squeeze them but i end up doing it. I am stressed everyday due to school work, personal problems and physically stressed. I dont know what to do since i am so shy to tell anyone that i am doing this.

  • Heidi Mellor says:

    I think I have this 🙁 It started on my legs from mosquito bites but now I can't stop picking (and often eating) scabs on my scalp. It's so embarrassing and I want help but I'm too ashamed to admit I have a serious problem to my parents.

  • Lululuvslife says:

    This video is a bad example as its a lot more than this

  • roybronxhhx says:

    I pick on the tips of my fingers most of the time because my skin is dry so I pick on it to remove dry skin but my finger tips are pink now smh lol when I shower also water makes my finger tips puffy and easily desirable to pick on :/

  • Majestic M4ngo says:

    I bite the skin off my lips. Pick at my scalp and heal and scald and I pinch my neck and my lips and my wrist. I scratch my arms and legs until they bleed. I was diagnosed with eczema but I think it's more then that.

  • Nirvana10 says:

    I pick the skin on my face constantly because of my pimples. so my face looks like im a meth addict 🙁

  • zothehomo says:

    I have loads of scars on my arms because I just can't stop picking my skin there. I have three on my left shoulder that I literally can't stop picking, I will pick and scratch at them until they either start to bleed or get too painful to touch. I also used to pick at my acne and scratch at my scalp until it started bleeding. I think I have this but I don't know what to do.

  • Space GhostGuy says:

    idk i pick the skin of my fingers i thought it was just some thing i got used to it ive done it since a kid yeah sometimes it bleeeds is it that bad

  • Teinysha Patterson says:

    I can pick my face for 4 hours straight til my feet go purple but I also have circulation problems, I can't stop picking my face, I will try picking every pore on my face til there's nothing to pick so I start on my skelp, people tell u to just stop but if u could stop picking u wouldn't let your face and body be messed up and sore and stuff so hate when people say" don't pick" we would if we could. 😔


    I pick n eat the skin off my feet it won't go away the fungal medications won't work I have nice feet but it's something about that skin I gotta Fuking have it I gotta eat it 😑😑😑😑😞😞😞😑😳

  • n o says:

    Could popping your pimples on the back, chest and face and then scratching off the dry blood and hoping for more dry blood to form for you to scratch more be a sign of Dermatillomania? I also pick on my lips, inner corners of my mouth, scalp, ears, nails and the dry skin beside the nails?

  • The Hisenator says:

    I don't have a lot of acne, but whenever I have a small cuts I end up with scars. it happens most often when I notice unevenness like wrongly cut nails/cuticles, calluses, big bites, cuts etc. the results have been numerous blue hued scars from the bites, infections on the small scale, and a couple bald spots in my head. Sometimes I remember picking so much that when it was bleeding I found it enjoyable but only for a few seconds, then kept going. I feel ashamed of my hands, where the damage is most visible currently (accident and bug bite free) where someone can tpu Ch it and see the roughness and ugly features of a "lady's hands" I used to think I was weird and alone for it. I found out about the word for this some time back, and I have done nothing about it. kinda happy that I know now.

  • Mr.General.Dr.detective INSP Clark Wilson Francis says:

    I have great self confidence and I had a great child hood but I've always chewed and picked at my knuckles and scabs untill they bleed stressed or not stressed

  • MOpO87 says:

    I been picking my scabs since I was a young child and pimples when I started getting them as a preteen. now I pick my scalp, face, and scabs/scratches, and once they heal I create new ones to pick at. im even tempted to pick my bfs skin but he wont let me and doesnt undersrand my disorder.

  • MOpO87 says:

    I been picking my scabs since I was a young child and pimples when I started getting them as a preteen. now I pick my scalp, face, and scabs/scratches, and once they heal I create new ones to pick at. im even tempted to pick my bfs skin but he wont let me and doesnt undersrand my disorder.

  • Bardiel says:

    i cant walk anymore because i have no skin on my feet. i catn just stop.

