How to DIY hair Custard Pudding with coconut oil milk, Aloe vera gel & vitamin E.

How to DIY hair Custard Pudding with coconut oil milk, Aloe vera gel & vitamin E.

hello guys welcome to my channel today again our P New Year for every one of you so I’m so happy coming back here again to come I show you my four tips my first tips of the year I made this custard for your head define to define your hair and to awesome lay it down first oh my god I would say it is it’s a we use it for your slate we want to do your ponytail because you can’t so you need a little bit of it to twist your hair okay we just leads because there is pro okay now this is it there is pro and coins of this my DIY I believe is all the same everywhere so I did it’s much thicker than the one of the share I’m not doing competition anyway guys because this is mine and this is one I did my DIY this is one I bought so I just use it to see how the consistency will come that is the only thing I did is not a competition okay don’t get me wrong so I just did my DIY and this is one iron I bought myself so I I try to make my to be more thicker so that it can be able to be used little pinch to twist your hair you can so you to do your ponytail okay now I see about the same result with this and because anytime I use these to just give my hair a little bit shiny at the front it’s when I go to touch my hair ladies it formed flakes so the same thing to this very one and because this one is thicker it forms flicking more so I’m not going to lie to you guys that’s why I’m explaining in case you try it either you make it more lighter you will see the way I do that would see that either you make it more oh my god guys I’m a little bit I’m exhausted so my eyes are so weak now so I’ve been having my glasses money doing a lot of G so when I have my glass for so long after some hours I begin to feel my eyes are so heavy that’s why you see my eyes like somebody else wake up from sleep or that is the other side so anyways let go back to my explanation so with this very one my DIY own don’t worry the important thing is that you shouldn’t go touching it we know that were you even when I have my coconut curling cream anytime I go to touch it if I touch my cause that we all flick at the would be seen a whitish through my hair so I when I don’t touch it it’s shown so the Saints in this one made me to understand so it will bring us flaking so there’s a way to make it not to show if you use and is natural hairspray or your hair you can’t just press on it then with the shine it will cover the flaky or which water and what I just drew it does it okay they they they the Condors anybody coin of this done it’s already flaking like to bring out if you go manipulating your hair with your hands but if not are really guys the pro of this very DIY that I is that even if he’s flakey just go washing it with water move it with your brush it can it is done use your scuttle hold it when it travels your hand dryer if you stick back and the flick and we go okay the flaky we go and is very very it can help you to slow down well because I make it thicker before to make it lighter because the flaking you can do as well but let’s play you the reason why I think that is bringing out that flaking if you go when you dry up I go to a chicken I add it to my hair this afternoon after so I ask you to try it to test it when I see how do flaky night use of water so as you can see it’s not showing anything anymore so I just do this test to see how it’s going to be after I use my water to bring it down so the coin of this one is that is place so if you know you can do with the place with some water some shiny spray you are okay if not don’t you do it or you do it more later okay so this is what it is so anyway little can go a very long way so stay tuned white watches videos see you later bye bye so yeah guys I will be needing coconut cream hobo oh yeah and we need with some EE so that shows a drop because I love it so well this is my preservation and this is my fragrance om you can use any preservation of fragrance or you want I’m using the coconuts fragrance oh yeah so this is my coconuts oh yeah I’m also going to add some coconut oh yeah this is my aloe vera gel if you have the fresh one better so this is my olive oil which I was so add I’m also going to add a spoon of apple cider vinegar so the model one the Bragg brand so I also add honey and we add I’m not going to add this very one anyway so I’m just trying to show you if you can add any flavor to give it your own banana or strawberry flavor so this is what I’m going to choose I’m going to use them my conside caillou the cornstarch which is very one you can use this potato starch but I’m going to use the potato starch of each to prepare this cold start so you can use any one which you have the corn the pot and the potato every other one which is touch is good for this our preparation so this is my avocado oil which I made last time so I have this few still remaining I’m going to just use one mili liter of each so this is my share bottom I might also add some shea butter for this mixture so this is my pepper mates or here which I made myself so I’m also going to add that so stay tuned as we stop [Music] [Music] [Music] so yeah guys I’m going to put it into my double heat Wailer why I turned I’m from punching I see it has started so bring outside some creaming then I will take it all the firewall are the oats in to fix him safe from the fire so this is how it will come before you can now take it off the the double hits boiler and we get on it so in this case is ready you don’t need to put it in the double hit will not okay if not it should go more thicker I don’t want you down wait so now I’m going to start to add my aloe vera gel so if you have the fresh one it is also good for this mixture I think is the best because it’s not mixed so on widow a teaspoon of aloe vera gel then we mix it thoroughly until it’s really really a somebody with a jelly some way to add just a spoon of my coconut cream just to give it a color and also let’s Moscow inside this mix so now I’m going to add a 2 spoon of my glycerine inside it’s true for moisture and then it will keep it out from too much flaking so are you also taught anything you add you are going to always turn it and turn in turn to let it mix together well now wait to put a drop just a drop of my victim e.e so if you this is optional if you like you don’t add there’s no problem about that so I just like adding it to my anything I do like my DIY for my hair on my skin so if you don’t like it there’s no problem button so I’m trying to just test the consistency so as you can see the consistency for me is okay so I’m going to put the one I’m going to preserve because summary or my subscriber asked me to do from the but if you want to keep it for longer so this is my fragrance this is my coconut or your fragrance and this is my preservation which I will use to preserve it check this product can be cheap if you’re not in the fridge for one year for three years for three years because it’s already preserved so I’m just going to put your three drops of this preservation inside the I’m going to do two separates one so this is how it came up the one I preserve so as you can see here this is the one I preserve which are the preservation so this is the consistency warm anyway is not yet cold so this is the one from the shea butter untrue shea butter you can see the different the one that one is light and color and this is the one I didn’t preserve which I will use in some days so I don’t put any preservation this so this is the consistency or do as I said before you see how so when it cools down is going to be a little bit hot st. not slimy and weight is now so when you try it you will know how it will come so it’s just need to be slimy like this for now because it’s still hot why this one is a little bit cotton when you it’s not that slimy because it’s cold so but when my dead code is what we’re also going to be in this a consistency because I try to make sure I do it’s almost the same but it’s not to imitate or make any competition for Church challenge you know it just wait for me to do something similar and okay these are this is the one I didn’t put any pressure which is more lighter than this very one so why is the lightest because I add some aloe vera two weeks later so guys I hope you loved this video please try us and let me know how you love it thank you very much happy new year again bye bye god bless you [Music]


