How to Achieve a Natural Bronze Look on Fair Skin With Natasha Severino | Byrdie

Hi, I’m Natasha Severino, freelance makeup
artist. I’m going to demonstrate to you foundation
highlighting, contouring, and bronzing of the skin. I’m going to use Clé de Peau Radiant Fluid
Foundation on Madison today to start our look. I like to apply the foundation to all areas
of the face before I start working it in. There’s nothing worse than getting halfway
down your face once you mixed up a color and realizing that you really needed to mix up
some more product. So I gently spread it out around the face
first. What you should be using is a stippling motion
because what you want to do is press the foundation into the skin and into the areas that you’ve
actually applied it. The only time that I would actually start
dragging the sponge is when I’m wanting to blend down onto the neck. So I want the majority of the product to remain
on the face, but I want it to effortlessly blend into the neckline. I then press the foundation into the skin. Next is what I call a polishing technique—using
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, wherever I can see any redness, I apply the product,
and then I polish it with a fluffy brush. So, generally, the areas of the face that
redness come out in is the forehead, the nose, the roses of the cheek, and the chin. I don’t use the concealer all over the face
because I don’t want it to look mask-like, but I want to have a flawless finish to the
skin. So you can see even with just the slightest
amount of product, which I’ve used on this side, the difference it makes. I’m going to continue with highlighting, and
then I’m gonna go and conceal anything that Madison needs concealing on, and then I’m
just going to, like, contouring. I’m using the Nars The Multiple Copacabana,
and I’m applying it with a damp sponge because I want to create a veil of light along her
cheekbones, over on the eyelid up on to the temple bone, do a little bit in the middle
of the nose, and a slight amount just on the tip of the chin. I’m sort of using the back of my hand as
a palette just to remove any excess so I’m not putting too much product. I’m going to go and spot-conceal any blemishes
or any irritation that Madison has on her skin with Clé de Peau’s concealer. So using a really fine-tip brush… and now
I’m going to go in and slightly sculpt underneath her already-gorgeous cheekbones just with
a light top, and I’m also going to softly contour around the eye to bring some definition
back into the eye. I’m using the MAC sculpting powders: use
sculpt. I generally like to use a contour in an upward-sweeping
motion. If you drag your brush down instead of lifting
the features up and out, you’re actually bringing them back in. I just like to soften the edges, especially
if I want something super natural. Contouring underneath the jaw—the area to
do it is right underneath the bone—it’s not actually on the neck you want to create
where that natural shadow is. It’s right there, and it’s very soft. I’m going to use Laura Mercier Secret Brightening
Powder underneath the eyes. This product is fantastic for underneath the
eyes. It’s very fine in texture, and it also has
a reflecting property, so it bounces the light back, giving a very luminous and smooth feel
to underneath the eyes. I just really want the powder where the hot
spots are going to be because we’ve already sort of highlighted and given this gorgeous
glow. You really just want to leave that highlighted
area and matte down the areas around it so you really get this threedimensional feel
to the highlighting and contouring. Back to our MAC sculpting powders—and now
I’m going to slightly contour the eyes and just bring them out a little bit. So at this point here, if I wanted to put
any eyeliner or color on the eye, mascara, I would curl the lashes, but this is sort
of a general place of where I’d start before I started introducing color and different
looks to the eyes so this is kind of our complexion perfection I guess you could kind of call
it. I’m just going to put a little bit more
shine onto the cheekbones in the center of the nose and the chin just to give an extra
highlight. And I’m going to put a little bit on the
center of the eye. My go-to product; eyebrow gel. I think it’s a very underestimated product. I really love the lightness of madison’s eyelashes
and eyebrows. This is a way more of a modern look for me. So now that we’ve got the perfect base, we’re
now going to go and warm up the skin tone. I’m going to use the Chanel Soleil Tan. The key with this product is the layering—so
you start off with a little bit, and then you build the consistency of it where you
want it to actually fade on the face. When you get suntanned, the whole face doesn’t
get suntanned, it’s the areas that protrude from the face. So it’s your cheekbones, it’s like the front
of your forehead here, you get sun-kissed on your eyes, it’s your nose, it’s your chin,
so using bronzer, like, all over the face is going to make you look like an Oompa Loompa. The key is the subtleties of where you actually
apply your bronzer. I’m now going to finish up our look with
just a very simple easy to wear eye and lip stain. I’m going to use MAC Groundwork in the pink
parts, and I’m going to apply it to the lid of the eye. Softly gonna blend it in to that contour. And then a mascara, using a curling mascara
from Sisley. I’m using a black one here. I’m going to use a product on Madison which
is a multipurpose product, which can be used on the eyes, the cheeks, and the lips, so
I’m going to use this rosier color. So I’m going to apply this with my fingers
so it creates a stain of color so something which is quite translucent but adding a little
color to the face, and I want the majority of the pigment to be centered around that
Cupid’s bow area so it actually really brings the lips up and in and then feathering them
off at the sides so there’s no hard edges. Thanks so much for watching. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions or if I’ve missed
anything else, please leave your comments below.

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