How To Get Clear SKIN, Healthy HAIR & NAILS With Beauty Supplements & Collagen Powders

How To Get Clear SKIN, Healthy HAIR & NAILS With Beauty Supplements & Collagen Powders


  • Rodrigo Melo says:

    Felicia says that our body converts food, and i mean real food!, into vitamins and minerals, but the illustration shows at 2:26 PILL and CAPSULES entering the stomach.

  • nanase21 says:

    Too many sponsored videos recently. Wtf.

  • moonlight260 says:

    Please talk about liquid chlorophyll!

  • Nicolle says:

    I literally always get complimented on my hair and nails but my skin is just a mess ?? I don’t get it? 😭 I would gladly swap my strong nails for good skin

  • Alyson Pinkelman says:

    Can you please do durmaneedling or microneedling? Thank you!

  • Kwamboka Sylvie says:

    Don't worry, I'm paying the price for the gelato I had on Tuesday 😭😭

  • Diana M says:

    You should’ve tried halo beauty by Tati Westbrook! I would love to hear ur opinion about them 💕

  • lindal88 says:

    If you want to get rid of acne, I would say avoid biotin. Any kinds of synthetic biotin would break you out. Also b5 can cause breakouts so limit it. I would agree with the rest though, however, zinc and vitamin A (powerful treatment) should be used

  • Ella Christine says:

    How about magnesium

  • Ciclalli Silva says:

    Hi most people are buying makeup but I decided to put that on hold this time for a while and decided to go on this supplement capsules that are giving me results because people have complemented my hair but is true you do get a zit here and there because is so full of vitamins and natural oils for the hair people asked if I wear a wig it makes me feel comfortable because that means it works 😁😆👍🤩is not just vitamins need to detox scalp as well with natural ingredients for the scalp as well for strong hair even if you have lots of hair to keep it healthy.

  • Anushka Dwivedi says:

    Plz fel n mia…tell me this ..i eat 1 capsule of spirulina each day….plz sisos do a vdo on this too😭

  • Anushka Dwivedi says:

    Fel is my ol tym fav…love ya..mood lifted by this vdo☺💋💋

  • Health & Beauty Tips - Ayurvedic Nuskhe says:

    you are so beautiful and your english is also nice

  • Maryam G says:

    Daily we have to take 2 after breakfast plz tell me

  • Victor Bello says:

    Thanks for the tips. Though i have a question i put on sunscreen everyday though dont put on a moistureizer. Am i doing something bad

  • Simran Jalan says:

    This is such a informative topic I just love bueaty within they provide so much information I always watch their vedios.

  • Bansari Shrivastava says:

    If I have oily skin, nd I wanna take vitamin e for my hair n nails as capsule. How much mg of it do u recommend daily?

  • Elisha says:

    thank u for this video <3

  • Elisha says:

    i eat the "blocks'jelly" food it tastes sooo good but the one that i eat isn't for ur skin it's more for good blood circulation.

  • apurva sawant says:


  • cokinouguy says:

    Felicia!!! Be my teacher 😉

  • Abbey Innes says:

    Hey guys, can you please do a diy face mask video.

  • proudblackjynx says:

    Still sad to see so many ignorant people believe in collagen supplements. That's not how collagen works! Collagen is made by the body. You can't add more collagen by eating it or applying it to skin

  • IVY GAY Jadloc says:

    Is this vitamin advisable for breastfeeding moms? My Aunt is kinda curious if she's allowed to use it.

  • tea says:

    It's amazing how so many people don't know how to swallow pills or capsules. Fill your mouth with water first, then add the pill and chug it down.