  • LemonSqueezer says:

    I have trichotillomania

  • Eliza Taylor says:

    I pick at my skin and pull my skin under my nails and push my nails into my skin

  • arup Roy says:

    I don't pick on my face if there's no pimple but I pick on my scars until a little scratch is transformed into a huge black scar and my legs are so ugly bcuz of this

  • arup Roy says:

    I don't pick on my face if there's no pimple but I pick on my scars until a little scratch is transformed into a huge black scar and my legs are so ugly bcuz of this

  • Nyo Dragon says:

    I pick the skin off my head till they bleed then scabs form and I pick those I scratched a lot till the side of my head was pussing it hurt but I picked the dried puss off and I have cuts and scabs on my neck and back I pick those off too I also pick skin off of my ear for I have this condition or is just more common

  • Savannah Redmond says:

    I pick at my face, cheast, back, neck, scalp, and shoulders. Not a lot of people know how bad it is because i hide what i can. Right now my upper back and neck hurt soo bad from all the scabs that it hurts to be touched or hugged, even a pat on the shoulder hurts. My mom tells me to stop because its ugly and i look like a drug addict. My grandma says I wont look pretty in the dress I bought for winter formal because my "zits". If i could stop i would have by now. Kids at school tease me when i do wear lighter clothing, one asked if they could play connect the dots on my back. It feels nice to vent here with others who have it

  • bjorn britto says:

    I only pick my fingers

  • Allison Scherer says:

    Yeah let me just call up my doctor and tell them my most shameful and hated secret. Okay.

  • Mary Elkhoury says:

    honestly i don't think that bad about my body to the point i wanna make scars on my skin and pick at them. I just get cuts from shaving on my legs and i always pick on them not because of my body or anything like that just because they annoy me and it's only my legs.

  • Alonna Kasha’e says:

    I pick at my face to the point it leaves dark marks or maybe even bleed sometimes. But it’s not because I don’t love myself, it’s simply because if I feel a poke on my face, I have to remove it so that it’ll feel smooth again. I am currently using Dr.Tinsley’s Creme Soufflé by Flawless & it’s amazing! Works within weeks & now my face is lightning my dark spots & keeps my face shiny & smooth. (Btw I have sensitive skin & it’s very oily) but You got this!!!!💪🏽

  • Ha Nope says:

    Yup. I have bad acne and dermatillomania (and ocd). My mom and dad found out today. When they saw my upper arms they were speechless. Long story short I have a doctors appointment.

  • Vegan Caliou says:

    I pick my face AND my scalp constantly

  • Øcean øf Madnesszzz says:

    I find myself always biting my lips peeling the skin off sometimes I bite my arm It’s a habit I have I do it without realizing I got use to the pain.

  • Riley Jones says:

    I pick at my scalp and I eat my scabs and dandriff and I know that sounds disgusting, but Ive done it since I was in kindergarden and it has become a compulsive habit. I do it without thinking when Im bored, stressed, and really quite frquently throughout each day. I dont want to live like this for the rest of my life. I am 18 now , I have a job that helps me from resorting to my habit. Ive been scolded, bullied and mocked for doing what I do. Im not sure what to do but i domt wanna live like this

  • Blue says:

    For peep who suffer of it as i did, i tell you smoking makes it worse , it will leave you some SCARS INSTEAD OF NICE SKIN, It will go worse and you will feel lonely and ashamed , the more you do it the more you have pimples, better one then 10 hum..? and most of all peep , DRINK WATER, GET RID OF YOUR LONG NAILS.., YOU'RE WORTH IT, A PIMPLE DON'T MAKE YOU AWFUL, YOU're PERFECT IN YOUR OWN WAY , MUCH LOVE GUYSXXX PEACE


    Oh my god I have been picking at my fingers and pulling apart my cuticles my entire life, making myself bleed almost everyday and I’m only just finding out this is an actual thing okay

  • J4YV33 says:

    I need to stop mutilating myself

  • Wina Juned says:

    I usually bite my hand or finger if I remember my bad pasts. Luckily, I always 'woke up' midway biting before I actually bite my skin off.

