How to prevent and treat hand rashes

How to prevent and treat hand rashes

Hand rashes commonly occur because of something you touched or something happening inside your body. The most common cause of hand rashes is eczema,
but some hand rashes are actually an allergic reaction. Sometimes, an allergy can develop after years
of touching the same things daily without a problem. For example, cooks can develop an allergy
to foods such as fish, garlic or citrus fruits, and some people can develop an allergy
to their wedding bands. To help prevent a hand rash, dermatologists
recommend the following precautions. Wear task-appropriate, protective gloves. Harsh chemicals, such as dyes and detergents,
and even water can irritate your skin and cause a hand rash. Ask a board-certified dermatologist to recommend
gloves that you can wear at work or while doing housework and gardening. Remember to replace gloves that develop a
hole, and never wear wet gloves. In cold temperatures, wear warm, insulated
gloves or mittens outdoors, since cold weather can be very drying to the hands. Wash your hands without irritating them. Since soap and water can remove oils from
your skin, wash your hands with warm water and a mild cleanser, such as a beauty bar
or moisturizing liquid. Apply moisturizer often and generously. Apply it immediately after washing your hands
and multiple times throughout the day. For the best results, use a product that contains
glycerin and/or petrolatum. Thousands of things can cause a hand rash,
yet most hand rashes look a lot alike to the untrained eye. If you get a hand rash, make an appointment
to see a board-certified dermatologist. Treatment plans may include a non-prescription
cream or lotion or prescription medication. If your dermatologist suspects that your hand
rash is caused by an allergy, he or she may recommend an allergy skin test called patch
testing. Hand rashes can happen for many reasons. See a board-certified dermatologist to help
identify the cause of your rash and prevent it from becoming painful or disabling. To learn more about rashes or find a dermatologist
in your area, visit

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