How I cleared my skin

How I cleared my skin

Hey guys! So people have been asking me to do a skincare routine video for a long time because a lot of people say my skin is really good, and they want to know what I do to make it so clear. So, I’m finally gonna make a video. But I don’t think this is going to be the kind of video people were expecting. But- All right, let me start from the beginning, I guess I’ve had really, REALLY, bad acne ever since puberty basically. I used to get really bad cystic acne. I had massive pores, my skin was so incredibly oily. Not just on my face. Like- every bit of skin on my body was oily. You know how in music videos where they oil up women on the beach who are wearing bikinis so they look all shiny? My legs just looked like that naturally because my skin was so oily. If I would run a fingernail across my skin like this, just a little bit then, right under my fingernail, it would just be filled with oil. It was really disgusting. I tried so many things to deal with my acne. I took every single different type of medication I was able to get at the dermatologist. I tried everything from creams to medicine to antibiotics and all kind of stuff. People would say things like you change your pillowcase, drink more water. You know, do a special routine? It’ll go away eventually. It’s just your teenage hormones. But, it never went away. And nothing ever really helped with it. When I turned 16, I started taking birth control because I had a massive ovarian cyst and they thought that was the best way to try to get rid of it. And, my acne got better a little bit when I went on the birth control and Since then, I’ve tried to go off birth control twice for a period of like maybe about four months, each time. And each time, I’ve tried to go off my skin turn into like a monster. It was so horrifyingly terrible. Obviously, when your skin is really messed up that’s not a time you want to take pictures of yourself. So, I don’t really have any pictures of my terrible skin very clearly. But I was able to find this footage back from a few years ago when I first moved to Japan permanently and I did not yet have birth control because I hadn’t been to the doctor and so my skin was starting to break out a little bit. And, I filmed a vlog at YouTube. – their Bōnenkai (Japanese drinking party) – where the lights were really harsh, and so you can kind of see how bad my skin was starting to get just from this. You can see there’s just bumps everywhere . Keep in mind that this is also our old camera. So, the quality was really, really bad on this so you can’t even see how bad it was in real life. And it doesn’t show how bad it was on my chin since the light is coming from above you’re mostly seeing what was on my cheeks, but my whole jaw line was where it was the absolute worst? It was just non-stop bumps all along my chin. My pores were huge, I had a bump on there was no even skin anywhere on my face I’m wearing makeup over my face in this video So you can’t even see how bad it was but This was just for me going off birth control for a little while. So basically I was able to figure out on my own that My acne was obviously caused by hormones due to the fact that birth control made it so much better It was mostly on my jawline which is a symptom of hormonal acne and the fact that I was in my mid-20s And I was still having this problem as bad as I had it when I was a teenager. But birth control didn’t fix it all of the way. I still had a lot of acne on birth control, and I would still get smaller cysts every now and then. They weren’t quite as bad, but I would still get them and so it wasn’t quite enough I tried Accutane (medication primarily used to treat severe acne) eventually on a very, very low dose And while it did help after being on it for months and months and months It made my skin so dry and it made my joints so dry that It was too painful for me to exercise because I couldn’t bend my knees. Every time my knees bent, it was really painful. So I had to stop it because I know that It’s just, Accutane is so bad for your body and so it wasn’t worth it to like permanently mess up my joints because of that. Fortunately, it’s been a couple years and things are mostly back to normal So I don’t think I have like any permanent damage from the accutane But of course after stopping that everything came right back. It didn’t do any permanent changes to my skin at all. There is one medication that I’ve seen online that people have been using for hormonal acne, but it was never Officially supposed to be prescribed for hormonal acne so you had to find a doctor who knew that it could be used for hormonal acne, to get it prescribed to you. Spironolactone (medication primarily used to treat fluid build-up due to heart failure, liver scarring, or kidney disease) and so, I went to so many different – I went to a couple different dermatologists and skin doctors here to see if they could prescribe it. They didn’t even know what it was. They would look – they’d brought out a book of medicine and they’re like “No, it doesn’t say that it was written here for acne.” And I was like “It’s a thing! You just… it’s a thing!” So I had to go I went to like a women’s health doctor to see if he had any recommendations because that’s where I was getting my birth control and they couldn’t figure anything out either. Finally, Jun was able to find me a doctor that actually specializes in Spironolactone. There’s one doctor in our Prefecture I think who specializes in it. We went there and he just right away he was like “Oh yup! Here you go.” And so I got my Spironolactone and that fixed like the last, I would say 20% of my acne problems that I had so birth control fixed like maybe 80%. 