How Medical Marijuana has helped me – Psoriasis, testimonial, subtitle

How Medical Marijuana has helped me – Psoriasis, testimonial, subtitle

Garry, Psoriasis and medical cannabis Hello, my name is Gary
and I’m a medical marijuana patient. What it does for me
is I have a pretty bad case of psoriasis. Psoriasis is a disease
of the autoimmune system whereby the instructions
tell these cells to keep building. A normal person sheds
their outer layer of skin about once a month
or every 30 days. And with people with psoriasis,
it happens like every three days. So you just constantly shedding skin. They have the light therapies for it and other types of therapies
where you take drugs. But they’re pretty hard on the system and they certainly
won’t give them to you without being able to monitor
what it’s doing to your system. Without insurance,
I had few options. The medical marijuana relieves
the constant itching quite a bit and any pain associated with it and it just makes things
a lot more bearable. Anyway that’s my story and I started a site
where people can share their stories, either with a written word
or if you want to make a youtube video. Anyways you want to do it, but I’d like to hear
how medical marijuana has helped you and anyway that’s about it. This is Gary on July 25th, 2011
hope to hear from you, bye bye.


  • WireHedd says:

    80% coverage myself with severe psoriatic arthritis as well. Medical cannabis has given me back a degree of life quality that opiates and creams/steroids never could. High quality injectables are out of range as most of the ones that work aren't remotely affordable.
    Simpson oil with a calming indica will alway be one of my preferred treatments for severe flare ups.

  • Frank Kahler says:

    My friends when you ingest Cannabis or CBD OIL it brings forth homeostasis to the body!!! Which is a neurological and physiological balance!!

  • Olive Farmer says:

    Pwits can you please recommend a product and supplier? My son suffers Psoriasis and I'm keen to help. Thank you.

  • Ali Altameemi says:

    I live in California..
    Marijuana is legal here…
    My Psoriasis so bad
    What kind Mariguana you recommend to me ???

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