How To Get Rid of Dandruff! Do You Need A Dandruff Treatment?

Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from and in this video I will be talking about how to get rid of dandruff
and if you need a hair dandruff treatment or not so the engine seems to be a pretty
common problem with African-American hair so I will be addressing 4 reasons as to why
you may have problems with dandruff the first reason is simply be because you have an excessive
dry scalp when you’re scalp continues to stay dry over time not receiving as much moisture
to scalp as you possibly can so to fix that issue you can simply wash your hair more often
or simply drink more water your scalp is dry because it lacks moisture over time with your
scalp continues to stay dry it is very easy to have a buildup of the so you just want
to make sure that you keep your scalp and your hair clean to prevent dandruff issues
from arising the second reason why you may have issues with dandruff is because you have
to build up on your hair or even on your scalp the more products to use more and you are
to dandruff and dry scalp so when you’re using things like pomades and gels and moisturizing
serums and a lot of different types of hair sprays just a lot of products in general products
don’t have anywhere to go unless you wash your hair so simply sits on your hair strands
in it makes its way down onto your scalp especially even if you’re applying these products directly
to your scalp as well so when you have build up your stopping your hair from being able
to thrive in a clean environment in your also making it harder for your pores to excrete
any water or sweat or any type of things from your body so this leads to dandruff in itself
because you already have so many products on your hair that makes your scalp extremely
itchy and flaky to fix this issue minimize on your product use instead of using gel everyday
use gel every other day and wear styles for a while before you have to continue to upkeep
by adding a lot of products into your hair and scalp my 3rd reason as to why you may
have issues with dandruff is because you have mineral buildup in your water so you live
in a place with hard water that will be traces of things in your water such as sulfur calcium
and even some metals in all these things all of these minerals sit on top of your hair
and scalp and to your scalp these things can be extremely irritating so when you have a
bad case of the itchies and you can’t seem to figure out what it is because simply be
the water on your hair and scalp so my cure to fix this issue is to use distilled water
to wash her hair or incorporate a filter onto your showerhead for your sink however you
choose to wash your hair below the description box have a link to my website to help to show
you the different types of things you can use to filter these minerals out of your water
so you can keep away dandruff and dry scalp happening all the time with your hair and
on my last reason as to why you may have the dandruff issues no matter what you do nothing
works under the sun simply point you probably have a scalp condition that unheard of maybe
you have scalp condition that is hard to diagnose no matter how healthy you are or what you
do to treat your scalp and hair it maybe something genetic that’s causing you to continue to
have build up all of my best suggestion is try to keep your scalp as clean as possible
instill in any moisture with oils such as coconut oil jojoba oil or even olive oil so
in this case this is something that isn’t universal for everyone and if you’ve tried
everything and I highly suggest that you speak to a dermatologist to figure out what is it
and why is it that you have so many issues with your dandruff so those are my main 4
reasons as to why you may have issues with dandruff as you note fixing these things are
very easy and simple you just want to incorporate different practices such as using filtered
water or changing what you put in your hair or just the way you simply treat your hair
and scalp I hope this video was helpful for you so make sure to go to
to check out more hair information in vlogs and topics like these

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