How Much PPM Colloidal Silver For SIBO?

How Much PPM Colloidal Silver For SIBO?

Eric Bakker, the naturopath here. Thanks for coming back. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, colloidal
silver, have you heard of colloidal silver? Many people freak out about colloidal silver
because they go to Google and they watch this guy called Blue Man, I think it is, who’s
developed this condition called argyria. He’s actually blue in the face, but this guy
actually made his own colloidal silver at home, very powerful strong concentrations. And he was drinking tons of this stuff all
the time. He developed this condition where he looked
like a Smurf. He was literally blue in the face. That’s not going to happen to you. You’re not going to be drinking a gallon of
homemade high concentration colloidal silver every day. I know certain certain types of people do
things like that, so don’t worry about that. Parts per million, does it make a big difference? Well, there are many different brands of colloidal
silver out there and you can get anything from five, I think up to about 15 or 20 PPM,
parts per million. Usually 10 to 15 parts per million is more
than adequate. If you’re training for SIBO, my recommendation
is note, not to take colloidal silver on a longterm basis at all for the gut, period. Whether you SIBO or cocandida or what, you
can take it for short bursts, but it’s not a product you take for six months or one year. I prefer that it’s given to you after a sensitivity
or a susceptibility report proves that it’s effective against certain pathogens in your
gut. To do that, a stool test is probably going
to be better than a breath test in my opinion. Now, many people argue you’re not going to
see small intestinal bacteria in a comprehensive stool test because it focuses on the colon
alone. There’s definitely merit to that statement,
but in my opinion, working just solely with the CDSA has given me far better outcomes
ever than working with the breath tests for SIBO, I don’t find I get much joy treating
off those tests. I get much more hit and result by doing the
three day collection and then working off those susceptibility panels. And when colloidal silver comes up high on
that one, I’ll use it as part of the protocol usually for maybe anywhere between three to
six weeks as a treatment protocol and then I’ll give the patient at break for 10, 14
days and if need be, depending on symptoms, we will run another maybe three, four, five,
six weeks of treatment. Colloidal silver is not the primary agent
than I would use for SIBO. I think better antimicrobials for SIBO would
be oregano, a good standardized oregano. It would be a standardized garlic. It would be grapefruit seed extract. Those three things tend to work quite well
for SIBO, but with SIBO you need to get the test done properly. That’s the thing. You need to get it done properly by a good
lab and work with a reputable naturopath or natural minded medical doctor to give you
the outcome you’re looking for. In my opinion, SIBO testing is not enough. I prefer that if you did want to do SIBO that
you did the CDSA or the stool test as well, both those tests and work off all of that
information as opposed to just doing the SIBO test alone. But PPM colloidal silver, 10 to 15 is more
than enough. 15 is what you’ll get with a lot of companies,
but if you get a good company, Silver Biotics is one of my favorite companies from Utah. I’ve been working with Silver Biotics now
for ages. I met these guys in the States years ago. I love this product. I think it’s one of my favorite silver biotics. It’s really good. And from memory, this is 15 PPM. Let’s have a look here, what does it say? This is 10 PPM. 10 PPM is more than enough
for most people. Now colloidal silver can be used orally. I know some people who brush their guns with
a toothbrush dipped in a dilute colloidal silver. It’s good for tongue. Cleans the tongue up. It’s good for oral, but it’s also good for
a middle, upper middle and lower GI. It’s also definitely worth trying colloidal
silver if you’ve got helicobacter pylori. 30 mills, which is about a shot, like a whiskey
kind of shot. You have that up to twice a day on empty stomach
and have a little bit of aloe vera juice with that. I’ve got many patients who swear by that combination
of aloe vera and colloidal silver for the the helicobacter pylori. Now remember, don’t stay on colloidal silver
any longer than three to six weeks in one stretch. Stop for at least 14 days. Let your gut regroup again before you try
again. Don’t keep on these things constantly because
I’ve seen too many problems occur as a result of that. Just give you a heads up on that. Anyway, thanks for watching. Don’t forget to click on the link below if
you want my free candida report. Thank you.


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  • Adriana Morales says:

    Por favor por subtítulos en español, te vemos personas de muchos países… please

  • Erik Anthony says:

    Would you do the same protocol for candida as you would for mold toxicity?

  • jason taylor says:

    It's not the parts per million but the particle size, use only Sovereign Silver (I'm not affiliated).

  • Bears 25 says:

    do you associate low "neuro transmitters" with dysbiosis

  • Sophie Evans says:

    I’m taking 2tsp 3x/day using sovereign silver for 5 weeks, then I’ll take a break and then maybe do another course. My CDSA showed Klebsiella oxy 4+, enterobactor cloecae 4+, aeromonas 1+, and then some imbalanced strep and staph species. Beneficial bacteria good but low lactobacillus species. High sensitivities to grape fruit seed extract and silver. So I’m also taking 250mg GSE 3x/day. Hoping it works and clears up my skin!!

    How long do you think I should stay on this protocol to clear my gut up?

    I’m waiting to reintroduce probiotics as last time I took them my face blew up.

    Diet is very healthy, sleep is good. I just need to do more exercise!

    I also have very elevated bilirubin levels! Can the gut influence this?

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    Download my free candida report here:

  • linda parker says:

    How do you recommend implementing oregano & garlic In the diet ! Thank you.

  • Krayun says:

    Hi Eric, In case somebody has SIBO, how does the detox phase (liver, gallbladder and kidney) as written in your book fit into this 3-6 week colloidal silver treatment protocol? When do you introduce this? Before, during, after the treatment, or maybe after the break during the second treatment? I understand that it all depends on the case, but what do you usually recommend in terms of the detox phase and SIBO? Can the colloidal silver be taken during the detox at all? Greetings from Mokum

  • Aurla R2-D2 says:

    Hi, Is it okay to mix colloidal silver with bottled mineral water (to consume it orally) or is it better to mix it with distilled water (which does not contain minerals)?

  • ruby campion says:

    Please do a video on which natural remedies are effective against candida glabrata infection !

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    Can you do this without a gallbladder

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