– Hey guys, and welcome to today’s video. This is a super important
video, and I really hope you’re going to watch
the entire thing because I’m going to let you in
on a few secrets on how you can get addicted, like
obsessed with a healthy lifestyle and completely change your life and have endless amounts of
energies and live healthy forever after. So I get a lot of questions
and emails and comments from people asking me do I have all of this discipline
to live this healthy, vegan lifestyle and move my body so much and do yoga, and how to I stick to
all these daily habits and routines, and it’s almost like people think I’m superhuman or something, but it’s really not magic, okay? And I wasn’t born like this. I wasn’t born doing yoga
and being a healthy vegan. I developed that, I turned into someone who puts their health as
a priority because I have a few really good reasons. We’re going to talk about that too. So I understand that a
lot of people struggle and you do probably too because otherwise, you probably
wouldn’t be watching this and the big question is, how can you make a healthy lifestyle last? How can you make it sustainable? So I’m making this video to help you because I really want you
to have this amazing energy everyday so you can go out
and live an extraordinary life and live and create your heart out. This is really, the dearest reason of why I want you to really
embrace a healthy lifestyle because we need awesome
energy that we can then turn into awesome things
and an awesome life. So the problem with a
healthy lifestyle is, we don’t see instant gratification. But when you eat pizza
or you drink alcohol, whatever it is, you get instant
gratification like that. It doesn’t mean it’s lasting,
but it’s pretty instant. And so, with a healthy diet, you might not get that straightaway. It might take a few days, or
a few weeks, or a few months, but it’s so worth it. Also, a lot of Instagramers and YouTubers, all these vegans out there, all these healthy people,
they make it look so easy, as if it’s just raining
rainbows and unicorns of health every day where they’re from and they don’t see the actual
path on how these people got there. Another issue is that a lot of people, and it was the same in my case, you don’t know the potential
of health and energy that your body has
until you experience it. In other words, you don’t
know how unhealthy you are until you experience health. I didn’t know how horrible
a lot of processed foods are and a lot of sugar,
and dairy products, and eggs until I did a juice cleanse and until I went on a plant-based diet and realized just how much
energy my body actually has. And like I said, I have noT always been a healthy eater at all. I have never eaten fish
or meat in my entire life, so I have always been a vegetarian, but that does not mean
anything, and I’m sure some of you know. I used to be a very unhealthy vegetarian. I would eat a lot of dairy
stuff, a lot of sugar, I would eat a lot of processed
foods, a lot of pizza, and bread, and pasta, and just basically, I
didn’t feel very comfortable in the fruit and veggie
section in the supermarket. I didn’t even like greens. I barely had any fresh
vegetables or fruits in my diet at all. I was a very racist eater, so to speak. I’d prefer white things
like pasta, and bread, and cheese, and milk and all that stuff. I didn’t start eating
salad until I was like, 19 or 20, and even then I was very picky. When I was in my early 20s,
I developed some sort of I guess, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I had a lot of issues with my gut to the point I could barely
eat anything anymore. I went from doctor to doctor
and no one could help me. They said you’re lactose intolerant. No, you’re fructose intolerant. We don’t really know what’s going on. I also developed some skin
issues, psoriasis on my head that was really bad. I think it was about 2008. Again, I went to a lot of doctors. Nothing helped. I had a lot of period pain
that was so excruciating. Every single month, I kept popping pills and pain killers to make
it better and go away, but in the end it just
got worse and worse. So I had my fair share of health issueS even there they may not have been as bad as what some other people suffered from, but they were bad enough
for me to really limit my self confidence and the
way I was kind of functioning in daily life when you have
skin issues or gut issues and I never thought
that any of those issues might have come from my diet. I mean, I’m sure there’s definitely always the correlation between
a lifestyle or a diet and also psychosomatic issues and trauma and all this sort of stuff. About two-and-a-half years ago, I ended up going to a yoga mediation
retreat in Mexico for one month. We only had plant-based foods
there, plant-based meals, and after that month, I was like wow, I feel absolutely amazing. It’s really not that
hard to go vegan at all. So afterwards, I just kept continuing on. I was like, well, I’ve
already done a month now, might as well keep going. Soon after, I moved to Bali and Bali for me, was a
huge catalyst in terms of a healthy lifestyle. Bali is known to be a vegan paradise. There’s so much healing stuff going on, lots of yoga, lots of meditation. So there’s many, many people with a very conscious sort of approach to a healthy lifestyle. There’s just huge offerings everywhere, so I was able to dive
right into all of the vegan awesomeness and there was
all these vegan plant-based cafes and restaurants, and I had no idea all of that existed, and this whole new world
opened up and I loved it. I also went to see an
acupuncturist for my period pain, and he diagnosed pretty quickly that the issue is really
not down here, the issue is in my liver and I should
