How I Overcame Alopecia Areata

How I Overcame Alopecia Areata

hey guys Kevin Kreider here from pursue so I’ve been getting some questions about how they overcame alopecia areata it’s a stress-induced okay it’s a stress-induced hair loss alopecia areata is a stress-induced hair loss where your auto immune system starts attacking the hair follicles of your hair or your body when you’re under stress high stress that is so a lot of you may have known i was living in new york back in two thousand thirteen and fourteen and i just had a really rough rough time in my life i was highly under stress i was living in harlem I had a lot of roommates I wasn’t really financially doing so well wasn’t booking them any jobs i just finished acting school so I didn’t have this insecurity of going back to a certain familiar place and seeing the same faces all the time and I was just a rack it was just such a high stress time my life for other personal reasons too but I started losing my hair in chunks it’s a low pitch area to figure I did a lot of research on that and you know I try to lie different things but one thing they said is to go see your dermatologist and I saw my dermatologist but it was until I was halfway off my head you know all the hair she gave me some cortisone shots in my head and on my scalp to help the inflammation go down I took prednisone but none of the hair started to grow back from that not immediately at least but there are things that I believe helped me overcome alopecia areata to get my hair back which was one I started meditating started meditating more and I think that really just started to help me with mental focus to get all that stress out of my head so much cuz my head would be in a tailspin of my little is my hair what am I getting my head back am I gonna go completely bald and what’s gonna happen so I really didn’t know what was gonna happen and that fear just kept driving in my head and was just a round robin just I mean I couldn’t think of anything else besides that so meditating kind of helps slow it down a little bit now as a practice it didn’t happen right away but the practice of it over time I think helps me with my mental clarity or if I feeling anxious I’m feeling anxious any I more I have something that just is like I said going round robin my head it’ll just stop it or I can’t recognize it and just notice it’s a thought and I don’t have to focus on that anymore and thoughts our thoughts are bad you know we’re gonna always have them until the day we die going on a happier note the next thing that I did was I got back into physical activity I find that I wasn’t working out or taking care of myself to the fullest extent that I could of yes I was in decent shape but I wasn’t working out wasn’t weight training I got back into strength training I got back into the gym I started working out lifting I think the physical activity of skateboarding across the country also helped too so I had another purpose journey as well and tell the truth I just I think being physically active and healthy really helps eating better so at that short period of time I was really on a very good paleo diet and I wasn’t eating any type of gluten or I wasn’t eating dairy I wasn’t even certain nuts or anything that could cause inflammation so I got rid of that for a long period of time and then I started seeing my hair grow back so you know what I do oh I started in my crap again that’s still like ah the stress wasn’t there so much I could feel this might this not my chest dr. relieved after I started getting some physical activity going that meditating every day and just also getting out of that stressful environment I moved out of New York I moved out of that really small apartment that I was that I started finding something that made me feel better other than acting and modeling and that was fitness again what I mean again I used to be a fitness trainer before I moved to New York and I got lost into the modeling acting I still train clients well on and off throughout those years but I wasn’t working out myself and doing anything to keep myself healthier as well so i started doing that and I just I just feel so much better after I just got an environment and started focusing on my own fitness journey my own fitness goals and stuff competing again and doing all these things in the gym and training clients and helping them feel good feel good about themselves and look better as well so I I found just a little bit more happiness unless a stress-free environment and work as well so I mean I still do modeling mmm that’s it you know so it’s I just took out the x factor of what was getting me stressed out the most as well I also believe the other thing that helped me with overcoming alopecia areata was was not drinking you know I cut out drinking in my life and alcohol and I just found that the more I drank the worst things got so cut out drinking and it just really helped a lot since then so I just find that I can just think better I’ve mental clarity in my life is better now so I’m living the lifestyle that I want to and it’s not revolved around the clubbing scene and partying scene and I just feel like a lot less stressed out so it’s that’s helped a lot too so those are the things that I did to help overcome my alopecia areata I can’t say that I’m a doctor I know exactly which one it was it could be all of the above or it could be one thing I can’t really tell you but that’s what I did to overcome my alopecia areata and now my hair is back and the best part is to i’m not so obsessed with it in a sense like i used to put hair product in my hair every day except to look perfect night I don’t even use hair product actually i barely use it unless i’m going on casting i’m shooting for something or to special occasion like wedding or something like that and i’m wearing a suit and i just want to look good for this so yeah that is another plus and actually not of one losing one’s losing one’s hair sometimes just not just not so attached to it anymore since I know what it’s like not to have it so guys I hope this helped you anybody who’s alopecia areata I feel for you I I’ve talked to many people who’ve had on the way and it’s not fun i hope this video can help maybe use some of these tools in your everyday life even if you don’t have alopecia areata it’ll just help you overall well-being as well so please subscribe to my youtube channel like comment and i’ll see you guys next week Oh


  • Nikita HCS says:

    So far it's really helped reduce the breakage and my hair feels like it's grown a lot in just the last 30 days. Argan rain Shampoo thicker no doubt about it and looks super lush after styling.