70 or 80 % and then Spironolactone fixed the rest of it. For me, as long as I’m on these two medications I literally don’t have to do anything for my face other than, you know, normal washing keeping it clean and moisturizing. I don’t have any special routine. I don’t have to change my pillowcase every night. The cause of my acne was for my hormones and The thing about this is Everyone’s cause for acne is different. So what works for one person is not going to work for everyone else. I used to get really, really annoyed because people would give you all kind of unsolicited advice for acne because they would be like oh well this worked for me. I just had to drink more water or like I just have to stop washing my face and my acne got better. That’s what you need to do. Like “No. That’s not what I need to do. Everyone’s case is different.” Maybe that worked for you, but that’s not gonna work for everyone else. I need to make it very clear that Everyone’s cause of acne is different, and if you have really bad acne, basically, it’s just kind of like a guessing game. You need to try different things and figure out what fixes your issue. I don’t think there’s any easy answer. There’s no one thing that’s gonna fix everyone’s case. Mine just happens to be taking medicine. That’s all I ever needed to do I spent so much time trying to find all of these different like creams and pads and like washes. And I tried like the oil cleansing method and nothing ever worked until… just fixing my hormones. That’s all I needed to do. Even with that I still have rather large pores because of how bad my acne has been for such a long time and because of how bad the oil was but, If you can make your skin less oily, then your pores don’t look as big anymore. If you have really bad skin right now, and your skin is really oily, and you have a lot of acne Don’t worry too much because it’s possible to make the texture of your skin look better. Once you’re able to reduce your oil production. You just need to figure out what will reduce it for you. So for me, I take a 100mg of Spironolactone a day. So 50 in the morning and 50 at night. The doctor that I go to wanted me to try to reduce that to half because he likes to, for like bad cases, he likes to keep it on 100. And then eventually lower it to 50 once things get better and I tried that. But as soon as like I even cut my dose in half my skin started getting more oily which I knew is a bad sign. That things were going back to the way they were. So for me, I can tell things are getting bad because my skin will progress in steps: It’ll start getting really oily again, My pores will start getting bigger, and then I’ll start getting a bunch of sebaceous filaments all over my nose. So if you weren’t aware, I’m sure I’m sure most people are but, there are blackheads and then there are sebaceous filaments. If your pores look dark inside then it’s not necessarily a blackhead. Sebaceous filaments come because your skin is just too oily and then blackheads occur when it kind of gets more severe, and that’s when you’ll have a bunch of stuff. You know stuck in your pores. My skin started getting oily, then I started getting sebaceous filaments, And then I started breaking out a little bit more so I had to go back up to 100 milligrams. Basically, I just have to be on birth control and 100mg of Spironolactone for the rest of my life. If I want clear skin because my hormones are super messed up. For the record, what Spironolactone does is it blocks basically like testosterone testosterone and Associated like male hormones. So it’s not recommended for men to take it for ask me because it can cause some like feminization of features. But I guess my body just had too much man juice in it So I needed medicine to make me more feminine and that gets rid of my acne For Spironolactone, you do have to be careful because It makes your body I think the way it works is it makes your body retain potassium more. So you can’t take any potassium supplements. You have to be careful about eating too much food with potassium because then you can end up getting too much potassium which is really, really dangerous for you. Fortunately, most multivitamins it seems like these days they don’t put potassium in them at all so I’m still okay to take multivitamins as long as there’s no potassium. Then, I don’t really have any bad side effects from Spironolactone. If you go on Wikipedia, there are some part that say that Spironolactone may be associated with breast cancer, but actually that’s very old information and there have been many more recent studies that were much larger that have debunked those old studies. Officially now, there’s no relation between Spironolactone and any sort of cancer. Birth control, I’m sure everyone knows most of the potential side effects of that. Basically, higher risk of blood clots and there are some cancers that it might increase your chances a little bit and there are other cancers where it might decrease your chances a little bit. So it kind of evens out and you just got to be careful for blood clots. For the most part, I’m just happy my skin is clear. And it’s really nice to not have to do anything special for my skin anymore other than take my medicine. You can see my skin is still somewhat oily like not all of my oil is gone, and I still have relatively large pores, but reducing oil and then hydrating your skin, moisturising helps a ton with making your pores look better. So if it bothers you having larger pores like I still kind of have here especially on my forehead using like a face mask for moisturization will help decrease the look of them and then, decreasing your oil if at all possible. That helps. but this is just this is how my skin looks now you just usually can’t tell because a camera is never close enough and the quality hasn’t been high enough until kind of recently for you to be able to tell what my skin actually looks like which is not quite as good as it looks from far away especially if I’m wearing makeup, so yeah, I don’t have a skincare routine my skincare routine is just taking medicine. What works for me may not work for you. You just have to figure out what causes your oily skin and your acne, but because it’s it’s different for everyone, so this may not be helpful, but maybe some of you have the hormone issue and this might help so who knows. Anyway, thank you guys for watching. I hope this was informative. I’ll see you guys later. Byyyeee 😀


