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Are you thinking about
getting a hair transplant done? Are you worried about
how it will impact your finances? Do you want to know
how much it will cost and how that cost is decided? Hello, I am Dr. Sachin Pawar,
Hair Transplant surgeon, Hair MD, Pune. Hair transplant is a pretty
major investment of your time, money and effort. Which is why a lot of people
hesitate before getting a hair transplant done. And the most frequently asked question is
how much would the hair transplant cost? This question does not have a one word answer. Before we discuss the cost of a hair transplant,
let’s discuss the factors the cost is dependent on. The first factor is the hair transplant
surgeons degree and his experience. The hair transplant procedure has to be
carried out only by a dermatologist or surgeon, not a technician. In clinics where technicians do
the surgery instead of surgeons, the cost is lower. The higher the surgeons experience and degrees
, the higher would be the cost of the hair transplant. But the main factor to consider is
that only an experienced surgeon will be able to give you the best results. Only an experienced surgeon will be
able to accurately judge the ideal visual density and
give you a natural looking hairline based on your age and facial structure. If you have hair in the recipient area
prior to the hair transplant, only an experienced surgeon will be able
to implant the new grafts without damaging the existing hair. It also takes experience to distribute
the implants evenly and implant them at the correct angle to achieve the most natural
looking result. It is an obvious conclusion that
an experienced surgeon will have a lot more scientific knowledge than a technician. Another really important thing is
that an experienced and trained surgeon will be able to utilise the donor area correctly
while maintaining the correct density, and
consider other crucial factors to make your hair transplant a success. Like any other medical procedure,
even a hair transplant has a risk factor. Only an experienced surgeon will be able to
handle a situation or complications by immediately diagnosing the issue and fixing
it. However, a technician may not be able
to prevent a complication or fix it once it happens which will eventually lead to the
patient suffering. This is why the cost of the surgery
may vary and increase based on the surgeon. The second important factor is the OT setup. It is extremely important that a hair transplant
surgery should be carried out in an OT. It should not be carried out in an OPD setup. The OT should be equipped with important equipment,
lights, magnification equipment, and necessary measures to handle an emergency. The OT infrastructure requires considerable
investment. This modern infrastructure plays an
important role in the overall cost of the surgery. We have seen a lot of clinics that do
not even use proper lights or necessary magnifying equipment in the OT during the
procedure. This may lead to a reduced cost of
the procedure, but will definitely hamper the overall result. To avoid any complications the highest aseptic
standards must be followed and this is possible only in an OT. There are some clinics that carry out
the procedure in OPDs. This definitely reduces the overall cost of
the procedure but is dangerous. The third factor is high quality instrumentation. For the high precision that a FUE surgery
requires, high quality instrumentation is a must! Here at Hair MD,
we use US made punches that are extremely sharp and very precise. When they are used on the scalp,
the cut is clean and there is minimal damage and scarring to the skin. Moreover, each punch is used only
on one patient and is imported specially for them. The locally made punches do
not have very high precision and a lot of clinics do not even follow the one
time use for each patient rule. They use the same punch on different patients. This also reduces the overall cost. The fourth factor is the technical team at
the clinic. Every hair transplant requires a clinical
team. A hair transplant is a long and hectic procedure. A single person cannot carry out the whole
procedure alone. Every surgeon requires a team for support. We have seen a lot of clinics where only one
or two staff members carry out the whole procedure. A successful surgery requires an
excellent team and this cost also adds up to the total amount. This team should be permanent. A few clinics hire temporary staff that are
not invested at all in the outcome of your hair
transplant. They are just concerned with
finishing their work and taking their money. You will probably never ever see them again. I believe that if the entire procedure is
carried out by a single person, they will just try to finish it as soon as
possible. But if an entire team is carrying out the
procedure, then each step will be carried out by a new
person. This will allow each step to be carried out
patiently and with high concentration and effort. The fifth important factor is the hair transplant. A hair transplant requires specific skills. For example, transplanting hair onto
