HOW TO GET RID OF ACNE| detailed STEP BY STEP| I wash my face with only water

Hi guys, thank you for tuning in to another episode of No Makeup Conversations so I know I have a little dress on I wanted to come on here differently than I normally do I know I
don’t wear makeup and I know some people like the effect of people coming on
camera and presenting themselves well so I just wanted to kind of switch it up
and show you all that you know you can wear no makeup and still look sexy still
feel good without doing all the extra on your
face like you are beautiful just the way you are so let’s get right into the video so
this is gonna be a part two more in depth of the step by step water only
washing routine now you’re gonna hear some things that are just the same
they’re the same nothing really changes but there was some things that came to
me that are a little bit more detailed that I want to share with you guys in
this regimen all right so the first thing I want to let you all know as we I make this very clear in my videos make sure to wash your hands
before washing your face now this is a big deal okay you need to use
antibacterial soap antibacterial soap I have played around with this multiple
times throughout the months it’s been almost a year I’ve been doing this
regimen and I’ve been doing this I played it out multiple times there’s
been times when I would wash my face and without antibacterial soap because I
didn’t have any on me and my face would break out you need
something that’s gonna get rid of the germs on your hands our hands are so
full of bacteria germs they’re dirty so make sure if you can antibacterial soap
it’s very cheap you can get it from the dollar store it ain’t gotta be all you
know vegan and cruelty free ain’t gotta be all that like let’s just get get what
you can you can from the dollar store Walmart I normally
get mine from Dollar Tree it’s a dollar it’s cheap you’re not putting it on your
face you’re just putting it on your hand so you you be alright so yes antibacterial soap
and if you can’t get out antibacterial soap you only have regular
hand-washing so I would say just add on more time when you’re washing your hands
so if you’re washing your hands with antibacterial soap I say like ten
seconds if you ain’t got antibacterial soap then you can use our dish wash soap
or just regular hand soap but make sure you go you extend the time so like do like
20 seconds just so you can try to get all the germs much germs off of your
hands as possible okay now if you are starting if you just starting this
routine you’ve never done this before slowly if I went for two weeks I want
you to you wash you should wash you should be washing your face two times a
day in the morning and at night okay now or even let’s say if you don’t wash
your face in the morning you work out some time during the day wash your face
after you work out and then that night you would do your second wash it depends
on how your routine is but you need to slowly get yourself into this regimen
don’t go cold turkey okay because a lot of people tend to
fail in that and I’ve never mentioned this in my videos because it sometimes I
just talk but I’ve really been putting thought into all of these months and the
time has passed when things that work for me so I would say start cutting off
how many times a day you’re washing your face with soap
so keep continue to wash your face two times a day but I want you to use soap
once a day for two weeks okay and I would say do it at night so
if you choose to use a moisturizer you put the moisturizer on after you wash your
face and then in the morning your face will be light it won’t really be
to dirty or to heavy and you can just continue with just the next day with
just washing your face with water you do not have to do that if you want to do it
in the morning do it in the morning you know your routine of life way better
than me you know everybody’s lifestyle is
different so maybe at night you sweat a lot so I would say the wash your face in
morning do your do the soap routine in the morning and do the water only
washing routine at night it whatever works for you okay once you have done
this for at least two weeks and your skin is slowly adjusting to being cut
off of these products I need you to then cut out the soap completely after the
two weeks okay so what you’re doing now is now you’re you’re completely going in
now how I did this for about a month a whole month
I didn’t moisturize okay I just went cold I just did it I just didn’t moisturize I allowed my face to be crusty dry however it was I had dry patches around my mouth
whatever it was I was just like I want to completely get off of skin care
products for a while I don’t know moisturize I don’t want to tone I don’t
want to do none of that I don’t exfoliate I don’t want to do anything I
just want to let my skin breathe now if you are a person and I’ve mentioned this
in another video of mine if you are a person who wears a lot of makeup this is
not going to work for you now and the reason why I say that because it’s
really difficult to remove makeup off of your face with just water like you’re
not gonna be able to do it so you have to decide you have to make a decision is