  • IMFJP82075 says:

    Supplements have recently become one of the most important parts of my skincare routine, specifically Vitamin C. A few months ago I was introduced to LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C & it completely changed my skincare game! When we ingest Vitamin C most of it doesn't survive the stomach so it never fully enters the bloodstream but due to how the Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C is formulated we're able to reap all of the amazing benefits. It's not a pill or a capsule but each dose is actually a gel that you add to 1-3 ounces of cold liquid (I just take it in cold water) & you basically drink it down like a shot. Each dose comes in its own travel friendly little packet & there are 30 packets in each box (one month supply) for about $32 (which is a STEAL considering what it does for the skin & overall health). Tbh I received a 2 months supply of the Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C at a deep discount in exchange for my honest opinion but I was still VERY SCEPTICAL when I first read it's claims. There are a lot of incredible benefits but what I was most interested in was how it claims to boost collagen production & that results should be seen within 4 weeks. Challenge accepted! I squeezed a packet of this Lypo-Spheric Vit C into about 2 ounces of cold water every morning (on an empty stomach) & the first thing I noticed was increased energy & within a few days I just started to feel much better overall so I continued taking it & sure enough I started to notice improvements in my skin! I'm currently 43 years old & although I always had great skin my skin became drier, more dull & tired looking & I started to notice the fine lines creeping in right before my 39th birthday but more recently I noticed that my skin wasn't as bouncy & firm as it once was even a few months prior. Even my lips looked thinner so I double downed on the anti-aging skincare products with very little to no improvement. After 2 weeks of taking the Lypo-Spheric Vit C my skin looked less dull & tired nor was it as dry as it was. By 4 weeks I noticed that my lips appeared fuller & my skin appeared more lifted, especially around my eyes, cheeks, & around my jawline. I finished the initial 2 month supply & immediately placed an order for another 2 months bc the results were just too amazing & EVERYONE had noticed! Co-workers, my patients, friends, & family all swear that I'M AGING IN REVERSE bc I legit look AT LEAST five years younger!!! I've also added another Lypo-Spheric product to my repertoire & I'm planning on trying even more from LivOn Labs bc I haven't looked or felt this good in about 10 years! Here's the link to LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C for anyone that's curious about this magical supplement (this is NOT an affiliate link! I receive nothing if you click on it or choose to buy):

  • Mariam Mohammed says:

    Best sunscreen pleaseeee

  • Hannah Crivellone says:

    I know you mostly do skincare but I think a cool video idea would be how to get really healthy long shiny hair. ( btw love your guys videos) 💕💕💕

  • Jonathan Escobar says:

    What’s better to do first, exfoliate or cleanse?

  • Gina Shops says:

    I take my skin hair nails supplement with Chokeberries (black berries) juice drink and my scarring has faded a lot

  • Sidrah Hussain says:

    Can you make a video on rice water as toner please? Love the channel ❤️

  • Yaneth C says:

    Just eat chicken feet for colagen! 🙂

  • Alpa Jain says:

    You guys are really beauty wid brain😘😘

  • Jackattack5678 says:

    How about answering questions like can you use vitamin directly on the skin. Like vitamin E gel capsules, should you or can you put them on topically instead of digesting them. Love your channel so information, it's my go to when I want to revamp my routines.

  • Jackattack5678 says:

    I know everyone reacts different to vitamins but what should a body be taking as far as vitamins. These are all good options and choose for what you need/want but what should one body be taking? Thanks♥️🙏

  • kenny ortiz says:

    I love it, I like the little cookies that you provide of information. Easy to learn 😀

  • z s says:

    I love your channel so much! It legitimately gives so much inside knowledge and your videos due to the way you’ll do it lets us decide whether some regimen or ritual would work for us or not and I can’t thank you enough for the effort you guys actually put in to serve and enlighten us about “beauty from within”

  • Sharifah Arafah says:

    Im not sure if anyone actually asked this question below.. Hahaha, but i was wondering… since supplements in a gummy bear form and capsule form are some what "alike" and they deliver the similar results. Which one do you recommend? Does the added colouring and preservatives in gummy bears have other effect to our body? Some capsules they are harder to dissolve in our body, do they have a long term effect to our health?

  • Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes says:

    Or lips, your lips will be pale if your lacking protein in one case

  • Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes says:

    Thumbs down because I just got a little iterated at watching her choke down the vitamins. We really didn't need to see your actually take the vitamins. I think your feedback would be safficiate enough

  • Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes says:

    No vitamin D produces collagen.

  • Ana Snow says:

    Make some haircare videos!!

  • Huda Drmasd says:

    يخر ب بيتكم عاملين بارز بجلاتين الحمير 😂🤪

  • Christella De Leon says:

    Love all the videos you gals do but can you clear out the negative side of consuming collagen?

  • stayc swanepole says:

    Maybe one day i will follow all the tips that you all said cuz right now I don't have enough budget to buy the products like klairs. I just buy cheap one right now.😟

  • Cons Mercado says:

    Oh i like gummy candies hehe

  • Natallyia Giovanni says:

    I really like this video

  • jessie0728ifly says:

    Cheap collagen supplement – chicken feet, at least at our house

  • ashleirana j says:

    This was truly insightful, thank you so much for the research!

  • Koneko Yagami says:

    I work in a group home and have to pass meds. The clients will take 11 pills at a time with no problem. The first time I saw that, my jaw dropped. I have problems taking one pill at a time. 💜💜💜

  • Koneko Yagami says:

    I always break out when I eat dairy. I try so hard to not eat it. 💜💜💜

  • Suplementy Zdrowej Diety Przemysław Dzisko says:

    Would you like to hunt for discount prices? Here you will find the best cosmetics at attractive prices. We prepare our special offers with you and your shopping experience in mind. Thanks to the special offers, you can buy your favorite products from NuviaLab at even more affordable prices.

  • cindy Skee says:

    I’ve been struggling with my skin since I was 20 I’m now 23 and I still break out around my chin. Thank you for your channel it’s really informative I love it thank you!

  • Bri Perez says:

    YALL these things ARE NOT gonna make acne completely go away. Yes it may be helpful, HOWEVER some people (LIKE ME🙋🏽‍♀️) have to go to a dermatologist and get medication and recommended face washes and/or moisturizer. So if yo have tried many things you may need to get your skin checked out!!

  • Fitness Benz says:

  • Faranak Peart says:

    I love you girls <3 You are so GOOD at explaining everything! Especially when you include diagrams. Thank you so much 😉

  • cara says:

    collagen is literally made from the bones, skin, and connective tissue of animals, including cattle, fish, horses, pigs, or rabbits..

  • Buttonrox says:

    My new favorite channel

  • Jade Eden says:

    I really like this channel but why isnt it disclosed that you are partnered with that supplement company ? Quick way to lose credibility…

  • Havvanur O.C says:

    I'm confused…😅 how is vitamim D good for acne if acne comes from sebum production and lot's of other stuff ofcourse … but it's bad for people with oily skin. Is it only good then to recover the acne or….?
    I really want to know because I'm acne prone but I don't want to cause more sebum production🤔

  • L B says:

    I highly recommend prenatal vitamins as they are strongly regulated and have a high level of the same nutrients that beauty supplements boast.

  • Paige C says:

    Was hoping for actual advice, not a perfectil ad. Didn't know you could even still do sponsored videos without making it clear from the beginning

  • honey comb says:

    0.18 omg u r sooo funny

  • Rachel Rosphia says:

    I have the same skin type as felicia.. Hormonal acne really worried me out sometimes. i felt ugly whenever it happens.. thanks for a great video!!

  • Amirah AFR says:

    I don’t even need these supplements my hair is so thick I can see each strand and my nails are so thick that when I cut it , it feels like plastic all I need is fruits and foods with these vitamins

  • Alexis Taylor says:

    Sooo… awkwardly enough, I’m really wondering how that donkey collagen bar tastes. It looks delicious.
    You should link the recipe or do a video on some “ancient Chinese holy grails” (:

  • Emmy says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!

