How I Overcame Anxiety and Depression: Gut Health Was The Key

How I Overcame Anxiety and Depression: Gut Health Was The Key

Around… I’m Kriben as I mentioned around 7 – 8 years ago I struggled very severely with anxiety and depression It was it was crippling my life, and it it eventuated in me and look I had I have three beautiful children and have a lovely wife had a beautiful house my life fell apart, and I found myself alone in an apartment on the verge of suicide and Being a food scientist and the food scientist by background, and I thought to myself There has to be a way because I visited psychologists and the psychologists were like you have to go and prozac or Zoloft for some sort of medication but We’re just talking before but I thought surely as a scientist there must be a better way So I started to look at natural ways to treat my my anxiety and depression. I wasn’t feeling good I wasn’t looking good. I was 14 kilos heavier than I am I had no energy my life was miserable that I wanted to end it But the good news is my wife, and I are back together, and you know, everything is is better I’ve never been as happy as I am in my life as I am right now and the way I tackle this was through digestive health and Digestive health is is so important because it controls Everything in your life from the way you look and the way you feel

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