Hey, this is ife of ife360Tv and today I’m
going to show you how to take soaked fenugreek seeds and turn it into a face mask. In the previous video, which I will leave
a link to below, I showed you how to soak fenugreek seeds by adding water and leave
it overnight for 12 hours and you can use that water that the fenugreek was soaked in
to spritz your hair. I don’t want you to throw away those seeds,
I want you to re-use them and make them into a face mask. First I want you to make some aloe vera juice
and get your soaked fenugreek seeds, see measurements in the description box below. I want you to blend this as smoothly as possible. It is going to
be very thick if you see that it is too thick where the blender starts to slow down, add
some more liquid to your mixture. Your methi face mask is ready. Now, time to use it on your face. It kinda feels like oatmeal. It was a little cold however it wasn’t too
bad because it was sort of refreshing. What are some of the benefits of using a fenugreek
face mask on your skin? It helps your skin to exfoliate your skin,
remove impurities that are difficult to remove. I live in China and my face is constantly
exposed to the elements and polluted air in China. Fenugreek also reduces the appearance of burns,
pimples, eczema, psoriasis any skin disorders that are associated with inflammation applying
fenugreek will help to reduce the appearance of inflamed skin. It helps to reduce and treat acne, blackheads,
and wrinkles it also removes dark spots, if you have sun damage from exposure, it helps
with protecting and healing the skin. I know I look ridiculous but please roll with
this it was a lot of fun to put this on. It was also therapuetic. Usually in the
morning when I wake up my skin tends to be dry but my skin was really moisturized even
the following day. Feel free to do this mask once a week to get
the full benefits. Once I rinsed this off it felt so smooth and
moisturizing, I followed this up with some grapeseed oil it was light and not greasy
but my face was really well moisturized and hydrated. If you do try this mask please leave your
feedback below and I would love to know if you like it. Thank you so much for watching this is ife
of ife360Tv remember to hit that subscribe button and see you all in the next one. Ciao!


  • ife360TV Naturally says:

    My moisturizing Fenugreek HAIR SPRITZ –

  • Fabiola Laidlow says:

    ah up! ah up! lol I have aloe….no fenugreek steups….wld buy this week yes

  • Ije Onyeobia says:

    can this mask be used on the hair?

  • Becky Silky says:

    Yasssss another one for fenugreek seeds. Finally I'm not going to throw mine out ❤❤ Thanks for sharing 💕💕

  • Lovely Dove says:

    This is another way to do this, thank you so much, I needed this, because I don't to throw it away, I'm about to do the oil and fenugreek seeds challenge again for about some months, probably up to December of this year!

  • Natasha Nelson says:

    last week I soaked fenugrek over night. In the morning I blended it to make a paste. Using some of the same water it which in was soaking. Then I added amla , oils and ACV to the mixture to deep condition my hair. my tangles just melted away. This week I planned to do the same and now I saw your video. I am going to try it again, this time with Aloe Vera gel. I will separate a portion and before I add the amla powder I will add that mixture to my face. after I will mix in the amla and some oils and add to my hair

  • sug ram says:

    nice thank you for this video

  • Worldtravel2013 says:

    hi naturally curly ife360, have you ever used dried fenugreek leaves for hair/skin?

  • wolfbabe says:

    Looks like a struggle to keep it to stay on the face 😀

  • Victoria R says:

    I got yougurt and fenugreek seeds and made mask after wards I used aloe vera and rosehip oil as moisturizer I had baby skin afterwards

  • ACB 2K says:

    Hi Ife, I can hear that Steelpan playing softly in the background.
    Thanks for this recipe, I'll try it tomorrow.

  • lily rose says:

    I just found your channel! It’s awesome. As I pressed play I thought “how come she’s sounding Trini so?!” Haha I went to Your about tab … fellow Trini living in the US AND I type this with my fenugreek mask on 🙂

  • Kagome Chan12 says:

    Ive soak the fenugreek in water and use the water on my face since 2 days
    It leaves a glow i love it

  • Fatima Ahmed says:

    For how long can you store the paste?

  • Puja Roy Poddar says:

    Nice video

  • Kiera B says:

    This mask is the best ❤ i used it a while back. Making amother now and i cant wait

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