wearing makeup more important than me cutting off these
skins saving money let’s just say that it or or protecting my skin long term so
you really have to think about the pros and the cons and if you need to get a
piece of paper write down this write down that what this regimen is going to
do is make you really have to examine yourself from the inside okay when you go on this
regimen you don’t have a choice not to wear makeup like you are accepting and
living your daily life and your skin with no no mask no cover-ups like it’s
just you and your face you and your flaws you and your acne it’s just you’re
one you become so one with yourself and you you begin to learn things about
yourself that you never even knew were there and the healing process begins
because I’m telling y’all first before I even started the water only washing
routine I got rid of makeup that was the first thing and then it was like once I
did that I was like man if I can do that I done struggled with wearing makeup for
years if I can do that then I can cut off these skin care products I
started slowly taking off the shackles and releasing the bondage of society’s
perspective of beauty so I would say that really consider the weigh out the
pros and the cons of this is something that you want to do if you feel like you
can’t completely get rid of makeup altogether then like with like I said
with the soap thing cutting it out one time throughout the day do the same
thing with makeup um maybe if you gotta wear for work wear
for five days throughout the week and then on the weekends just be free um and
or I would say slowly get rid of stuff so maybe one day don’t wear your lashes
but you can still wear your foundation your lipstick whatever
or one day don’t wear lipstick just wear like blistex of carmax that’s what I
do it’s right here ok whatever whatever it is
that’s easiest for you to get rid of when it comes to makeup start with there
start there first before even think about starting this routine so I just
want to make that clear deal with the whole makeup issue first before you come
into this regimen because it’s gonna be difficult if you don’t deal with that
first before trying to start this routine okay after you’ve done that and
you’ve washed your hands I want you to wash your face with warm water for ten
seconds and I have a video on here why how
demonstrate how to do it so you’re gonna you wash you hands and you’re gonna just
kinda like you would like you would with a soap or cleanser do the same
thing with the water with warm water you do not want it hot because hot water is
too harsh for skin and you don’t want to cold because you want your pores to open
up so you can allow the water to kinda cleanse throughout the top surface the
top layer of your pores okay once you’ve done that I want you to close your pores
with cool water okay just splash the water if you want you can do the same
thing for my five seconds and then after you do that this is the drying process
now this is really important the drying process is really important how you
decide to close out your wash your water washing regimen you can either air
dry paper towel dry or rag dry air drying is the best method it’s the
longest but it’s the best method it’s not a method that I use all the time I
only use that regimen if I don’t have any paper towels or if I’m just in the
house and I got nowhere to go then I’ll go air dry but if I got somewhere to be
and I’m you know I’m gonna clock then I’m gonna use paper towels now I like
paper towels because once you use them you throw them away it’s no leftover
bacteria no germs it’s just using one time you toss it away now the rag method
is not my favorite but paper towels can become a little expensive I use them a
lot and it can be costly if it’s something that you use every single day
if you do use the rag method make sure the rag is either brand new or
it’s just been washed and you put it in the dirty clothes if you use the rag you
would have to use a new rag every day and I’m sure some of y’all might not be
adults and your kid your parents not be out here washing rags you know and
having the soiled rags or you know have all the time so really think about that
if you can’t if you if you can’t do that then you need to air dryer you need to
air drop you need to air dry it if you cannot get
some paper towels like like that but if you can get to paper towels
use paper towels like rags is like the last resort okay
the last resort that’s like the end all be all of none all that’s just my opinion I
just don’t like rags because they carry so much bacteria when they when
you leave them around they the air creates mold it’s just this a whole
bunch that goes with rags and water and moist and air I just I just don’t like it ok
so once you have dried off your face now this is the this is the part you gotta
decide on your patience okay I just didn’t moisturize ok I just went like I said I
wouldn’t cold turkey you have to decide if you want to moisturize I have
dry skin so for a while it took a minute for my skin to adjust to the water to
just water alone it took a minute like my mouth was dry now you can use a
moisturizer but I do all the toners and all of that extra stuff you do not need
