How to Inject Taltz

How to Inject Taltz

(gentle upbeat music) – Hi, today we’re gonna
learn how to inject TALTZ. TALTZ comes in an auto-pen and
this is what it looks like. The top is the plunger and
once we take this cap off, the actual injection will come
from the bottom part here. So what you need to start
with are alcohol wipes, your skin, and a sharps container. The first thing you’re gonna do is wash your hands thoroughly. This is not a sterile procedure, but you do want to start with clean hands. Once you’ve gotten yourself together, the first thing you’re gonna do is decide where to do your injection. Of course, this can be
done in the belly area, say about an inch away
from your belly button or on your thighs. If you’re gonna inject your thighs, you want to maybe go towards
the outer part of your thigh where there is more fat stores. This is a subcutaneous injection,
which means it goes into the layer of sort of fat, which is between the skin and the muscle. So let’s get started. The first thing you’re
gonna do is you’ve decided where you’re going to do your injection, say it’s your belly, and
you’re gonna clean that with an alcohol wipe. If you don’t have alcohol
wipes like this, that’s fine. You can use rubbing
alcohol and a cotton ball. So the next thing you’re
gonna do is take off this cap. There’s actually a little
arrow which points in the direction of the cap removal. It just twists right off. There is an on/off switch here at the top. This means it’s locked,
this means it’s unlocked. So you turn that towards the unlock so that way you can’t fire it mistakenly. You hold that against your
skin, click the button, and the medication will be released. You might see a little
indicator come down, which shows that it’s
come all the way down. And if you heard that second click, that means it’s completely finished. You’re gonna take that away, dispose of it in your sharps
container, and that’s it. That’s all there is to injecting TALTZ. (light upbeat music)

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  • St. B says:

    Thanks so much Victoria, this really helped calm my nerves about self-injecting — I am just starting Taltz, and having some guidance about administering the injections is very helpful.

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