do a bit of a cleanse so I did a juice fast. That’s how I started,
and in the beginning, I thought oh my God, if I do a juice fast, I’m not going to have any
energy to do yoga or work. But then like a day or two,
or three into the juice fast, and I was like, wow,
I have all this energy just from drinking green juices. Like oh my God, and it
completely blew my mind. And so after that week, I
felt more amazing than ever and this is what I mean
when I say that most people don’t know the capacity
potential of health and energy in their bodies because
they never experienced it. And I hadn’t either up until that point and but once I did, I was hooked. I was like, okay, I want
that energy every single day. So I started getting really
interested in health and diet and what’s good for my body
and what makes me feel awesome, what gives me energy,
what drains my energy. And I just started to make
adjustments and change my daily habits, and eventually
I became super interested and then obsessed and very passionate, and then addicted, I guess,
to a healthy lifestyle just because I was like, wow! This is how I can feel? This is amazing. So now, today, I’m 33 years
old and I feel more amazing and more healthier, and more
energetic than I ever have before in my life, or in my 20s. I mostly live on a
whole-foods, plant-based diet, meaning I really just
eat fruits and vegetables every single day. Most of that raw, if possible. I try to really limit
my sugar consumption. I try to very much limit processed foods, no dairy, no animal products whatsoever. I also try to limit my gluten intake, so I really try to not eat
a lot of pasta or bread. Just the real awesome stuff, you know? Like clean and fresh, and colorful. I drink a lot of green
juices and smoothies and oh, I love them now,
but I used to hate them a few years ago, still. Apart from my diet, I go on
a regular cleanse every year, I do a water fast or a juice fast at least once a year, just to
kind of clean my systems out and my pipes and to give me
even more energy and to get me in more in touch with my body. I also practice regular
yoga, or I go running, I go surfing, I go dancing,
I go whatever it is, but I move my body every single day or at least five or six
times a week, for sure. I meditate every day, I
have a daily morning routine to kind of set the vibe
for the rest of the day. I really try to set
myself up, my lifestyle, and my everyday so as that I
can really reap the benefits to have as much energy so that
I can create awesome stuff, make awesome videos, just
be creative and enjoy life as much as I can. Now before I go into the
tips that I have for you on how to really embrace
a healthy lifestyle, I want you to realize this. It’s not about being
perfectionist about it, okay? I try to keep it at a 90%
roughly of just being really healthy and being really
conscious of my body, and exercising and all these things, but if you keep it at 80, 90%, that’s really all that matters. If you go to 100%, hey, awesome, but I don’t necessarily
believe that’s necessary. I sometimes have a cheat
day, or I love chocolate and I definitely love sugar, so I don’t judge myself
or make myself feel bad because for me, it’s about the foundation, it’s about the basis. And if the foundation is
clean and health, and fresh, and plant-based, and whole food, then that’s awesome. Now how do we get addicted
to a healthy lifestyle? How can we develop
self-discipline to pull through with it every single day and
actually build this foundation? Now number one, and this
is crucial, whether it be in your business life or
whatever goals you’re setting yourself, you need to know your why. You need to have compelling
reasons for why you want to have a healthy lifestyle. For me personally, I want
to have the utmost energy that my body can produce
so that I can have a happy and productive life every single day. I know that when I’m high
on energy, I’m happy, I feel fulfilled, I can create,
I can inspire other people, and I also know that
when I’m low on energy, that’s when I feel depressed or sad, and that’s when life is not worth living, and I don’t want to be in that place. And that’s one reason in the
morning to get out of bed and go and exercise and have
a healthy start into the day because I know that will
give me the energy to just feel awesome. Also another big why is
I want to die healthy. I don’t want to get cancer,
I don’t want to have heart disease or diabetes, or any of that. I’d like to grow old, but healthy. I don’t want to suffer before
I die in some hospital bed for months or years. I want to be healthy, and I
want to feel awesome at 50, at 70, at 80, or however
old I’m going to get. And lastly for me, a healthy
lifestyle is about self-care and self-love, it’s about
really showing myself that I care about myself. And being a digital nomad,
being someone who has a lot of freedom, I want to
use that time and that space and that freedom to really
optimize the healthiness that I can really bring into my life. So now ask yourself what is your why? Why do you want to be healthy? What will it give you? How is it going to make you feel? What can you create? Just go all in and feel into it. Sit down in meditation and
ask yourself why do I want to have a healthy lifestyle? Now once you know your big why and once you have compelling
reasons, you have to make a decision. I made a decision back then
that I want to have a healthy foundation, that I’m going
to pull through with it no matter what. I made health and a healthy
lifestyle my priority, and I travel a lot, and a lot of people, they think that because when you travel, it’s so hard to have a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy and all that. Well, of course I can
use that as an excuse, but I don’t want to because