  • Jimmy BanBanDho says:

    Kevin….again you inspire me. I've not had Alopecia Areata but have other stresses and related issues i.e. migraines. Stresses in live are often difficult to come to terms with. What you talked about, looking inward, taking appropriate positive steps, and taking out the "X Factor" is so critical. #INSPIRED

  • claudine luego says:

    im having aloepicia areata last augst 2017 .3months jogging and its and your hair will be back to normal i try it .every jogging ang diet food you will see the result i think dis is the fast recovery ive met thank you .

  • Paul Ziyang Li says:

    Hi Kevin, I am deeply touched by your video and I am truly happy that you finally overcome the disease! I have been suffer chronic asthma and fitness gave me confidence. I feel allergic sometimes to protein shake and trigger asthma. I am painful but sometimes I still drink it because I need that. Kevin, can I get rid of protein shake? If I get rid of it, would I still be able to sufficiently feed my body and gain muscle? Thanks Kevin, love your video!

  • Ujuani Abelsen says:

    You are one lucky dude. I had stress before I even KNEW. What that is! I was anunwanted Child, ben two months too early, and I ended up up in an orphanage.
    When I greb up, I got Big patches of bad spots in my har. Now, as an adult (and nearly 50 yes old), I have been so unfortunate, to experience traumas again. So now, I am almost bad, exept for a little patch of har on the left side of my head.. Do you have an advice for me too? Hugs from Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • dancerdude83 says:

    Thanks for this video! I have occurrences where I had a couple bald spots. It is very stressful thinking about the bald spots being seen or is it growing back. I only knew about the spots from my hairdresser. Supposedly, he said my hair is still healthy but the spot causes me paranoia. Good to know there is hope and hopefully mine will grow back soon or at least find a solution.

  • Mandelen Mandelen says:

    I struggle with hair loss and as a woman it feels awful. Later I found out that it was because of anemia, low progesterone and hypothyroidism. I hope to get my hair back.

  • Dwaine Masters says:

    One important note. How long were u on this diet. Months, weeks, years.

  • billy Crawford says:

    If it is really from stress, then why do dermatologists and doctors say that there is no known cause? I actually have it now. I'm still dealing with the trauma from a breakup that happened about 2 years ago. This is where it gets overwhelming because I listen to these anecdotal evidence on one hand and then the doctors, with their degree, simply just do not have an answer as to why my immune system is attacking my hair and simply recommend a steroid injection. I don't know what to believe here. Meanwhile my bald patch is steadily growing. It's very overwhelming and I feel suicidal

  • Anna Clayton says:

    I know that this is an older video but wanted to say "thank you" very much for sharing YOUR story…and it's not for someone else to say that it wasn't stress for you…it affects people in a different way and alit of people lose their hair. So thank u again! Anna

  • ta tum says:

    Please do not talk BS. Overmasturbation is main cause for AA for all where AA occur after 12 years old. Stress has only minor impact and accelerate all this. So you need at least 4 to 5 months total NO Fap AND YOU WILL SE REGROWTH.

  • Futurepoint says:

    I am quite sure that alopecia being caused by stress is a myth

  • Ben Monk says:

    Good video lad.I'm 14 and had this for 5 years. Bruce Willis and Baldilocks are the typical name which I receive day in day out. Fair play to you big man👏

  • DOVE says:

    this a real dude thanks man

  • praveen mano says:

    Guys Try (Minoxidil 5%)…It's working!

  • crazycajunsunshine says:

    no wonder this happened to me. I found out about horrible sexual abuse and violent rapes of my daughter, and the decisions she made after to do drugs and to get involved with dangerous non carrying people. I stayed up all night worrying. I tried to trust God but the people she was around were on hard drugs and rapists. 24 years old men and she was 13 and 14 . 😏😩 I probably has one day in three year s I had more than two hours of sleep. I began praying relentlessly and than grew weary again and the bottom line is. stress affects the body. it's important to get water,sleep, and take hair vitamins, and massage your scalp. it's ok it improves if you don't give up

  • Yasser Valenzuela says:

    How long did your Alopecia Areata last? From when your hair started falling until you saw the consistent regrowth?