  • Charii says:

    I pick my face and fingers daily. Sometimes also my legs during summer I suppose. My face looks like I have a Halloween mask on and my fingers are all red and have barely any skin left. The same as my lips since lips are easily to pick on. Even just the thought of my fingers and looking at them makes me pick, idk if anything can help me at this point lmfao

  • RandomSpaghetti bowl says:

    I scratch the skin on my scalp and bite my nails and skin off my fingers I also from time to time bite the inside of my lip. I don’t know if I should get help or anything. I also scratch the skin on my hand on purpose when I’m angry or stressed (Which means I don’t have eczema) is this serious?

  • Ashley Skye says:

    I don't do it cause I think it'll help my appearance, it just do it and can't stop, it's not always cause of body image issues, it's just this constant compulsion

  • Macy Dunbar says:

    dermatillomania isn't body dysmorphia
    it's not always trying to look better
    it's often not consciously done

  • brianna • says:

    Does anyone else constantly pick at the scabs on the scalp and then eat it😣😫😖😳

  • AngelxVibes says:

    I could stand there for an hour or more just picking at all the pores and already formed scabs on my face… I’ve caused scarring on my arms and face and chest… I can’t stop picking. I just got done with my face, nose, and chest. Can’t stop the urge to want to peel off skin or squeeze something out… I don’t trust doctors or medication with that..they’re just going to try and give me stress meds. What todo what to do..

  • JessyDIYs says:

    I pick the skin off my fingers. I’ve been doing it for years and make myself bleed. I want to stop and I NEED to stop…

    I also sometimes pick at my lips and I really hate what I’m doing to myself. It helps to know I’m not the only one

  • Wolf Gang says:

    I'm watching this as I pick at my skin

    Anyone else?

  • hailee says:

    I pick at my scalp more than anywhere all the time and wake up doing it. Is this the same? I usually try and pick at the itchy scalp acne i have though

  • K ris says:

    I pick at my fingers. I’ve always done it, from grade school to today. It’s gotten more severe from then to now. It used to be based on a desire to keep my nails neatly trimmed. Now any perceived imperfection with my nails, cuticles, nailbed, etc has to go away. The irony is I only make it worse and have to remedy that too. It’s a viscous cycle. I am so enamored that at times I become carried away. The way I stop myself is by wearing surgical gloves, and I’ll only do that after I’ve made my fingers raw to the point that grasping anything or washing my hands becomes very painful.

    It becomes an issue when I’m bored, especially during winter. If I’m adequately preoccupied I can hold myself to non-overkill nail clipping. I suppose I need more fulfilling hobbies

  • Jennifer Lazowski says:

    I used to just pick at my face, but then at a summer camp where there weren't many mirrors, I started picking at my arms, which eventually lead to my legs and torso. It's been like this for about 3 years

  • Edz S. says:

    so my case actually has a name damn

  • queenoftheanimals says:

    I have body dismorphic disorder and I think I might have this.

  • laila janelle says:

    I pick at the scabs on my legs constantly and most of the time I don’t know I’m doing it. Not sure if this is what I have because I only really do it when Im bored. I also have eczema so i already scratch at my legs. I’m always scratching or picking at scabs which is why my legs look so bad. I guess you can say I’m not that confident and don’t really wanna wear shorts places because of this. I’ll look more into it.

  • ItzNicole says:

    I pick at my face, and it has gotten so bad that they are scars. Not just my face but my body,it all started when I started looking at myself and saying wow I am ugly and when all this stress came down on me , my skin didn’t take a liking to it. And now I have to user toners for darks spots, for the longest time I didn’t know why or what I was doing or why I was doing. I know now but it’s hard looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself you love who you are when you made yourself that way, and when you told yourself to stop but you didn’t.

  • Mariya bint Mohamed says:

    Dermatillomania feels like a rodent constantly gnawing at your cheeks and face. It's extremely painful, makes your skin so sensitive, but it's almost impossible to control.

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