How I Treat Irritated Skin • Skin Recovery Routine | Haley Kim

How I Treat Irritated Skin • Skin Recovery Routine | Haley Kim


  • Haley Kim says:

    Hope you find this video helpful !
    + 한국 자막도 보실수 있어요! 🙂

  • Shizuka Techi says:

    Where are you from 😍😍

  • 고양이 says:

    민감피부인데 아벤느 만한게 없죠 ㅎㅎ

  • cup of jasmien says:

    I love you❤️ you are beautiful and so inspiring

  • e l i s a says:

    can we talk about your lips ? they are amazing !!!

  • Sumina Subedi says:

    i was waiting for this video bc i am going through same problem😤 love you❤️❤️

  • Prada Morena says:

    I wonder whats inside your everyday makeup bag ❤️❤️

  • 리미츄 : 미국 신혼일상 limichuu says:

    정말 너무너무 매력적이세요 🥰🥰❣️❣️❣️

  • re mi says:


  • Nanda Ajeng Kusumawardani says:

    The products are works on me too, i also have irritated skin and my habit is sleeping on right side.
    when i wake up, i found redness spot my right cheeks. i started my skincare routine first time in my life with avene products (i do search a lot so i choose this brand) and then not even 1 month after i started this skincare routine my skin looks better.

  • Rosa R. says:

    THAT'S irratated skin? Damn. I must have had irratated skin for months then. 😅

  • Mai Anh Võ Trần says:

    OMG I love both of these products and cant live without <3 I recommend to use Avene Extremely Gentle Lotion Cleanser if you have to use cleanser 😀

  • Rebeca says:

    Can you do a normal everyday skin care routine with the other products you enjoy when you’re doing all the steps. Thank you x

  • Sophie X says:

    Natural beauty 😍😍

  • 우주뷰티 UJU says:

    아벤느 미스트는 정말 공감가요! 저도 환절기마다 좁쌀 여드름이 올라오는데, 시루콧토 화장솜에 아벤느 미스트 잔뜩뿌려서 피부에 올려놓으면 빠르면 하루만에 여드름이 잠잠해지더라고요! 헤일리님도 사용하신다니!! 앞으로도 꾸준히 사용해야겠어요👍🏻🖤

  • Karen Madrid says:

    Hi Haley! Can you do cruelty free makeup or skincare video about alternatives to these brands that have the same results/work similarly?

  • Bewtie B says:

    How u get rid of blackheads on your nose?

  • Vivianna Rocha says:

    Hi! The pads you were using where did you buy them from? Thanks!!

  • Katrina Klimek says:

    🖤 LOVE THIS!!!!!! Thank you, sincerely a sensitized face 😁

  • jeonluminous says:

    Didn't know why pimples were showing. I had bought a face serum and still think it's good for my face but it might not be after I have watched this video. Could you please recommend products for dry skin?

  • 양다겸 says:

    역시 Simple is the best ! Haley님의 차분하고 시크한 영상 항상 잘 보고 있습니다 🙂 복잡하지 않고 간단하게 케어할 수 있는 영상 보여주셔서 감사합니다!

  • Vita Tauté says:

    I really think you are a true beauty and really enjoy your hard works for sharing all your products knowledge. By seeing what happen to your skin that reminds me to be extra careful what to apply to my skin. I personally prefer no make up but if I had to, all the products MUST be natural and organic.

  • Rosa R. says:

    I just used Krave Beauty's GBR serum and it really helped with my irrated skin overnight.

  • Rosa R. says:

    Have you tried a layered cotton wipe instead of the cotton pads you used in this video? They're better to use when layering products and letting products soak into your skin. I noticed the cotton pads you used in this video was thick and the fibers were too fragile. The Face Shop has some nice cotton pads that I personally like but I'm sure you can buy a larger bundle for a better price on yesstyle or something.

  • Cyst Leen says:

    Hi you are beautiful 💜

  • heartwarmingofficial says:

    Your accent is so interesting! It's pretty much a mix of Korean with a hint of British haha

  • sneha katharpi says:

    I had a very similar issue and i did the same.. it really worked! Sometimes we should just stop using products and let the skin breathe. U are 100% true ❤️👍

  • Vivian says:

    what lip color and brand did you use for this video? it looks good!!

  • mamika rania says:

    0:07 this is the skin i dream to have
    I have acné
    U call this irritation 😢
    Ur pretty ❤❤

  • Luna _ says:

    I've been using Avene Cleanance Hydra Soothing Cream for about a year now and it's really good for sensitive/ irritated skin! I can't recommend it enough!

  • busy bee says:

    i use the Avene cream daily…so far the best i have used

  • ling won says:

    How often should I apply sunscreen??