I want to feel awesome and amazing every day no matter what, no matter where I am,
or if I’m on a plane, or however long the trip is, or whatever country I am in, I make it a priority to feel good and to eat healthy and to exercise and to go to yoga, or whatever it is. But I don’t come up with excuses. I made that commitment to
myself and I follow through with it. And I know that sometimes
sheer will is just not enough for probably most of you, but I also want you to
realize that you need to make that commitment to yourself first and you need to stop making
excuses, basically (laughs). And now here is the essence
basically of this entire video because for me, it doesn’t
cost me any energy. I don’t need to have
that strong will anymore to have a healthy lifestyle. The essence of how you get
addicted to being healthy is to develop an enthusiasm that’s bigger than anything else. You have to become really
passionate about wanting to be healthy. You’ve got to become
passionate about health, and about diet, and about nutrition, and exercise and all these things. So for me, all of this,
it’s not a sacrifice. Some people might think that, oh my God, when you’re vegan, it’s oh my God. Ah, it’s just a sacrifice. Suddenly you can’t enjoy
all the good stuff anymore. It’s not true! I enjoy food even more today
than I ever have before because it’s healthy and because I’m giving my
body something that makes it feel amazing. And the best way to get there
is to become super excited about the process because
I don’t really have a goal. I mean yeah, I want to die healthy. Yeah, and I have my why’s, but generally, I’m enjoying
the process of being healthy and having healthy meals everyday and going out exercising. I’m enjoying the process and
I’m super excited about it. And the best way to get
enthusiastic, and excited, and passionate about something
is to immerse yourself visually or whichever way that serves you into the topic. So follow awesome Instagramers,
listen to podcasts. For example, Rich Rose. He has got a great podcast. Watch all the great documentaries
like What the Health or Forks Over Knives,
I believe it’s called. I’ll put a few resources below the video in the description box. But read the books,
watch the documentaries, listen to the podcasts,
follow people on YouTube, on Instagram, and just
dive straight into it so that you have all this information all over the place, wherever you look. The best way to get
excited about something is to get inspired about it and the way to get inspired
is to watch other people have an awesome life being healthy. And so go and do that. And it works for me until this very day. And I still consume that sort
of information on a regular basis and it keeps me
going, keeps me motivated, keeps me passionate. So there you go, get
inspired and get enthusiastic about being healthy. Another huge thing is
that you need to look in your beliefs surrounding
health and diet. A lot of times, people have
the belief that being healthy is work, it’s hard work. You have to sacrifice something. Oh, my God. Or maybe you say to yourself I’m too busy or I can’t stick with it. I’m just never going to be healthy, or whatever it is that you
have going on inside of you, the story you keep telling yourself, become aware of that,
become conscious of that. Journal about it, meditate on it, and really find out how
are you wired in terms of being healthy. A lot of times, people think
being healthy is not fun, being on a plant-based diet is not fun. I’m like dude, it’s so much fun. I’ve never had more fun
eating than I do now, and so it’s just all about
what’s going on up here and you need to get down on your beliefs. Not just when it comes to health, but when it comes to money and business, when it comes to relationships,
or whatever it is. Your beliefs, they run your life. Now the perfect combination
to have a healthy lifestyle is your diet, what you eat every day and moving your body, exercise. These two go together so well because when you start eating healthy and you’re in plant-based diet, let’s say. You will feel the effects really quickly in the way you exercise. The more energy you have
during yoga, or maybe on your runs, or when you go to the gym or whatever it is. That will get into the cycle
where you’re like oh wow, so I don’t want to eat
all of that crap anymore because then I can’t run
that fast or that long because once you realize how
much more energy you have exercising thanks to a healthy diet, then you’re like wow, okay, that feels awesome. I want to stick to that. And also, the more I
move, the more I exercise, the healthier I want to be. So it’s just all connected
and it’s all correlated. Now the thing with exercise
and moving your body is, I get bored really easily and I can’t go running every single day. I can do yoga kind of every single day, but generally what I’m trying to say is, I like to mix it up. I need to have variety, so I
came up with a list of things that I enjoy doing to move my body. And that is yes, yoga, it’s running, it’s surfing, it’s hiking,
it’s skateboarding, it’s dancing, it’s all these things. So I have my own list up here and in the evening before I go to sleep, I already know what I’m
going to do when I get up. Am I going to yoga, am I going for a run, am I going to surf? And so, that in itself takes care of that so I don’t get so bored so easily because if I went running six days a week, probably after day number three, I’m like ah man, this is boring. I don’t want to go running on day four, and then I’m not going
to go running on day four and do nothing. If I keep it a bit fun and varied, then that way I know that I’ll stick to it a lot more and it’s much easier for me than if I just had one thing that I would do as exercise. And once you get into a