  • MUST WATCH says:

    You are handsome.

  • Brownmahfun says:

    He is so handsome just like BRUCE LEE, which by the way was my first crush ever as a little girl.

  • Riot OP says:

    I lost my friend due to alopecia
    He overdosed
    He was a great friend,funny and had a great personality
    But he was bullied heavily because of alopecia and decided to end it
    Rip 🙁

  • Thomas M says:

    I had a bald patch when I was 14. I don’t think it was stress and I had a bald patch for 3/4 months.

  • Darren Byfiled says:

    I lost half of my hair in my head . Doc says u affected alopecia areata … He gave some lotion and tab .. nothing work out ..

  • SC says:

    Hi Kevin, I developed AA back in October last year and long story short I've regained a decent amount of hair on top but other areas of my body are starting to lose hair. I'm also Asian and work out frequently but I was wondering when you worked out if you used any supplements while your AA was active. I'm debating if I should ditch preworkouts and proteins. Btw thanks for uploading your AA story. Gives me hope about my own.

  • M V says:

    Alopecia is caused by yeast overgrowth in your gut. Reduce your consumption of bread to begin growing your hair back.

  • Shary saifu says:

    Hi Kevin does whey protein causes hair loss ? And should we wash our head after workout coz there is a lot sweat come over our head while working out ? Pls reply !

  • Joshua The Science god says:

    I see that it has affected your eyebrows too, Im in a similar situation but my body hair basically is also falling out, I don't have spot baldness on scalp its more of a thinning process.

  • craig sandison says:

    People here saying its not caused by stress, stress is one of many causes of it so shut the heeeellll up

  • Brave Heart says:

    Life Changing👑

  • Ali Bakir says:

    Meditate(very important to control ur though)
    Eat healthy

  • Wolfgang goethe says:

    I got that shit, I was living the most stressful moments in my life. Then after a month after a particular hard event, my girlfriend noticed a bald spot, I ignored it and a week later my barber noticed it and showed it to me with a mirror.
    I'm meditating, lifting weights and applying aloe vera and onion juice. I feel great and hoping I will get better. It's a small patch and easy to hide. But that was a shout out from my body, telling me to relax. So i'm glad, and sure i will get better.

  • Sultan Raj says:

    Guys, i personally believe it doesn't have to mental stress, but physiological. For example, I have AA, but I believe its because of my gut, and how I have IBS. AA can manifest due a trigger, which usually is stress.

  • Jamis Mirs says:

    I have no alopecia but I'm loosing my hair! Fuck my hair!

  • Meica Macalinao says:

    Did you use any product to help regrow your hair or just the injections from the derma?

  • navisekhon24 says:

    How long did it take for your hair to come back??

  • 100 Pushups Challenge says:

    Thanks for the honest vid.

  • Art of MGHOW says:

    Thank you for sharing. It helps a lot.

  • Kurtis Batchler says:

    I keep searching and watching videos, but none tell me what I want to know. Does intermittent fasting help alopecia arreata?

  • Yolanda Guzman says:


  • John Fink says:

    I love hearing stories like this 🙂 I’ve been battling this for 10 months now, and it’s still going full throttle. Started with a small spot on my beard that has now invaded my hole head. I’m getting shots, I have a cortisone cream, and I apply aloe Vera. The shots work on my head (I just can’t keep up with the spreading) but they did not work on my face. I miss my beard everyday.. honestly I would rather have my beard than hair on my head. I am a pretty amped person all my life. I am 49 years old and I keep telling myself that things could be soooo much worse. And I thank God this is only thing I’m battling and that my family is healthy. I try at all costs not to look at past pics of myself. At times I deal and accept it and other times it’s all I think about. I am gonna try meditation and running again, just to keep my mind clear. I do believe one day it will come back on its own and I can’t wait lol. When it does I will not cut it ever again haha .. thanks for the inspiring story, you put me in a good mood.

  • Zohra Banon says:

    Thanks for sharing. PS you’re so handsome 😍

  • Meng Thao says:

    Watching this and seeing you breaking down brought tears to my eyes. I'm happy you've overcome that.

