How to Deep Clean Dreadlocks – Baking Soda ACV Soak

How to Deep Clean Dreadlocks – Baking Soda ACV Soak

how to deep clean your dreadlocks
baking soda apple cider vinegar dreads soak there is no rule as to how often you should
deep clean your dreads it depends on many factors like how often
you wash your hair the shampoo you are using
the climate where you live … you will need a bowl or a sink or anything
you can soak your dreads in fill it with warm water add baking soda. the measurement depends on
how much water you are using I added 3 spoons of baking soda
or bicarbonate of soda same to the apple cider vinegear you will add I added half a cup of apple cider vinegar stir very well to mix the baking soda with
the apple cider vinegar sink your dreadlocks in the bowel
for deep cleanse but do not forget to take off your beads first massage your scalp and squeeze out water
from your dreads keep massaging your sculp and squeezing your
dreads for about 30 minutes rinse your dreads very well after the baking
soda apple cider vinegar deep clean soak thank you for watching more informations about how to deep clean
dreadlocks and baking soda apple cider vinegar dreads
soak in the link below


  • John John Malcolm says:

    Just Subbed & Liked, Good Inspiration, Sub Back !!!

  • Felicia Follum says:

    happy Loc Appreciation Day!!!

  • Kitty Of XCodeh says:

    I did this and one of my locks have whiteish yellow scum on it I squeezed it out like a pimple but I only noticed it after drying 20 minutes later what do I do it feels really greasy I washed for 10 minutes rinsed for 10 minutes I'm stuck y is it like this

  • johnnyscifi says:

    Does it also help to tighten up baby dreads?

    A friend told me its essential for infant dreads because it draws out the oils and other liquids from your hair causing the dreads to tighten up. All the videos i see about it only mention using it to clean them…

  • Humble World says:

    30mins damn in the shower it takes me 2-3 minutes just to wash my hair lol.

  • Chris Lewis says:

    Is it ok to use a dreadlocks shampoo right after I do this soak after I rinse ? And wash my dreads again but with the dreadlocks shampoo? And also can i use white vinegar?

  • Tee flame says:

    Can I use white vinegar?

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