How I got rid of Herpes

What’s up guys, here is Paola and in this
video I want to talk about how I got rid of recurring Herpes virus infections. Now, there are different types of Herpes viruses,
there is type 1, type 2, which causes genital blisters, then there is type 3, also known
as Herpes Zoster, and type 4, or Ebstein Barr virus. I used to have type 1, 3, and 4 in my life. I never had herpes 2, the one that causes
genital herpes, at least as far as I know. If I did, and if I have infected some of you
guys, sorry. I mean if you’re one of the 2.78 humans
who could have possibly been infected by me, I apologize. Here I want to talk about type 1 which causes
painful cold sores on the lips and I also want to talk about the for me surprising and
unexpected way how I got rid of it. So type 1 is probably the least problematic, but some doctors are of the opinion that it shows a potentially deeper and systemic
problem with the immune system. And since all those types of Herpes viruses
belong to the same family of pathogens, my story may be helpful to those who are dealing
with the more serious types like Herpes 2 or 3. So the cold sores I would get were pretty
annoying. I used to get them repeatedly EVERY YEAR for
over 20 years and it was between 3 to 4 ugly, disfiguring, painful outbreaks per year which
would take 2 to 3 weeks to heal each time. I would really get them EVERY SINGLE YEAR
for over 20 or 30 years. Without fail. Now, in 2019 it’s been 2 years that I haven’t
had a single outbreak. So, how did I do it? What’s my secret? How did I stop getting Herpes outbreaks? Well, I think it was three things: ozone,
paleo diet, and I think the most important part: mercury chelation with the Andrew Cutler
method. As to ozone and paleo diet: I started doing
both at the same time more or less, which is now 10 years ago. I think both of them were equally important
in overcoming this chronic infection. The paleo diet consisted of me basically eating
just meat and vegetables. So I would eat freshly prepared meat and some
salad twice a day. So I stopped eating any types of grains, or
grain products like breads, pastas, and baked goods, and really any type of carb rich foods. I also stopped eating beans and lentils, rice,
dairy products, and I think the most important: I stopped eating sugar. Any type of sugar. So it was really just meat and vegetables
and maybe some fruit and nuts from time to time. And I think that especially the fact that
I stopped eating sugar and other high carb foods helped to improve my immune system greatly. And at the same time, as I said, I had just
bought my own ozone equipment and started doing various forms of ozone treatments at
home: ozone sauna, vaginal, rectal, ear insufflations, I would also do ozone IVs and I would drink
ozonated water. I went all out on ozone. I would spend 2 to 4 HOURS every day doing
ozone. I know it sounds crazy. And it probably was. Well, I’m a crazy ozone lady, so I had to
live up to my reputation. And it’s something that I don’t necessarily
recommend to other people. But why was I doing this? Because back then I thought that I had Lyme
disease. Which turned out to be not true as a test
that I did in 2016 revealed. But the ozone treatments often had an immediate
and very positive effect on me: they would provide me with energy, boost my mood, improve
my psoriasis patches until they completely disappeared, and in general allowed me to
function every day. But: after having done ozone for several months
at that intensive level, I would still get the sores on my lips. The outbreaks were getting less frequent and
less painful and they would heal up faster, that was undeniable. But I would still get them. Which really surprised me at the time because
I thought that ozone kills any and all pathogens. So I was really disappointed that ozone didn’t
seem to have done the trick. Then in September of 2013 I started the Andrew
Cutler protocol in order to get rid of what I assumed was a chronic mercury poisoning. And that’s what really did the trick, as
it looks now. The mercury chelation program is what seems
to have completely eradicated the virus. I completely stopped having any outbreaks. Not immediately though, I think it took a
good 2 years for it to kick in. So how is this possible? How could the elimination of a chronic mercury
poisoning at the same time eradicate the Herpes virus? The theory goes that there is some symbiosis
going on between mercury and Herpes. Mercury apparently suppresses a specific part
of the human immune system which is important to fight viral invaders and the Herpes virus
in particular. So what seems to happen during proper mercury chelation
is that a certain blockage of the immune system is removed and the intrinsic fighting mechanisms
of our bodies are unleashed. Or at least that’s the theory. I could not find a lot of solid research on
this, except for a rat study. There, rats who were infected with the genital
Herpes 2 virus were at the same time poisoned with mercury, and it was shown that after
the mercury injection, there was a higher rate of virus replication. So basically, mercury lead to growth of the
Herpes virus colony. But that’s really the only thing that I could
find on the subject. There may be more, if you find anything, let
me know. But the Herpes mercury connection seems
to be a theory which is mostly heard among natural health practitioners. It doesn’t seem to be an established idea
in conventional medicine. All I can really say is that the only time
in my life when I stopped having the outbreaks was around 2 years ago, when I had already
chelated according to the Andrew Cutler program. So now it’s March 2019, another winter is
wrapping up, and I didn’t have a single herpes outbreak, neither this winter, nor
in 2018 or in 2017. Which I find pretty darn cool. All in all I had chelated for around 4 and
a half years. At that point I had reached Alpha Lipoic Acid
dosages of 400 mg. Alpha Lipoic Acid is, according to Dr. Cutler,
the most important mercury chelator. But please, don’t just go and start popping
huge dosages of the stuff. There is reason to believe that you could
actually hurt yourself that way. When taking Alpha Lipoic Acid in order to
get rid of mercury, it’s very important to take it in a very specific manner. How exactly, I explain it on my website. The link is below. There are for sure more serious and more annoying
Herpes infections than what I had. But since they’re all in the same family,
what I went through may have some value for other types of infections. It’s a matter of trying it out. If you liked this video and if you would like
to support me, please do so. Simply go to Or if you’d like to ask me some one on one
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