How To Eat For Weight Loss | Reduce Inflammation And Heal The Body

How To Eat For Weight Loss | Reduce Inflammation And Heal The Body

In this video I’m gonna teach you how to
eat for weight loss. Hi I’m Dr. Zyrowski from NuVision If you’re new
to the channel then as always it is such a pleasure to have you here with me
today be sure to subscribe and hit the bell notification if you want to excel
your health and your life and you’re gonna be well on your way. In this video
we’re talking about how to eat for weight loss. This is such an important
topic this time of year. Everybody’s trying to look good for the beach,
everybody wants to shed those extra pounds and of course you know really be
have a body that they’re proud of essentially and unfortunately a lot of
people turn to a lot of fad diets this time of year and the reason that, that is
an unfortunate circumstance is because these fad diets don’t teach you
sustainable practices in order to not only lose weight but maintain health for
a lifetime. You know whether you’re counting points or whether you’re eating
prepackaged meals or maybe eating unhealthy food in a way that is designed
to cut calories but you know once again if you’re eating unhealthy food and
still cutting calories you’re still going to be unhealthy. So what we want to
do in this video is we not only want to teach you how to lose weight but we also
want to teach you some of the science behind losing weight because that
essentially is what’s going to set you up for a future of success. So let’s go
ahead and jump right in. The first topic here is removing sugar okay this is a
big one because the average American consumes between 120 and 140 pounds of
sugar per year. A couple things happen when you consume this much sugar first
of all you’re going to increase your insulin in your body, you’re going to
increase your inflammation, you’re going to increase oxidative stress, you’re
gonna increase free radicals in the body. You’re going to unmake yourself unwell,
you’re going to throw off your hormones. So you’ll have hormone
dysregulation and at the end of the day all of this as I said leads to
inflammation which essentially leads to chronic disease. Okay, so if we want to
actually start losing weight we want to remove sugar from our diet.
This is very important, now the thing is here is when we remove sugar we’re gonna
automatically see our bodies to start to heal and we’re gonna start seeing
inflammation go down we’re gonna start seeing into the insulin the response
decrease and then at that point that’s when the weight starts to fall off. So if
you really are serious about losing You need to look to alternatives to
sugar such as xylitol, such as stevia and then you’re gonna have a solution for
weight loss. Now the next big one is removing grains now just like sugar,
grains also are going to raise insulin. They’re also going to increase
inflammation that’s gonna throw off your hormones.
Now within grains you’re gonna find phytic acid, you’re gonna find lectins,
you’re gonna find gluten, all these things actually damage and break down
your gut lining. Okay I’m not saying grains are the worst thing in the world
but if you’re looking to actually lose weight and you’re serious then you need
to remove grains. If you’re looking to heal your body you need to remove grains
because not only is this diet designed to help you lose weight,
it’s designed to help you heal your body. So by removing grains you’re going
to decrease that insulin response you’re going to decrease inflammation and
you’re also going to not be putting that fat right around your waist because
here’s the thing about grains when you consume too many grains what happens is
that just breaks down as sugar. You get people who are eating
bagels in the morning and they’re eating a big sandwich for lunch
essentially all those grains are just turning in the sugar and then that’s
what’s packing that fat around your waist. Next big thing that we need to
do is we need to eat good quality fats. Okay so, once again this isn’t just about
losing weight but it’s about healing the body. It’s more of a scientific
approach to weight loss and when we eat good quality fats it’s going to help us
burn fat. So many people thought well if I eat fat it’s going to make me fat of
course we know that that’s not true now but what we do know is that poor quality
fats like hydrogenated oils, like vegetable oils these fats are actually
driving inflammation in our body and causing hormone dysregulation and many
other problems now the other reason that is so important to eat good fats because
these bad fats are going to attach to our cell. They’re actually going to
disrupt our nervous system. When we look at the brain is made of 70% plus fat. When we
look at the cells of the body they’re made of primarily fat. So we have to make
sure that we’re actually putting good fat in because when were e consuming bad
quality fats they’re attaching to the cell they’re getting into our nervous
system essentially going to drive that inflammatory process that’s going to
drive a poor hormone response and essentially is going to make you ill. So
we need to make sure that we’re eating really high quality fats and when we
think of good fats what we want to think of is. We want to