  • Better Days says:

    Uhmmnmnnn interessante. Ci vediamo domenica buahahhaahah.

  • Yoyo7424 M says:

    U just need to sale this to me! 🤣 I’m wore out from diy’ing today for wash day😩😩😴😴😴.. what benefits have u seen when using this? Does acv add ph balance? Why use potatoe strch? What is it’s benefits and uses? ..honey, you’re goooood!! I’d love to see your stash. I bet it’s huge..I’m already product junkie trying to get into recovery…then here u come🤦🏽‍♀️…u have got to stop doing this to me🙆🏾🙅🏽🙅🏽🙅🏽😆☺️😁😆😉 I’m trying to be a good steward!!! Lol..u know I enjoy your diys.. much love ❤️ my sister..and I look 👀 like u said u feel😱 daughters hair is thick and so is mine..detangling alone on just my hair takes little over an hour..I wish you’d come up with easier way for me to detangle bsl coily, wavy, and curly hair..2 different hair types in this house..😐😭😭. Continue to be blessed and prosperous my dear

  • Chioma Okoye says:

    Happy new year, Sis and we can see that you already up to a good start. Well done o!👍 The Lord will continue to give you more ideas and increase your influence powerfully this year. Amen! Please can you show us how you make your mint/peppermint infused oil? Thank you and Shalom! ❤️

  • Miss Blaze says:

    Happy new year, may you never lack in Jesus name. I thank god for your talent and may he increase you always . Thanks for your videos they are educational. Thanks

  • Ashley Edwards says:

    Love the honesty and your personality 👐💖. Great vid 😁

  • Franca Omojiahio says:

    pls can u make protein treatment deep conditional

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