How to Overcome Autoimmune Disease

How to Overcome Autoimmune Disease

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural
medicine and founder of In this video, I’m going to do an advanced
training on how to overcome autoimmune disease. I’ll talk about my five steps to overcome
autoimmune disease with natural treatments, diet, supplements, essential oils and much,
much more in this training video. First off, autoimmune disease can affect many
different area of your body. Conditions such as lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid
arthritis, different types of inflammatory bowel disease–all of these issues can be
connected to autoimmune disease. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis can affect your thyroid
and many other tissues and organs. What happens in autoimmune disease is your
body’s own immune system starts to attack your own cells and tissues. So, what we have to do in order to beat and
reverse autoimmune disease is we have to reduce inflammation and help modulate and balance
out your body’s immune response. The number one step to start overcoming autoimmune
disease is to remove certain things from your diet. So, foods that cause an inflammatory reaction
. . . I really believe 100% of autoimmune disease starts in your gut lining with a condition
called leaky gut. That occurs when you have microscopic holes
in your gut lining. Imagine your gut lining as a net in between
your intestines and your bloodstream. Well, that net can get rips and tears in it
to where then certain things such as gluten, toxins, bad bacteria get into your bloodstream
over time if they stay in there. Your body will not only attack them. Often times it will start to affect and attack
the other tissues and cells within your own body. So, number one step is reduce the intake of
foods that cause inflammation. Number one is going to be sugar. If you’re consuming processed sugar, it causes
the overgrowth of yeast in the body, which actually eats away at the gut lining causing
leaky gut, which in turn causes autoimmune disease over time. Number two, hydrogenated oils or consuming
too many omega-6 fatty acids. That causes inflammation in the body. Also gluten and casein, so consuming wheat,
bread and dairy products on a regular basis will absolutely cause inflammation in the
body. Last but not least, over-consuming grains,
and I’m talking about even whole grains, can cause inflammation in your body. So, for a time, if you have autoimmune disease,
one of the big things you typically want to do is go grain-free for a period of time or
at least consume grains that have been sprouted and slow-cooked for a long time like a wild
sprouted rice that you cook and make into kanji. That’s okay for some people but in general
with autoimmune disease, you want to go grain free for a time. And then last here, any additives–food colorings,
artificial sweeteners, any type of packaged food–you typically want to stay away from
or processed food or fast foods with autoimmune disease. The key there is reducing inflammation. Then what we want to do step number two is
we want to transform your diet and start consuming foods that help heal your cells and tissues
and help reduce inflammation. The number one food group is going to be cooked
vegetables. With autoimmune disease, you typically don’t
want to do a lot of raw foods. That might surprise you, but a lot of raw
vegetable juices or raw salads or raw broccoli, things like that, those are hard to digest
and hard for those with leaky gut, which can contribute to autoimmune disease. So, a lot of cooked vegetables in your diet
such as cooked spinach, carrots, celery, any type of cooked vegetable is great with autoimmune
disease. Number two is fruit, specifically berries
and fruits that are easy to digest, such as pears, also fruits with enzymes in them such
as kiwis, figs, papaya, pineapple, but again, fruit in moderation. You don’t want to go overboard because of
too much sugar, but one to two servings of fruit a day is okay. The next food, number three, is going be wild
caught meats such as grass-fed beef, organic chicken and turkey, and wild caught fish like
salmon. In fact, wild caught fish like salmon might
be the most beneficial because they’re high in a type of omega-3 fatty acid called EPA
and DHA, which naturally reduce inflammation within the body. The fourth superfood you want to be getting
in your diet to help fight autoimmune disease is get bone broth. Bone broth might be the most beneficial of
all foods. It contains the amino acids proline, glycine
and l-glutamine which help repair the gut lining healing leaky gut, which is going to
stop things like gluten and these other factors getting in, causing an immune reaction. Again, bone broth is incredibly beneficial. Number five, get more healing herbs in your
diet such as turmeric, ginger, cumin, rosemary and any type of herb. Again, most of these herbs really help support
the body in the natural healing process. Those are going to be the most beneficial
foods for you if you’re struggling with autoimmune disease. Last I’ll say also getting some probiotics