that when you’re doing this you can use a moisturizer but make sure the
moisturizer is light is make sure it is not heavy it needs to be light enough to
be able to be washed off with water you do not want something that’s gonna clog
up your pores because during this process you’re caught your pores are
going to be like dirty like you’re gonna have to exfoliate I’m not to get in
today you’re gonna have to exfoliate more often than you would if you weren’t
on this regimen okay now exfoliating in the beginning of this method
I’m telling you your your skin is gonna be so clogged like it’s gonna be clogged
I think I I probably exfoliated like every other day and what I would do I
would use my fingernails I would just go in circular motions I would wet my face
and go in circular motions and just allow all of that dirt to get in the
crevices on my nails if you don’t have any nails I have a video on this to go
check that out how to exfoliate while doing the water when you wash routine if
you don’t have nails then you can use a paper towel or a rag okay just make
sure rag is clean and you’re gonna do the same thing you’re just gonna go in
circular motions with just water and that’s how you get an exfoliate and
you’re gonna have to you’re gonna do this probably like every other day or
however you can do this as much as you see fit because you’re just using water
so it’s not gonna be harsh to your skin and you actually need that you need to
do this to start allowing your skin to adjust to the water because your skin
has to purge your skin is gonna be in a process of purging so make sure that
you do incorporate that or you’re gonna be walking around here looking
real dirty okay um the last and final step that I would say to this is just be
patient when I started this I first of all I never imagined that this
was something that I was ever going to do I was a person who loved makeup I was
a person who loved going to get new products for my acne okay I am just
sitting here like I really was reflecting I have not brought soap
cleansers moisturizers and none of that exfoliants I’ve been making my own and
just using natural products for almost a year and it’s amazing like it’s amazing
like you really don’t and my skin looks better than it has look since I was a
child okay and also while I’m on here before I close
on this video I am currently on my cycle y’all I’m gonna zoom in so ya’ll can see my face
yeah I got some in-scents going on look at my face like I’m in a
more my period but I if you haven’t watched my video on how to prevent acne
during your period while on the water only washing routine watch that video
because I’m telling you cutting out that stuff being very mindful and watching my
diet is helping like that and that plays a big role too okay what you’re eating
what you’re drinking you got it all this is this is this is what is this is work
but it’s not hard you just it depends like if you want to be free you going
make the sacrifice cuz I feel free I feel no I don’t feel bound
I don’t feel bound when I go to the store I got a look and read up and
googling YouTube on all these products to see what’s gonna work for me so that
I can be comfortable when I step outside of my house I am completely free and I
just want ya’ll to be free too so I hope you all enjoyed this video I
hope this one was a little bit more detailed than the other video that I did
last year over the summer time I just want to remind you guys that you all are
fearfully and wonderfully made remember that you guys are beautiful just the way
you are and yes you know we all have things that make us feel insecure about
ourselves but we it can be healed it can be healed you don’t have to spend hundreds
and hundreds of dollars to heal your skin like it’s not necessary you just
got to be patient with yourself you have to love who you are currently right now
whether it’s full of a face full of makeup a face full of acne whether it’s a
facefull eczema whether you’re scarred whether your your face is disoriented
whatever it is love yourself and accept yourself for where you currently are
right now and I’m telling you once you do that and you start this routine
healing you will be amazed at how much love you begin to grow
within yourself and for yourself and then you make you make other people have
to give you that same energy like you’re gonna love and respect me okay you’re
gonna come correct okay but yeah I just wanted to tell you all you guys that I
love you all so much I really do I’m so appreciative of you guys and I just
can’t wait I’m so excited I have so many things like I can’t wait I gotta be
quiet but I have so many things that I’m whipping up and whipping up for you guys
and I just hope that you all just stay patient with me and stay and stick
around so that when these things start unfolding in coming together y’all can
be a part of the many blessings that will be unfolding before the end of this
year all right guys so I love you you all have a wonderful blessed day I hope
you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day this weekend and I will see you guys in
the next video

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