  • infinitea says:

    Its not stress its INFLAMMATION!

  • Catt's Box says:

    So painful to watch that video. Thank you for sharing.

  • Brian Lenbien says:

    How long did it take for all the hair to grow back from the start of mediation and living healthier?

  • airwolfwwf says:

    Do you have an e-book on a diet I actually have the gaps book

  • Jamison James says:

    Wow that’s an insane amount of hair loss from all that stress, glad to see all of your is back though.

  • Seena Vasu says:

    Hello Mr. Kevin i don't know how to tell my problem. Because I am suffering from alopecia for past 1 year but from past 4 months I lost 80% of my 💇. I am 34 yrs old(female). I am in deep depression. Tell me that my hair will come or not. God only help me. I tried alopathi, steroid injections, minoxidil medicine. But NO USE. Now I am taking some herbal medicine from barber. Your vedio help me to think positive hopes. Thank you.

  • Cwsing 7 says:

    I get highly stressed after not working out for 2 days my stress escalating, and at 4 th day I am feeling really bad feeling I will explode

  • Cwsing 7 says:

    Good video✅👍✅👍✅👍✅

  • Cwsing 7 says:

    Helpful for those who really need help with alopecia

  • Hunting Justice says:

    Hi sir. I have been suffering from this from last 6 month it's affected on mustache .. took injection from doctor now I can see few white hairs on it… Is it good sign ??? And please tell how many days it will take for normal hair … Please reply

  • TJ_Bass says:

    I’m pretty sure I have Alopecia Areata I have like 3 small bald spots but everyday it seems to be getting a little worse. It’s really stressing me out. I feel like it’s linked to an injury I had to my back and it’s fucked me over. I’m not active like I used to be, gained weight lost muscle mass and my back is always hurting. I just hope it gets better soon 😓

  • jordan cervantes says:

    How long did it take to start growing back? I have alopecia aswell

  • Jerkamie says:

    I just started my journey of Alopecia Areata :

  • kboy1231 says:

    Thank you for this. I’m in college and have alopecia areata, taking treatment, but I will try to meditate since I already regularly exercise

  • Ahmed khan says:

    This was some very valuable advice. I am suffering from alopecia too. I hope these changes can turn things around.
    I do have one question though. What does your diet consist of? I am hearing some people mention that you should start a vegan diet and avoid all meats to decrease hair loss whereas some mention that a vegan diet is unhealthy for the hair. I am honestly so confused on this matter.


  • Valerie Loo says:

    Hi Kevin, I've been suffering from this for 2 years now and it's making me depressed. I'm going every month for steroid injections but it keeps recurring. 😥 Could you advise me possibly on what foods i should avoid? I know i'll probably need to stop eating grains.. but other than that I'm not exactly sure what to avoid. ☹ Thank you

  • jikanga aru says:

    Could intermit fasting be the cause

  • The AJ says:

    Just got into a college with two spots on the back of my head. I am 18 and it kills me from Inside. I grew my hair in a shabby way to hide it. I used to have the best hairstyle in school but now I look like a drug addict. Shabby haired 😞
    People ask me to cut my hair and I deny it. I go to gym everyday and eats proper food. Will I get my.old hair back 😢

  • Gavyn Karage says:

    I developed lumps on my neck and head. Couldn’t get it checked out for months. This caused severe panic worthy stress. It HURT. Now I’ve developed a bald spot.

  • Rogelio Ochoa says:

    Thanks so much for this video im try do what you did so i can get my hair grow back again. Please dont let other people make u mad let them talk and ignore them

  • S. Jay says:

    I have this but I don’t feel stressed I don’t know what to do

  • neo says:

    I dont know where you got that its stress induced. Not proven

  • Vlikker Maastricht says:

    Minoxodil also does wonders

  • kaushik mahadev says:

    Can i know how many months it took u for the full recovery ?
    I'm in my 5th month.

  • factsneverlie says:

    Hey bro i have a bald patch on the right side of my beard. my hair line is receding and i dont think im going bald. noticeing that bald patch on my beard made me think about my hair . i do have alot of emotional stress. what shouli do?? can i use any cream or anything else

  • 2Nice4You Gilbert says:

    I wonder how you can PREVENT it

  • KryoTale says:

    I have decided, Im gonna end my life, But before that, I will enjoy life first

  • Lute The Mage says:

    I have had alopecia universalis for 6 years – if only I could feel happy about myself. I just can’t.