  • cristine Lamsin says:

    Tnx for this vidoe i learned more about vitamins..All and also collage

  • cristine Lamsin says:

    Tnx for this vidoe i learned more about vitamins..All and also collage

  • exotic life says:

    I always wanted to take them but the problem is I'm not sure about the portions and need of them. Can you suggest how can i solve this?

  • kanchi pahuja says:

    I like your videos… I'm from India… Have gone through most of them today… Mostly liked because you explain skin care with really nice scientific knowledge 😍…problem is just that you don't recommend skin regime or products including age factor… I'm 23 and looking for something that makes my skin healthier nourishes reduces tan… Please recommend.. I will be thankful to you… And yes I have subscribed your channel today itself

  • Manaal Siddiqui says:

    Can we sensitive skin girls eat vit c supplements instead of using them in the form of serums that irritate and sometimes hypersensitize our skin?

  • maryamelh01 says:

    It would be great to try ‘Halo beauty supplements’ and get your feedback on the results!

  • Lucy says:

    How long can you continue your supplements??

  • Maryam مَرْيَّـمُ says:

    Honestly perfectil is my favourite supplements ever.

  • Vi Tran says:

    Has anyone tried tati's supplements?

  • Sandra Włoch says:

    Nice video! I love us <3
    When i was kid, i eat sweets gummy .

  • Sinor Avner says:


  • Zhamiezh Tan says:

    If Vitamin E is good for the skin, i wonder why my dermatologist suggested to stay away from it….like not taking vitamin E

  • Stephanie Flores says:

    Question: what about African black soap? Is it also helpful to reduce blemishes?

  • Ashley Reusora says:

    Instead of vitamins do an all natural video.

  • V'sanchez Norma says:

    Personally I think you should really know your body nobody is the same I am 25 and am very sensitive to oily food and sodas and carbohydrates so you really just have to pay attention to the way your body reacts to anything you do.

  • Kiara Medrano says:

    So if I'm 20 years old, I cannot take collagen powder, or vitamins?… (My skin condition is mild dry and acne prone skin) my acne is closed comedone acne by the way as my dermatologist said

  • Melissa D says:

    omg felicia's accent is slowly going away

  • Darwis Bin Mohd Nazar Darwis says:

    Mia pretty..seriously…

  • nicole zhang says:

    Love you guys! Thanks 🙂

  • Joselene Ténis says:

    I love you guuuuys

  • Angela Whitehead says:

    Love your videos!

  • Miranda Li says:

    Curious as to how bioavailable pills are versus liquid supplementation. In Asia, the beauty from within culture is taking a lot of liquid supplements – like tonics or shots – rather than pills. Let me know! Would love to hear your thoughts!

  • Carolina Rocha says:

    Amazing video, looking forward to watch another one like this one. It's so good to know the ingredients as well as the results we may get with them

  • Bela Patel says:

    Please try Halo Beauty by Tati Westbrook!

  • priya oswen says:

    I learn't so much from this video.

  • Alicia Ripoll says:

    I really enjoyed this video!! I hope we can have more videos like this 🙂 I'm super interested in the chemistry involved in our skin and overall health!!

  • Abigail Rendon says:

    Will you please do a video on light masks and peeling gels?

  • RandomReviews says:

    Hi! Was this video sponsored by the supplements company? I didn't hear it or found it written anywhere but there was lots of focus on the company…

  • Ira Martina Drupady says:

    Wait, Felicia, you don’t shower every day? 🙂

  • Dilly Blum says:


  • 노엘김 says:

    everytime I consume food or sugary drink, the next day- big mr pimple pop out..

  • panache1204 says:

    Plz do such a vdo on halo beauty vitamins. Plz plz plz.

    U girls are amazing. I watch so many vdos on YouTube. But somehow i always retain the information which i had gotten from ur vdos. I saw ur apple cider vinegar vdo. Gave it a try and oh my God. My life changed. Im so thankful tyu.

  • lama Sehaban says:

    How to drink ? Morning or nyt?

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