HOW TO | MAKE Hair GROWTH Oil Recipe for Dry Scalp

HOW TO | MAKE Hair GROWTH Oil Recipe for Dry Scalp

Hi, today we are making a hair oil and it
is something that I had really needed since I moved to China. Get the links to all the
products in the description box below. but first let me tell you what they are. Sesame
oil, Jamaican Black Castor oil, jojoba oil, Rosehip seed oil, peppermint essential oil.
Ever since i have moved to china, my scalp has been extra dry, extra itchy, I needed
an oil that not only will combat dryness, dandruff it would also improve hair growth.
These oils, prevent premature graying hair, soothes your scalp, prevents dandruff. Also
they add shine. I apply this oil every other day, and massage my scalp for 10 minutes.
If you try this oil, please leave let me know. Give this video a thumbs up if you like it,
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  • ife360TV Naturally says:

    Let me know your results if you try this oil!

  • MakkayJ says:

    what's the first oil that you used?

  • Nelly B. says:

    sesame oil…interesting…

  • Hannah Harris says:

    I have severe dry scalp with tough sticky stuff at the sides and back but no matter what I use it doesn't go away and if I rub it, it's like a white grey stuff under my nails. My hair is thinning and I've lost hair at the front sides and back. I can go two weeks without washing as its tight and dry 😔 it's like I'm not producing oils what is wrong with me? Helpppppp!

  • ife360TV Naturally says:

    Benefits of Peppermint Oil –

  • Sheila Jones says:

    Great video, but you never mentioned how much jojoba oil.

  • Jamie Hart says:

    I am moving to China this summer. How easy/ difficult is it to find hair oils, etc in China?

  • Loydi Llu says:

    hey i use castor oil coconut oil and peppermint oil together

  • Bigbrighteyes1 says:

    Did you have a problem with your mixture smelling bad? I can't get past the seseme oil smell.

  • Roselle Jones says:

    Hi. I just tried the oil while my hair was in a protective style. I have to say that, I simply love it. I had less shedding when I took my hair down, from the protective style while detangling. I will continue to make and use this oil. Oh. I have another protective style just today. I will still continue to oil my scalp with the oil. Thanks again.

  • BreJean says:

    Love this hair growth oil video, can't wait to try it, but I have one question, I have seborrheic dermatitis and wanted to had two additional essential oils, oregano oil and fenugreek oil, if I do this, would I need to increase the carrier oil, jojoba oil. Thanks so much for all your videos

  • Bryce Showell says:

    Where did you get that bottle?

  • ayeni sia says:

    Amazing tricks as always you amaze me brave lady, I love your tutorials and of course Chanel, 👌 👍👏💕

  • peepla7 says:

    Here's an idea to share… For those that prefer lotion.. make an infusion it growth oil….then look at my new vid and turn it into a hair lotion.

  • peepla7 says:

    During the winter….hair lotion. Heavier than oil, lighter that grease.. for me that's perfect.

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