How I grew my hair back from a bald spot|My hair dropped out|Psoriasis nightmare!

How I grew my hair back from a bald spot|My hair dropped out|Psoriasis nightmare!

Hello kings and queens – Shante Brendette here and I want to share my journey of my hair dropping out Well, I have struggled with something called scalp psoriasis. I’ve made my hair look like this As you can see the hair is thin in the middle and it is literally falling out – this I got a little better at this point The little circle in my middle of my head was like growing in excuse the dry wash and go – basically this Where is now a full? Its full in the middle. And so what I use actually was Nizoral . It is an antibacterial wash and I will be following that up with a shea my straight conditioner And I will simply be using also My wide tooth comb That Will also aid in detangling And I think this is always the best for the time the air around So, like I said, I did start with the generous amount of the nicer room shampoo This is a great shampoo for really getting you know, you got your scalp clean and anybody that knows what psoriasis is it really does feed off of The oils on the scalp. It is a genetic Scalp condition and so what Nizoral does is that it strips to scalp of those oils? Which I’ll be it can be very very harsh to the hair. But from my particular condition It is actually very useful for me and keeping my my scalp clean of every of any buildup. That’s stopping my hair from bring out and Preventing my follicles my hair from falling out As well, so I washed it out and now I am actually putting on the shea moisture Conditioner now typically you do want a deep condition with your conditioner, but I do have a habit of acts just putting on The Close your eyes tight. Don’t let it get in Excus outside of losing my eyes to the shower. I Do have a habit of just kind of putting it on my hair and continuing my shower and then at the end washing it out But yeah, so I’m just gonna kind of let that sit did a daddy wash my face and I really do enjoy the Shea Moisture conditioners they seem to be really responding very very Very very well to them. I can already see like my curls look started to pop up the conditioner even at while in the shower I’m just checking for any breakage of my hand When I reach now for my comb and I am going to actually start detangling now It does look like I am a little rough here, but I assure you I am NOT So I am actually just gonna comb The condition of through my hair at this point and I do believe my hair is short enough that I can successfully do this About honesty as your hair gets longer. You probably just got a lot of finger comb So yeah And I am on I’m finally trying to make speed to myself and really be disciplined enough to let my hair grow because I do up a habit of Because of my psoriasis cutting my hair a whole lot I just feel so sometimes one part grows longer than the other because of the condition but Yeah, I will be trying to clear that out as well anyway, so yes, I am just Combing all that out and trying to get the conditioner. Well saturated throughout the strands because you don’t remember the nice oral Shampoo is very very drying if you’re struggling with this disease Psoriasis then you know, unfortunately the shampoos that are that are on the market they can dry your hair out. So much so you do need to have Moisturizing conditioner right after you you use the shampoo I’m still at this point. Just letting the shampoo the conditioner. Sorry sit on My hair a bit longer Making sure that my eyes all Clean and nothing went into my eyes burning or anything like that. Now I’m going to wash it out and I will stress again. That night oil is very very drying and stripping So if you didn’t get any of you didn’t get all of it washed out the first time the second wash and what you’re trying to wash up the conditioner should also kind of clean out any left behind Nicer oil shampoo as well. So That’s what I’m just making sure it’s all cleaned out and Yep, that’s basically the end of it and that’s all I did really and I would do this. Um Maybe twice twice a week. I Personally wouldn’t recommend anything like every day because it’s extremely crying and You should be deep conditioning at some point Within moisturizer conditioner and a plastic bag or a heating cap You know walk around the house about 30 minutes. Let the heat from your body get into your hair But for me, and for the sake of this video, I just showed you and washed through Yep, so also if you would like me to just do a complete video What exactly is arises is I will be more than happy to do that Please comment down below like comment and subscribe my youtube channel And thank you so much for watching and this is the shot a plan that and talk to you later You

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    Thank you for watching! Have you ever experienced hair loss? If so let me know what worked for you! xoxo

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