Hey everyone and welcome back to my channel! Today I wanted to share Some of my top tips for getting rid of bloating, and then after that I’m going to share my top tips for preventing it all together! I’m Bloating affects everybody at some point and it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong. A lot of times, It could just be that you’re eating a lot of food at one time, It could be you have a lack of probiotics in your system, Etc, so I’m going to start and share with you my tips that work the best! The first tip, that might seem annoying, especially when you feel super bloatedBut it is Drinking water! Drinking a lot of it! Water will help flush everything out of your system and a lot of times You’re bloated because you’re actually dehydrated and your body’s holding on to excess water because it doesn’t know when it’s going to get water next! So if you’re drinking water and your body knows it’s constantly a supply it just eliminates water And I promise you will feel a lot less bloated! The second biggest tip is to take probiotics This kind of goes for both Sorry This kind of us for both to prevent and also to get rid of bloating. If you are feeling really bloated eat A healthy and organic whole fat yogurt with probiotics in it. Drink a kombucha with probiotics in it Take a probiotic capsule That’ll help the bloating within an hour and probably get rid of bloating. It also prevents bloating! So if you have a lot of good bacteria in your gut Then it’ll help break down food, and you help speed up digestion So you won’t be so bloated after meals. The next tip, and this is probably one of my all-time favorites, is drink a ginger and turmeric tea! So ginger helps with digestion turmeric is anti-inflammatory. Together they are a powerhouse! If you just have a teabag of ginger and turmeric or get turmeric root and ginger root and put them In a mug with some hot water, you will feel so much better! I would say within like 20 minutes! It works amazing, and it really soothes the stomach especially ginger! The next thing might seem a little bit annoying too, especially you’re feeling bloated and like you don’t want to move, But it’s exercise! You don’t have to do something intense, even just a quick walk is great. A quick 5 or 10 minute workout routine, just something to get your blood flowing! It Helps with reducing bloating and this also helps to prevent bloating as well But exercise! Honestly if you’re feeling sluggish, if you had a big Easter dinner And you’re like “I feel so sluggish and bloated” then go for a walk. Even if it’s 10 or 20 or 30 minutes. You will feel so much better after, I promise! The next thing is my top favorite and this is apple cider vinegar! Make sure it is apple cider vinegar with the mother. You want it to be Unpasteurized so it has the good bacteria in it. But apple cider vinegar is amazing. I literally will drink it straight from the bottle! But if that’s too strong you can mix a tablespoon or two with a glass of warm water and drink that and within 20 30 minutes your bloating will be gone or at least a lot less! You won’t feel like super hard and super crampy. So 100% apple cider vinegar. I can’t stress that one enough! That’s my all-time favorite, and I I do it even if I’m not bloated. I will wake up every single morning and I will drink a glass of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. You can add a little bit of honey if you can’t stand the taste and you want a little sweeter. It definitely does help, But if you don’t need the sugar if you can do it without it, then definitely try that. The last tip to get rid of bloating that I have is drinking warm lemon water so another thing is getting a glass of warm Water and squeezing some fresh lemon in it. If you don’t like apple cider vinegar, or you don’t like ginger, Then try some warm lemon in some water and that will help flush Everything out and prevent your body from holding on to excess fluid which is kind of making you bloated as well. Okay, so moving on to how to prevent it from the beginning, so you don’t get bloated! This won’t always work there will still be times where you will get bloated for reasons unknown and it could just be your gut health, Or something else. But for the most part to really help prevent bloating altogether The first thing is to reduce Stress. If you are very stressed, take 10 minutes and just do some deep breathing or take five minutes and do some deep breathing go take A hot bath. Choose whatever you normally do during the day to de-stress and do it! Because if you’re very stressed you will get bloated because you’re not digesting food. That’s a big issue for me! The next thing is to chew your food! I am so bad with this! When I have a plate of food, especially being a mom of three, I don’t get to eat often because I don’t have time, so when I have my meal, I literally inhale it so this one for me is a big thing! And I know I get bloated because I don’t do this often enough, but chewing your food. They say the minimum You should chew every spoonful is thirty seven times, but the ideal number to chew, it sounds crazy, But is seventy two! They say seventy two times you chew and that will help break down your food fully. That’s why smoothies and juice diets and stuff like that are so much better Just in terms of digestion because your body doesn’t have to work so hard! So your foods are not fermenting in your stomach or GI tract before your body can digest. So chew your food! If you can’t do 72 times which I can’t, At least try thirty times and just be mindful of your chewing and really try to break down your food really well. The next thing kind of related to chewing your food is eat smaller meals! So instead of sitting down to a huge plate of food, Maybe have six smaller meals in a day or just have smaller meals in general if you eat a lot of food. You’re Overloading your system and filling up your system And it takes so much longer and a lot more work for your body to break down the food So if you have a little smaller meals your body can break it down in the limit eliminate it much more efficiently The next thing is to avoid sugar and processed foods sugar in general will make you bloated but processed foods with bad chemicals and corn syrups and corn starch cheese and MSG’s and all that will 100% make you bloated and I’m Sure you feel it If you have a cheat meal say go up some chocolate and you know maybe a doughnut or something you will feel bloated and sluggish After so definitely avoid sugar processed foods if you don’t want any bloating The last thing is to avoid cruciferous vegetable Odor Basically broccoli brussel sprouts cabbage things like that also eggs. They’re not a vegetable, but they’re kind of you know sulfur So avoid that as well because these will make you bloated every time I eat broccoli or Brussels sprouts my stomach literally I look like I’m like nine months pregnant. I’m serious. It comes up so far um. I still eat them because I’m obsessed with Brussels sprouts and broccoli But if you are not like obsessed like I am and you can live without them Maybe avoid them and try something else or really cook them well steam them really well or something try to avoid them or off Sure um So those are my tips to prevent and to get rid of bloating these are all-natural tips You know you don’t need any special pills or anything these really work But I would say my top tips for getting rid of bloating if you are bloated drink apple cider vinegar like it works the best out of everything and The next thing is drinking water is probably really high up there and some kind of ginger whether it’s a ginger candy or Ginger tea ginger was really helpful So what I like to do is actually make a drink apple cider vinegar ginger turmeric lemon warm water And I chug it it doesn’t taste the greatest because I don’t put a sweetener in my sorry I swear this always happens what I’m filming my battery dies But basically it – it tastes that good because I don’t be sweet nur in it But I will try get and I guarantee my bloating has gone within half hour, and if I do have any bloating left It’s just a very small amount cuz like I will wake up in the morning have a flat stomach But that why I like the afternoon because I eat fast and I eat a lot and all that I guess so bloated so I look like a completely different person in the afternoon, so these tips have really helped me And I literally do them everyday now even if I’m not bloated So my top tips if you want to prevent bloating out of my entire list I would say 100% take a probiotic Eat small meals to your food and avoid sugar, so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did Please give it a big thumbs up that lets me know that you guys like the content I’m releasing and yeah, I will see you in my next one. Bye

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  • Nikki Nicole says:

    thanks for these tips! definitely going to try them out!
    one question, for the water, Apple cider vinegar, and turmeric drink.. do you heat up together and then drink from a mug?

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