the temporal area is a very skilful job. If there are any mistakes during this process,
your hair transplant can go really wrong. There are very few surgeons who can
perform this perfectly. For crown hair transplant also
special skills are required. Crown designing is extremely challenging and
the whorl pattern has to be created which requires specialised skills. Even a beard transplant is a skillful task. To prevent any scarring on the face,
the hair has to be transplanted at a specific angle and direction. This also leads to an increase in the total
transplant cost. These are a few of the important factors
that the cost of the hair transplant depends on. In India, the pricing per graft can vary from
Rs. 10 to Rs. 200. A few clinics tell you the cost per hair as
opposed to per graft. You have to keep in mind that 2 hair=1 graft. Any hair transplant that is carried out by
a well qualified, experienced surgeon, in a well
set up OT will not come at a discounted cost. You will also have to invest in a good hair
transplant. At the end of the day, a hair transplant involves
art and science. This surgery requires effort, skill, expertise,
experience and hard work. Not just the surgeon, the whole technical
team also contributes to the success of the hair
transplant. You have to keep all this in mind,
understand the reasons for the cost of the hair transplant and invest accordingly. Whenever we go to purchase anything
we check its quality, and we know that if the
quality is better the price will also be higher. A hair transplant surgery affects your
personality for sure, but more importantly, it also affects your life. So don’t choose the cheap option. Would you really want a technician to
perform your heart surgery? Do you really want to get any surgery done
in an under equipped facility? No. This same logic applies to the hair transplant
surgery as well. If you get the transplant done and
still don’t feel confident or get a natural look,
there is no use of the surgery. So please choose your clinic and surgeon wisely. We see a lot of ads on TV,
social media and in the newspaper that offer hair transplants at discounted rates. Stay away from such clinics. These clinics reduce their costs by
constantly replacing their surgeons or technicians or by reducing the number of assistants. This increases risk to the patient,
hampers result and increases the chances of complications as well. They also compromise on the OT setup and
do not maintain the required aseptic conditions either. Such unhygienic conditions increase the complications. Such clinics don’t even have good equipment,
these can damage the grafts and hamper your results. The choice is between your health, future
results, personality on one side and the cost of the
process on the other. So please stay away from these clinics. If your hair transplant goes wrong,
it can cause a huge psychological trauma and it is not possible to correct or
repair the results of a failed hair transplant. Choosing the right surgeon,
the correct clinic is extremely important for your surgery. The same cost does not apply to all patients. Each patient has a different requirement,
the number of grafts, the donor area are different for each patient. Some patients even require transplants
in specialised areas like temporal or crown area, or the beard. All this determines the overall cost. That is why it is extremely important to
research your options thoroughly, meet the surgeon and ask all the questions
on your mind and check the clinic thoroughly. I am not saying that the cost of the hair
transplant must be very high, the cost has to be
reasonable and justifiable. The clinic you choose should be able to
match your expectations and should have high hygiene standards,
infrastructure and the clinical staff and surgeon should be knowledgeable. Only once you are satisfied with all this,
you should ask for the price and check your budget. If the transplant is within the budget,
you should definitely get it done. If it is out of your budget, wait for a while,
manage your finances and then get the transplant done. Please do not compromise on what is essential
to fit the transplant cost in your budget. We have seen a lot of patients who have
made the mistake of getting their procedure done just because it is cheap or discounted
and they regret it now and feel that they looked
better before the hair transplant. So find out everything,
keep your budget in mind and make the best decision for yourself,
so that you feel happy and confident after your procedure and not full of regret. I hope you found this video informative. If you have any questions,
please ask us in the comments below and me and my team we will answer them as soon
as we can. You can also visit our website
for more information. This is an educational video and therefore,
make sure to always consult with your doctor before
undergoing any procedure or taking any medication. Thank you!

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