HOW TO GET RID OF ACNE WITH DISTILLED WATER| I wash my face with only water

HOW TO GET RID OF ACNE WITH DISTILLED WATER| I wash my face with only water

hi guys thank you for tuning into another episode of no makeup conversations my name is Trelana and if this is your first time welcome
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channel today I wanted to ask you all what kind of water are you drinking I asked
this question I don’t ask this question i do I be asking this question on my videos but I say it all the time drink water make
sure you drink your water please drink water you can’t do the water only
washing routine without drinking water you gotta drink your water so what kind
of water are you drinking are you drinking tap water that’s not the best
water um if that’s all that you have then drink that I’d rather drink tap
water than no water okay but if you can get to a higher better source healthier
source cleaner source of water get you some distilled water okay you can get
this water from Walmart Target any grocery store and the gallon of water
for distilled water is no more than a dollar
I think for the Walmart is like 80 some then cents target it’s like a dollar so if you
can get to distilled water please get to distilled water I’m gonna explain to
you why so what is distilled water distilled water is water that has been
boiled into vapor and condensed back into liquid in a separate container impurities in the original water that do not boil below or near the boiling point of
water remain in the original container distilled water is purified water so
it goes through a whole nother process to remove minerals and remove
microorganisms out of the water so that is in its purest form now also what distilled water does is it kills toxins in the body that is the number one reason
why I’ drink distilled water another reason is because it does taste good it
tastes very poor taste flat it doesn’t have a weird taste to it which is why I
really like it but it kills toxins out of your body
which toxins it’s just another form of bacteria bacteria causes acne so the
whole point of this whole clearing acne journey body mind soul is to get
yourself in a more pure purified body like you want to be as true to your purist self you want to get to your pure self as you possibly can and distilled water
is gonna do that for you because it’s soon as you drink it you go to the
bathroom it’s flushing out anything in your body that is causing you not to move
and operate at your fullest capacity okay so I would say what I try to do I don’t
do it all the time but what I try to do is I try to drink a gallon of distilled
water every day now I don’t meet my goal all the time but for the past month I
have cut out sodas I probably have had one soda since the last video I made
about trying to get rid of acne on your menstrual cycle I talked about how I had
broke out really bad I probably I had one soda since that video I’ve been drinking
nothing but distilled water and let me tell y’all my skin I have not had a
major break out and I had a major break out since I really been very cautious of
what I’m eating when I’m drinking and just been my game
I haven’t been eating meat I haven’t been drinking a bunch of sodas I’ve really been taking care of
myself and I’ve also started taking biotin which that would be another video
I’m gonna talk to you all about that but I really would encourage you all to get
you all some distilled water if you can I promise you you will see a huge
difference in the texture and the elasticity and the just the texture of
your skin the complexion of your skin I’m gonna zoom into the camera so you
all can see what my skin is looking like currently right now now I do have little
small bumps but like I said I am taking biotin so I know that that’s playing a
huge part in those little small bumps but I’m not too pressed about it like
I’m not really pressed about it so as you all can see it and like I said I
think a little small but I’m in taking biotin but I’m not really pressed
about that I just don’t want to see no big-ass cys acne cystic acne on my face
that’s like a real pet peeve for me okay its a real pet peeve and that’s just what I’m
trying to prevent I don’t want big bump on my face l’m cool with the
small tiny and I know that that’s I know for a fact that that is from the biotin
pills because biotin does cause acne if you are not drinking enough water or
if you’re new to it my body is still adjusting I’ve only been takin about it
for a couple of weeks but overall I am very very very very impressed with my
skin right now I’m very happy with my skin I am very happy with my skin right
now is this is the best its look in a long time and I know it’s not just because of
the water only washing routine but it’s also because of the type of water that I
am drinking so get you some distilled water guys and make sure
enough water enough water they say eight cups a day then there’s another thing
that says you drink as many cups of equivalent to your body we just drink
enough to the point where you get tired of peeing all day that’s that’s when you
know you’re drinking enough water when you peeing all day and you getting tired of that shyt i’m trying not to cuss but anyway guys I will see you
all in the next video remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made live
your best life drink your water wash your face with water stop stressing be
cute out here on these streets okay be confident out here on these streets okay
do not let anybody try to tear you down on these streets today okay all right
guys I will see you all in the next video


  • ViviD NebulA says:

    I'm scared to try distilled water haha. You need an alkaline diet right? I eat wayyyy better now! But i still like sweets and some foods

  • Forevermykidsmom says:

    Hi nomakeupconversations, Why is there smoke in the screen in your recent videos? Have a nice week greetings J

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