  • • Ruuv • says:

    Just what I was looking for omg thank u

  • Erica Elyssa Martin says:

    you improved a lot and im so proud of you!!

  • Ha Nguyen says:

    i have been trying this routine for 3 days. My skin has getting better and less irritated. thank u for making this useful video.

  • Lena Xu says:

    For me from having a sensitive skin to a hypersensitive skin, Ive used Avene Recovery cream Rich < Tolerance extreme Rich texture cream < Cicalfate Repair Cream < Restorative Skin Cream for years down the road up until last week. Clinique ID Green bottle + lotion finally helping me to my skin routine back to normal!!

  • Khoerunnisa F says:

    Thankyou haley unnie!!!

  • Anastasia Meilida says:

    even ur irritated skin still gorgeous..

  • Febriya Itamar says:

    Please share how u product use to eyebrow ,because i see your eyebrow growing so fleek 😅😅

  • Dipen Psychee says:

    the accent is cuteee

  • beren says:

    turkisch subtitle pleaseeeee!!!!

  • Micaela Lee says:

    Really helpful! Love your videos 💖

  • Nanmi Zimik says:

    I finally found someone with the same eyelid folds as mine ! My left and right eyelid folds are unsymmetrical so it’s such a pain to put any eye makeup. I’m just happy I’m not the only one out here 😅

  • Yasmin Maxmath says:

    Thankyouuuu haleyyy . Im gonna give avene a go .

  • Hakyung Yang says:

    너무 이뻐요…❤️

  • kafka tamura says:

    good morning to Haley Kim, and Haley Kim only.

  • Fionne Pham says:

    what foundation are you wearing? 🙂

  • Frances Reyes says:

    You might benefit from hado labo fragrance sheet mask. It doesn’t have any fancy stuff. It just to bring moisture to the skin

  • Rista Bektiani says:

    Please sub indo 😟

  • tisaa aa says:

    Soooo pretty

  • Annika Larsen says:

    i have a hard time falling asleep and go back to sleep if i wake up too early… it’s like my body doesn’t want to sleep for more than 7 hours or so

  • Aastha Rana says:

    That's nothing man . u are already perfect lol

  • one piece 92 says:

    My mother used AVEN products but I use BIODERMA

  • 박미영 says:

    어쩌다 추천영상으로 올라가 보게되었는데 구독자가 되었습니다. 제 취향저격 영상이네요.👍메이크업이 과하지않아서 너무좋아요😍

  • l h e s l i e says:

    It happened to me with hydrants 😭 my under eyes burned. I hope improving 👏👏👏🙏🙏

  • Falda Shahnazari says:

    i rlly thought she was 16

  • life is all an f'in bs says:

    Hum she's beautiful omg she's gonna be my inspiration now

  • Annida Fthy says:

    Are you able to try indonesian make up produck ? If ya , make it soon please

  • Faraaaa says:

    I used to wear Avene face mist cos I have sensitive skin too.. but then I switched to Uriage face mist cos of a friend's recommendation 😂

  • MsBuya SAT says:

    What sunscreen you used ?

  • Susan says:

    Hi,Haley Kim. I love your videos . So honest!
    I have the same condition like yours.
    For cleansing, I use “ cetaphil”
    For facial cream, I use “Avene Xeracalm cream”
    Ive been using these two products for almost two years. They definitely help me a lot.

  • Maya Retnosari says:

    HALEY! THANK YOU FOR YOUR ADVICE!! 7days ago, I had heavy makeup on my face (because I was dancing for the opening event on my campus) Well, I seldom do a heavy makeup like put many layers of foundation, primer, and powder. Usually, I am just using concealer on my face as you do or just using translucent powder. But, after that, my skin became bad. I got many redness, acne, I felt itchy and my skin became so dry (my skin type is combination to oily). I was sad but, I remember that I've ever watched your video how you treat your irritated skin and I'm watching your video again, Haley and Oh God my skin looks healthier even not yet 100% healthier but, It's the biggest progress! Thank you Haley, You're my inspiration! Love you hihihi

  • Tania says:

    Thanks for doing this video!! I swear by that thermal water too! My skin condition i think is very similar w you..

  • Ninachuu says:

    I followed your advice and it works! ☺️☺️☺️ my irritated skin and acne calmed down . Thank you Haley!

  • budu koernig says:

    your makeup here looks really nice 😍

  • Hilarious O says:

    I love both these products. My skin can get red easily since i have mild eczema and I find the Avene recovery cream is my best bet if my skin is irritated. My go to used to be LRP cicaplast gel b5 but it doesn't really help "calm my skin down" anymore. I've liked the Avene Thermal Water for years though. Simple is the way to go when your skin is irritated for sure. I can get a bit overzealous wanting to try different things but my skin always reminds me its prob not a good idea lol 🙂

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