How to Cure Dandruff Naturally In 30 Minutes Or Less- VitaLife Show Episode 189

How to Cure Dandruff Naturally In 30 Minutes Or Less- VitaLife Show Episode 189

Welcome to the VitaLife Show. I’m
doctor Janine Bowring in this episode we’re talking about how
to cure dandruff for good in 30 minutes I mean this is
incredible please stay tune right to end of the video
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channel as well. Always leave your questions and comments below and I thank you for
all your questions and comments we do get back to everyone which I
absolutely love that dialogue that starts to happen with our videos so dandruff what is it these are these annoying
flakes you know that you get on the scalp can be come very itchy and for some
people you know with another condition it could be patches have psoriasis that happens an
eczema around in around the scalp and so I have a great natural way to
deal with this topically but we’ll talk about some
things internally as well often there’s an imbalance going on with
the good and bad bacteria and that’s what we have to address internally as to
actually give the body some probiotics now probiotics are good friendly flora that we all have in
our digestive tract and it’s really important that we have enough for them to stave off the yeast and those bad guys
often dandruff is a candida issue. And candida
is a yeast overgrowth that happens over time especially if we
too many sweets if we’ve ever taken antibiotics. This sets up the body for having to any of those bad guys the
candida so let me share this great tip with you what we’re gonna do for the
dandruff so you gonna take some natural coconut oil.
Now coconut oil at room temperature typically is a little bit hard so you can actually
melt this and you’re gonna put seven to ten drops
of tea tree oil in the coconut oil and then you can melt
this so you can either melting in the microwave oven or I in a little pot on the stove if you
actually warm the coconut oil in your hands and they will actually melt into a
liquid consistency so it’s totally up to you fastest way is probably just
stick it in the microwave for a just a few you know probably about 20 seconds or so
this will melt it down your gonna mix it now with a spoon with your finger
basically apply this over your entire scalp so you wanna keep
applying it and if you have longer hair just make sure that it is penetrating into the head into
your scalp don’t get it in your eyes because the
tea tree oil can be a little bit strong so it just let it then sit for about 20
minutes so just rest and relax and then you’re just
going to wash it out and you will be amazed the dandruff will be gone so do try out. Leave your questions and
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the inside out. Click up here for your Yoga facial exercises which is super popular am glad that
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veins how to treat varicose veins naturally from the inside out. Thanks for joining
me today.


  • Red Til I’m Dead says:

    Hi Dr Browning, I have a friend who suffers from seborrheic dermatitis, would this cure be beneficial in treating it?……..It's a terrible condition, and it's really affected his confidence.

  • Roger Bowring says:

    Good advice, Janine!

  • mahamud jama says:

    Can antibiotics prevent dandruft..and can dandruft cause hair fal wich may lead to baldness

  • Boyan67 says:

    I really appreciate the tips. It clarified something similar i was doing but with camphor instead of tea tree, but nobody mentioned the washing.
    Anyhow when i hear a natural doctor or a natural product company suggest the use of microwave i am terrified. Just put your coconut oil jar in hot water to liquify it.
    Throw your microwave away. If you keep it use it rarely and walk far away from it when you run it. Often microwaves are on chest level and have sometimes being pointed out as the reason for breast cancer. There are other negative effects of microwaves directly on the people close to it and the foods and supplements in and around the microwave.

  • Msnakitamarie says:

    so dandruff could be related to other candida related problems??

  • doris castewood says:

    Do I wash my hair first & then apply it or what's the procedure??

  • Leila Bekirova says:

    Hello Dr. Browning. Can you please advise if this needs to be done repeatedly and if so for how long ? Also can I use a regular shampoo to wash it off ? Thank you in advance!

  • Lashlove16 says:

    How much coconut oil ( hard not melted )

  • Elizabeth romero says:

    All I have is coconut oil and vitamin e oil is that okay?

  • Tha Blacc Kamikaze says:

    can i use this with dreads?

  • Jin Feng says:

    When I apply the mixture to my hair does the mixture have to be liquid?

  • Simstinct says:

    I have super bad dandruff and it's super embarrassing especially during school I use many shampoos just for dandruff, creams, sprays, and etc. It's just always there 🙁

  • frank ruiz says:

    fUk i need this lads

  • Angela Jones says:

    Is it ok to leave on scalp longer? I'd like to put and leave it while doing a hair mask. Hair mask takes about an hour. Please advise

  • Prajna Ray Chatterjee BINI says:

    Thanks🙏🏼really a helpful video👍🏻I do like to keep my coconut oil masks for overnight so is it fine to keep tree tea oil for overnight?

  • YeahMan says:

    Cool tip. Is this method backed by scientific research? If not, it would be interesting to have multiple people test this and have them report results.

  • Rigo Ortiz Jr says:

    What shampoo do you recommend we use to rinse off?

  • sanjida shaikh says:

    Hello Dr, I am having a problem of lots off grey hair is thare any way that I can get read off this problem. Thanks

  • Ivan Valadez says:

    I had one question when taking probiotics is there any in particular that I should take

  • raghavendra g says:

    Why there is no permanent cure for dandruff? it comes back 4-5 days after washing hair lots of hair fall from root

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