How I fixed my itchy scalp | Curly Girl Method #brushandbun

How I fixed my itchy scalp | Curly Girl Method #brushandbun

Hey everybody, so I hope you’re having a
really fantastic day. Today I’m gonna chat with you about something that I
think will help a whole bunch of you out there who are having any scalp issues on the
Curly Girl method. And that is the brush and bun. I basically just on about the
third/fourth/fifth day – whenever my hair looks like this when I wake up – I brush
it, I put it up in a bun and sometimes I do that a couple of days
consecutively, it just kind of depends how life pans out. So I have woken up this
morning, this is fourth day hair. Let me show you what it looks like. It’s not
really about what it looks like it’s more about how it feels – I always like my
hair to feel nice and this does not feel good. Curls are not bad though, if I
were to just kind of clip a few bits it would actually look alright today. But it
feels kind of ratty, so it’s a good day to do this. I basically started doing
this because I have had scalp issues ever since
not I totally started on the Curly Girl Method, because I started brushing my hair
and then sort of thought “I’ll see what happens if I don’t brush my hair and see
if it reduces frizz” and it didn’t really make much of a difference. But I kind of
kept doing it and then I was getting more scalp issues. And so all the
different kind of medicated tea tree shampoos or special shampoos or avoiding
ingredients, none of that has worked for me and this is the only thing that
actually works and it’s so simple. So I just take a wooden brush this is one
I’ve had for literally years it’s kind of gross but it’s got wooden bristles as
well as being just wood and I literally just brush out my hair. I try and do it
super carefully so it doesn’t actually ruin my hair and cause breakage. So I
found by doing this regularly between washes that my scalp issues have
basically disappeared completely and they didn’t do it, it was almost
immediate but it took a little while. And I don’t know what the science is behind
that, I think sometimes when you’ve got your hair kind of styled in curls that
the way that your roots sit is always exactly the same so it’s good for
your roots to get some movement and also obviously all the product is sat there
as well so. I always getting massive knot here. Now I
know some of you are going to be thinking as well “what about frizz? is it
going to cause frizz? it is it gonna pull my curls out?” and I really haven’t
actually noticed much of a difference at all in that. The curls just seem to pop
straight back in when I wash it and it doesn’t seem to be an issue for me. It
could be for different hair types obviously so I can’t say it’s a blanket
rule but if your hair is similar to mine you’ll probably be alright.
I do also notice that some days and I think I probably put this on Instagram a
couple of times in stories and stuff, that my hair actually looks really nice
after like the second day of this. I usually wake up and it’s got like big
barrel curls just because the way it sits in the bun. It takes a long time to brush out quite
so much hair. For those of you wondering if I have natural volume I think I’ve just
answered it. One of the other really great things about doing this is that it
extends the time between washes because when you’re brushing you’re kind of
cleansing a little bit, you’re pulling out some of that buildup in there. So
then all I’m gonna do is take an Invisibobble and just put my hair up into a
bun just to protect it for the rest of the day. Boom. There you go. And I’m just gonna
keep it like that all day and then probably into the night and then
tomorrow I’ll see if I’ve got barrel curls and I might wear it like that I
might not I might brush it again and put it up, I might wash it straight away, it
kind of depends. So I would definitely recommend if you’re having any scalp
issues on the Curly Girl method, brush your hair with a wooden bristle brush
every time before you wash it and leave it like that for a little bit. You don’t
have to you could just brush it and then get in the shower. So I hope that’s
really helpful, I know a bunch of you on Instagram have already messaged me to
say how helpful it’s been so I really hope that it helps all of you here on
YouTube as well. Thank you guys so much for watching this today, have a really
brilliant rest of your day, bye.


  • Sapikah NSJ says:

    alissaaaaaaaa hope u had a good day…ive been wondering how old r u galll cuz u always look 15 young fresh n vibrantttt

  • lmgam says:

    I’m having major itching but I think something else is going on. Wondering why a wooden bristle brush?

  • long yarn says:

    Hi Alissa! By all means brush since it's working for you but can I suggest that you add aloe vera juice to your routine? It has been a game changer for me! Here's what I do: every two weeks I final rinse with a strong cup of black tea to which I've added 1/2 cup aloe vera juice, the kind you drink since it's runnier (and was cheaper). Leave it in for a few mins and then gently rinse. (Like L. Massey recommends in her book – splash rinse.) Then I take about a tablespoon (more or less) of the AVJ and add it to a fine mist bottle and fill with filtered water to use as a refresher. I like to add a couple spritz of rose water as well, it smells good and is a natural conditioner as well. This rinse and leave in does two (and actually more) things – helps with itch, and prevents hair fall out! I usually have to clean out my tub drain hair catch halfway thru my shower. It's been three showers now and haven't had to clean my catch yet! And even better No Itching!! Google aloe vera juice benefits for all the other things it's good for!

  • Sarah Johnson says:

    Hmmm🤔 I’m wondering if the wooden bristled brush would help my daughter’s itchy scalp? She’s only 10 and a bit of a wavy girl right now and not on CG method. I feel lucky to get her to wash her hair. What’s the reasoning behind the wooden brush? Your curls are gorgeous btw!! I use a scalp brush in the shower on wash day and it makes a huge difference.

  • Daliah B. says:

    I am optimistic about watching your videos. Because your hair looks a lot like mine and I am facing A LOT of scalp issues as well!

  • SSN says:

    I have itchy scalp too and I dry brush on my wash days , massage with shampoo brush.. recently I exfoliated with my conditioner and some brown sugar mixed in it and it worked pretty good. This recipe is from CG handbook.

  • Rachel Haskin says:

    What is the reason for the wooden bristle brush? Why not plastic?

  • Bethany Rutta says:

    I have wooden combs to distribute my hairs sebum and I leave my hair without product every few weeks. I’ve never tried combing my hip length gel styled hair. I don’t think it would end well, but I’ll try it!

  • ash mh says:

    Im not buying a new brush since I spend way to much money on hair care products, but is it ok to use plastic brushes?

  • Michelle Hepner says:

    Do you notice your scalp health dramatically improving when pregnant? Mine always did.

  • Pahla B Fitness says:

    Oh, this is fascinating!! I don't even own a brush, but maybe it's time to go get one!

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