  • Dana Shaw says:

    I can totally relate with you about the drinking. I have stopped and things are getting better.I wake up feeling crappy sometimes I guess because of withdrawals but other than that I am happier.I get a lot more things done. My hair is thickening around the edges. I have started back to jogging. Life is good again. I also left my toxic job. I don't make as much money but I'm at peace with myself. Tfs

  • joynal abedin says:

    Does exercise workout gyming help?

  • Jonathan Clark says:

    Took 10 minutes to say one sentence

  • T C says:

    My mom had it, doesn't it just simply grow back after a while?feel like alopecia is one of the easiest hair loss issue to deal with, you just wait and it'll grow back

  • rio20d says:

    dude you look like the younger Aaron Eckhart, just the asian version of him 🙂

  • weweko kowe says:

    Why are you obsessed with your image. No one cares how you look

  • Marcelo says:

    i feel so sad


    I got a balt gap in my hair. The hair isnt growing there anymore….i dont know what to do…….im sort of stressed….

  • FUN PASTA says:

    its im possible with only meditate and diet food and exercise,,,i think you have done hair transplant right ?

  • taylor52baby says:

    How long did it take you to grow it fully back?? About 2 years??

  • 2ndrwkng says:

    Can you please give a timeline from where you noticed the loss and until it stopped and grew back? Thanks!

  • Hitesh Jindal says:

    Dude, am suffering from exact same thing, and having same level of stress. Can I ask you, how long it took for all your hair to grow back

  • Eben roulston says:

    I’m twelve and I’m suffering from this. It’s a big shock.

  • Jay Bee says:

    I'm dealing with alopecia barbae, and your right this disease sucks. I strongly agree that you definitely have to take time for self and relax, exercise, and eat a healthy diet. I just started a anti inflammatory diet a couple weeks back, cut out the heavy drinking I was doing and started working hard in the gym. I pray that I can overcome my alopecia. Thanks for sharing my dude!!

  • D Ou says:

    I was able to overcome mine by cutting all animal products. Dairy was the worse, gave me huge acne

  • timjcook007 says:

    What did you eat and how do u maintain weight eating healthy for alopecia

  • Junior17 says:

    Does it have to be an AIP or Paleo diet? Those are incredibly strict and terrible diets

  • Its SammiJo says:

    So glad you mentioned quitting drinking, I’m pretty sure that’s what made me start losing my hair. Yikes! Not worth it.

  • Love love says:

    Thanks for not giving up which gives us inspiration to not give up. Thank you.

  • Dan E Garner says:

    It's particularly linked to gluten / other allergies and of course behaviour which burn you physically ( too little sleep, anxiety etc) . If a low carb diet works it is likely because an allergen or deficiency was avoided as having insufficient carbs is stressful despite what fad followers may think or subjectively feel ( runners high).

  • Frank Merino says:

    Thanks dude!!!

  • King Greed says:

    Over exercising will cause hair loss, mostly too much running.

  • J T says:

    WAIT! IT GROWS BACK!???????? I have a VERY small patch on top of my head. Will it grow? I have long hair and i did have a stressful period, an entire month to be honest.

  • Ababa star says:

    I'm 15 years old rn and I also have alopecia areata ,sadly, I have to wear hats and hoodies everywhere I go and it's such an annoying disease because I'm still in high school and I get made fun of for the type of hair I have. so seeing this video really gave me a sense of hope

  • jay Dee says:

    There is a product called “Calosol” that is designed to help with hair loss diagnosed as alopecia areata.
    It’s a made in Britain, it’s worth trying.

  • Junior17 says:

    But usually with alopecia areata the hair falls out in round smooth patches. His hair loss pattern looks a bit weird

  • Valentin Creed says:

    Damn home boy! That's intense hair growth and very inspirational! Good job!

  • Yandel Santiago says:

    I dont have patches , but i notice my scalp started to see more in the back of my head 2 weeks ago , im freaking out could this be it?

  • Mohamed Shaheem says:

    It’s weird. I haven’t heard anything like this before. And also could notice scissors ✂️ sound in background. Please be honest. Did you cut down your hair in patches to create that impression. I doubt whether it is to be believed or not

  • Daniel Mcintyre says:

    What diet did you follow ? I think I'm getting alopecia to on the top of my head and sides but it's been slow like a year ! Is that possible you think ?

  • mr. popoy Ferrari says:

    I have alopecia can you pls help to get rid

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