of coconut oil, olive oil. We want to think of avocados all those good fats
that are really nutrient-dense and are gonna support the body in a big way.
The next big thing is make sure you’re eating good quality meats. Were not just
thinking organic here but we’re thinking pasture-raised we’re thinking grass-fed
we’re thinking you know raised under a sustainable farming practices. When we
look at conventional farming methods these animals are given a lot of
hormones or giving antibiotics they’re given food that’s covered in pesticides
and herbicides and when the animal eats those things and is given those
different drugs essentially. You know that’s going to be in the meat that
you’re eating. So in order to actually avoid that you want to make sure that
you’re eating good quality meat products. Now the other reason it’s really
important to eat good quality meats because when you look at good quality
meats the fatty acid profile that’s in it is actually one that matches the
human body. When you look at conventional raised meats it’s way off and it
actually can cause the fatty acid ratio in your body to become off. Which is
going to make you have more brain fog, not feel as well and so eating good
quality meats is a very important thing to do. So a lot of people ask me to when
they see this diet right here is well. How much of this do I eat and how much
of that ok. Now the thing that I always tell people is you want to look at it
like this you want to eat high fat, moderate protein, and low carb. The reason
that you want high fat is because you need to support the brain, you need to
support the nervous system, you need to support every cell in the body and the
body does very well with high fat. Now the next thing that you
need to do is eat moderate protein and the reason for this is that moderate
protein is important because if you’re eating too much protein essentially
what’s gonna happen is that’s going to convert to sugar in the body and that’s
going to add to the weight gain issue that you may be having. Now the next big
thing is low carb because the carbs are going to actually turn into sugar as
well raise your insulin levels, drive inflammation and so we want to make sure
that we’re consuming low amounts of carbohydrates. Healthy versus unhealthy a
lot of people ask me well hey you know I’m a healthy person, how come I
have to take sugar out of my diet? How come I have to take grains out of my
diet and the truth is if you’re a healthy individual you don’t. Okay if
you’re able to lose weight just fine and you’re just looking for an extra boost
then at least look to good quality sugars. Look to better quality grains so
when we think of good quality sugars we’re
natural sources like maple syrup, we’re thinking honey. When we look at the
grains we’re looking to stone ground whole wheat. We’re actually looking to
sprouted grains and so these different grains are gonna be okay for the person
who’s healthy. Now what about the person who’s unhealthy the person who has
diabetes, the person who has high blood pressure, the person who is suffering
from some sort of condition. The person who no matter what they do cannot seem
to lose weight you have weight loss resistance, hormonal imbalances. When it
comes to sugar you need to completely remove yourself from it because they’re
driving inflammation it’s causing you to fall into the state that you’re in. So
removing sugar completely is going to be very important and looking to xylitol
stevia and natural sources. Removing grains completely anything that drives
inflammation is very important because we want to make sure that we are working
to heal the body. Now when it comes to the sugar – if you’re really serious
about losing weight in in reversing some sort of chronic condition. You want to
make sure that you even stay away from high glycemic fruits think bananas think
mangos those types of fruits that contain a lot of sugar so make sure
you’re avoiding that completely. So if you’re healthy versus unhealthy you know
you can change this up a little bit but as a rule of thumb this is a really
great guide for you. Now if you want to learn more about this diet which its
proper name is the heal yourself diet. Then be sure to check out the cookbook
that my wife and I wrote. It’s called the Heal Yourself Cookbook and is loaded
with recipes and it also has all the different tips and strategies that you
need in order to help you maintain this diet on a day-to-day basis, it has
shopping list it has meal plans, it has all the
different information that you’re looking for. So be sure to implement this
strategy right here because this is a diet that is designed to not only help
you lose weight but also heal the body. So let me know how this goes for you if
you have any questions put them in the comments section low, be sure to give
this video a thumbs up and hit the little icon right here to subscribe. If
you want more videos in order to help you amplify weight loss and get you the
body of your dreams and be sure to check out my other videos on intermittent
fasting and weight loss because you’re gonna find those very helpful until next
time folks make it a great day!


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