routine of moving your body and exercising, and that
usually takes a few weeks. But once you get into that,
you just want to keep going. You don’t want to stop. You can feel after a day or two that you feel sluggish, and
you don’t want that feeling anymore, so I generally
say no more than one day where you don’t move
because once it’s two days, and then it’s three days, and
then suddenly it’s four days and you get sluggish, and
then it’s really hard to get back into gear again. Whereas, if you keep it to
just one day where you don’t exercise, it’s just one day. It’s easy to get back into it, but you have to make it a routine, and the routine is at best established when you do something every single day. So it’s basically two things. Number one, have a variety
of things or ways to move your body, and number
two, don’t take more than a day break. At best, move your body
five or six times a week. Now here’s a really good tip for you if you really, really
want to dive straight into a healthy lifestyle. For example, you want
to go all plant-based or you want to properly
dive into exercising daily. Well, how about you do a 30 day challenge and you don’t just think
about the 30 day challenge and start it, but you put
it out in social media and you tell all your friends about it, or on Instagram or whatever. And by making it public, what happens is, you create accountability, and suddenly you’re like oh my God, okay, I’m going to do this now. Ooh, I don’t want to disappoint people, I don’t want to disappoint
myself, I don’t want to feel embarrassed when I don’t make it. So you’re much more likely to
actually pull through with it. And I totally always recommend
doing a 30 day challenge because then you have a start
and you have an end goal. And when you do something for
30 days, it’s highly likely that you can turn that
something into a daily habit afterwards. Now here is a really cool
hack to really dive into a healthy lifestyle and
kickstart it properly. Go on an immersion retreat. What I mean by that is, go
on a juice fasting retreat, go on a yoga meditation
retreat for a week, or two weeks, three weeks, whatever because when you’re immersed
into that with other people and maybe with a teacher and
that’s all you’re focusing on for a week or longer like
I did back then, it was a whole month, you come
out of that so re-energized and full of motivation, and
ambition, and enthusiasm. It can really deepen
your commitment and also, the connection to your body. So I do these immersion
retreats at least once a year, mostly because it really brings
me deeper into my healthy practices and daily habits, it keeps me, maybe I’m
slacking, or I just feel like those immersion retreats,
my water fast that I do every year in Thailand,
it just really gets me even closer to wanting to be healthy, and closer in contact with my body. And now lastly, and
this is an important one with so many things in
life, but especially also with health, you have to surround yourself with the right people
and you’ve got to pick the right places, especially
when you’re someone who’s location dependent
or a digital nomad. Now I totally believe in the
concept that we are the result of the five people we spend
most of our time with. We are the result of our
environment and the energies, and the people, and the places. So if we hang out with
mostly unhealthy people, people that don’t have
health as their priority, they go drinking a lot,
they eat a lot of meat, a lot of Mcdonalds, a
lot of processed stuff, then it’s hard to raise
your own standards. But if you have friends that
are also more conscious, most of them are aware
of wanting to be healthy, and they have good daily
habits and they exercise, then it’s really so much
easier and you create an environment that really
nurtures your own healthy foundation, so choose your friends wisely and also, raise your own standards. And also, and that for me is a big one because I’m location
dependent, I’m a digital nomad with an online business. I can live and work anywhere. I choose places very consciously. I don’t just go traveling to wherever. If I want to spend more
than a week in a place, let it be a month or two or longer, I make sure that the
place that I’m going to offers me a healthy lifestyle
where I can easily find plant-based foods, whether
it’s organic supermarkets, whether I can find yoga, or
where I can basically satisfy my needs and desires to
have a healthy lifestyle and where it’s easy to do that. And so for me, Bali is
an amazing place to have a healthy lifestyle. Thailand, there’s some
really awesome places like Chiang Mai or Compagnon. Southern California, I just
spent three months there at the beginning of the year. That was a great place to be healthy, so there are pockets around the world and I make sure to do
my research and really pick places wisely. And I can totally recommend
you do the same if you can. So I really, really hope
that you got something out of this video, that I
maybe ignited the fire in you wanting to be even healthier,
and to move your body more and have a plant-based diet,
and just really celebrate our bodies and our
health, and create energy so that you can then go out,
live an extraordinary life and change the world. I’d love for you to do
that, so thank you so much for watching. If you have any questions
or maybe you want to share your experience,
or whatever it is, put it below in the comments section. I’ll try and make sure I get to them or maybe even make extra
videos out of them. And otherwise, give me a
thumb’s up if you enjoyed it, subscribe to my channel, and I will see you in the next
video with a lot of energy. So bye, guys! (upbeat music)


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