How to Get Rid of Acne : Cleaning Deep & Small Pores

How to Get Rid of Acne : Cleaning Deep & Small Pores

From the steam everything is moving very smoothly.
Very nice. I’m going to clean one of them. After our cleaning, we’re going to go ahead
and we are going to do a quick rinse. And we’re going to go ahead and apply our mask.
Now with Acne facial a lot of times it’s a little more irritating. So we’re going to
be using a mask that has a little bit Sulphur in it. Just to calm the skin down. So we’re
going to go ahead. Pull the pads. Wipe down. Pads go back on. And retry our mask. And it’s
an Amino mask. And basically it has a little bit of Sulphur in it so that it will calm
down the skin. And also has a little bit of Calamine in it. And that really helps to the
irritation away. This mix of mask is just a straightforward mix. We don’t add anything
together with it. We’re just going to apply it directly to the skin. You want to make
sure when you’re using a mask, you want to use the right mask for the right skin. And
this mask takes care of a person who would have more an Acne facial. It’s properties
are healing and calming after you’ve irritated the skin from the extractions. So let?s put
a little moisture on the lips. We’re going to let the mask sit for about five minutes
to really take effect. And then we will remove the mask. And go ahead and apply our finishing


  • AbbieJolie says:

    After a week of 2% Salicylic Acid (at the proper pH level) applied twice per day for a difficult case, you could use a Tweezerman Skin Care Tool at home after a Carbon Mask and a Warm Compress.

  • mh2blade says:

    it hurts alot

  • Alex Boissonneau says:

    Lol!!! How to get rid of acne/ unclog pores:

    Visit your dermatologists make an appointment with your doctor and pay a fee of $645.00.
    This saves you the trouble of going to Shoppers Drug Mart and buying the pore cleansers for $633.00 less ($12) lmao

  • Iwatcher says:

    wow audio is really low

  • Alex Boissonneau says:

    wow this is an old comment i made..
    uhhm….so i live in canada and health care is pretty much free…uhmmm i dont understand it since we still have to pay (but not as much as USA) no i was kidding about charging that much…but it IS alot of money for those things and drug stores always over price their facial products…im just saying u might as well make an expensive appointment then blowing your money away every week on useless ineffective drug store products.

  • John Farina says:

    I have suffered with bad acne most of my life that is until I started using the 14 Day Acne Cure Solution. The 14 Days Acne Solution was the only thing that worked for me. But to be honest it took me maybe 3 weeks rather than the 14 days. I think this is mainly because I did not stick to the plan 100%. The good thing though is that I am acne free now and that is what matters.

  • Modzw, says:

    @xconv3rz104x big pores.. stuff can get in it easier, looks unsightly… you know stuff like those

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  • EEmon says:


  • Gerri Vedrene says:

    latex gloves? everywhere else is non-latex because of the allergic reactions of some people, the way the towels were removed was very sloppy, choppy it looks like she was too harsh

  • princess4389 says:

    isnt there another way to clean that dosent include pop the pimples?

  • ilpoppante says:


  • brenda samuel says:

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  • Rabotnik Rabotnikov says:

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  • dmbandgroove says:

    Wow you talk loud

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