can be good. But here’s an idea meal for those with autoimmune
disease is a big bowl of bone broth soup. Think chicken broth, chicken, celery, onions,
carrots, maybe a little bit of ginger or turmeric in there. Drinking bone broth on a daily basis is so
beneficial. One more food that I wanted to mention here
is coconut products. Coconut oil should be your go-to cooking oil
if you’ve got autoimmune disease and of course avocados and olive oil and ghee, those are
good as well, coconut oil, though, one of the best. So, again, a diet that’s high in cooked vegetables,
fruits, wild meats, and bone broth should be the diet you follow. Step number three in overcoming autoimmune
disease is you want to take the right supplements. The most beneficial supplements, number one
is probably going to be a bone broth powder. You can get bone broth in powder form, add
it to a smoothie, do bone broth daily as a powder, also collagen powder or collagen protein
supplement, a scoop of that a day is very beneficial as well. The next thing I would say would be probiotics. Probiotics help support the immune system. They help again modulate the immune system,
which helps autoimmune disease. So, getting probiotics, typically 50 billion
IUs twice daily is key. Also look out for probiotics that have soil-based
organisms. SBOs are great as well. Then I would say take an omega-3 supplement
like a fish caviar supplement or something like a fish oil or cod liver oil, but 1,000
milligrams twice a day of an omega-3 supplement is very beneficial and the next thing I would
say here are digestive enzymes, taking digestive enzymes with your meal can help reduce inflammation
and ease your body in the digestive process. I would say those are the most beneficial
supplements for naturally combating autoimmune disease. The next thing here, step number four is use
essential oils. Essential oils are fantastic. One of my favorite essential oils for autoimmune
disease is Roman chamomile oil. Roman chamomile can help bring down cortisol
levels, helps relax the body, reduces stress on the body, so chamomile, diffusing that,
rubbing a few drops, putting it on your neck. Chamomile is one of the best for autoimmune
disease as are frankincense and myrrh. Let’s say you have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
or rheumatoid arthritis in a specific area. What I would do is do two drops of myrrh,
two drops of frankincense and rub it directly on the area. A few other oils that can be beneficial, another
couple of favorites of mine are lavender oil and ylang-ylang. Lavender oil and ylang-ylang both help improve
your mood, help lower cortisol, reduce stress on the body and the essential oil thyme oil
(that’s T-H-Y-M-E, thyme). Thyme oil is also beneficial. All of those oils are some of my favorites
for naturally fighting autoimmune disease. Use those daily. The last step here for fighting autoimmune
disease–incorporate techniques into your week that help you naturally reduce stress. So, for some people it might be practicing
exercise such as yoga, Pilates or barre, doing things that help with your deep breathing,
that helps with the immune system and helps your body reduce stress. Doing a spiritual triathlon in the morning
where you wake up and for five minutes you get grateful, for five minutes your read a
Bible or devotional for five minutes, you spend in prayer or praise. But again, spending some time reading, again,
something spiritually uplifting and growth is great. Last but not least–here’s what I’m going
to challenge you to do–take a healing bath at night. Those essential oils I talked about do about
ten drops in a bath with one cup of Epsom salts. They’re loaded with magnesium. Magnesium is known as the relaxation mineral. So, again, soaking three days a week with
essential oils and Epsom salts or magnesium oil, soaking in a nice warm to hot bath and
just winding down. Part of the key to overcoming autoimmune disease
is taking care of stressful emotions and just unwinding. So, again, exercise, a healing bath, working
on spiritual growth and just scheduling you time, time where you get to do lunch with
a best friend or go on a walk or just do your favorite hobbies, make sure you incorporate
those into your weekly schedule. If you follow my five steps of removing toxic
foods, adding an anti-inflammatory foods in your diet, taking supplements that help heal
leaky gut, taking essential oils that reduce stress and transforming your lifestyle, you
follow those five steps and you’re going to see great results in overcoming autoimmune
disease. Guys, by the way, if you want to learn more
about how to naturally heal with remedies, make sure you subscribe here to my YouTube
station. Also, I’ve got an advanced article on autoimmune
disease. If you want to know even more in-depth information,
just search my name on Google, “Dr. Axe autoimmune disease,” and you’ll find a lot more there. So, guys, hey thanks for watching. This has been me, Dr. Axe, talking about natural
treatments for autoimmune disease.


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