  • Marsella D. Fyngold says:

    To be fair though you did list a lot of diff. solutions and possible causes so that does help? Gives people a place to start.

    A quick hint I did learn though: pay attention to where on your face the acne tends to be. In chinese medicine it can tell you which part of your bod internally is having problems, usually in the lower face area/around the mouth is usually hormonally related, around the forehead is stress…..i can't remember what else off the top of my head but def look into it =)

  • Crystal Hyuga says:

    I really appreciate this. We seem to have the same problems and symptoms so I think I’m going to ask my dr about this.

  • bookmouse770 says:

    Doesn't diet play into skin problems? Just asking. My daughter has this problem, it comes & goes.

  • BloodyHearts7 says:

    I take spironolactone too! It saved me from my severe acne. My skin has a lot of scars from the cystic acne though :c

  • pleasantly drifting says:

    Hey Rachel! I know that your intention was not to tell people to necessarily try spironolactone but after listening to your story I couldn't help but notice similarities in our situations. I also take a specific type of birth control pill to help shrink and prevent ovarian cysts(Marlissa), which I have struggled with for years now. I started getting adult acne when the cysts starting flaring up. I was never told about spironolactone as an option and no doctor or derm ever recommended it to me. I finally asked for a prescription and I'm 6 weeks in and the results are amazing. My face is finally free of hormonal acne. I don't have oil pooling up on my face anymore. my pores are starting to shrink and also my mild but embarrassing hirsutism is finally clearing up. I don't know if I would have ever figured it out if I didn't hear your story. Thank you for sharing, this has been such a huge help for me!

  • katerina k says:

    I took the birth control pill as well… and may I say it's my saviour!!!! I had horrible pain for 4 days on my period and bad acne as well… I didn't believe it would do much for either of my 2 problems.. but now i saw it's so effective that I won't stop it

  • sherry Little says:

    I am on Spiro to….ANNNND I am 47-but if I stop using it, total face freak out and I get cystic acne. But that medicine is a miracle.

  • Ludmor says:

    My gynecologist was so not cooperative, I couldn't even get him to test me for PCOS. He just wrote me a "birth control" pill that was intended for messed up hormonal system regulation. (I stopped it after 1-2 month because it ruined my mood unbearably)
    I still don't know if I have PCOS or not.

  • Analee Alford says:

    My birth control is amazing for my acne but I also found that cutting down on dairy products also reduced my acne. It's amazing to think of just how many hormones are put into our food, enough so to affect acne.

  • GrimmSister 415 says:

    I get asked about my skin because I'm a teenager with no acne and they ask what I do and it's just genetics.

  • Grace Subu says:

    My issue with persistent bad breakouts is usually because I just have very little will power to not extract white heads before they’re ready

  • Campmob !! says:

    For me it's just not eating junk food & oily foods the week before my period. I didn't realize this until my late teens, so I tried so many acne treatments & nothing worked when the solution was always so damn easy lmao

  • Volatile Sky says:

    It's totally different for everyone. It took me years to find for me that it's largely diet-related. What I narrowed it down to for myself is dairy products (I assume the lecithin is the main issue in dairy), and food with excessive hydrogenated oils, as well as palm oil. Stress seems to be another one. But it's a long and frustrating process of elimination

  • kotte mauskewitz says:

    Same. The "natural people" videos got to me so I tried a couple of YEARS without birthcontrol.. did not work. 😂🤦at ALL. All I did was spending money on expensive, natural products, I went on diets to cleanse my body, I excluded all diary, gluten, sugar and so on…still acne. Then makeup to cover it..never ending circle.
    So, I'll stay on my birthcontrol 😁😁😁😁🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗🤗
    Great vid!!👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️🤗

  • Victor Aravena Leal says:

    i really suggest to make a small change on the tittle, i totally thought this was about getting clearer skin lighter/brighter/ more white and got all exited because all my father family tends to get dark face/tanned while the body is white snow. sigh xd i dont even walk on the sun and still xd.

  • DMAN D says:

    My skin is dry but I still have pimples 🙁

  • Lexi says:

    I just got off spironalactone and BC for acne. It unfortunately made me real sick this time :/ last time I took them it cleared up my skin but this time…no good

  • C Tran says:

    Idk why this took me so long to watch but I’m so glad to see you talking candidly about your acne journey! I took accutane for a few months and ever since, my skin has been a blessing. I’m 25 and struggled with acne since maybe even 11? Years old. I also took spironolactone but it wasn’t enough for my skin and my dermatologist didn’t want me on birth control if I didn’t have to be. I’m thankful for my journey and extremely thankful I’m at where I am now. Thanks for sharing and letting other people feel less alone. I love hearing other peoples experiences because for many years I thought I was the only one in the world with bad skin.

  • Diana Man says:

    I guess I have the same type of acne because when I stop using birth control pills my skin start to oil more and more and end up being a corn -.- I'm gonna ask for spironolactone next time I go to the dermatologist 🙂 thank you!!

  • Jan Lee says:

    Not sure if anyone asked, but what if you guys decide to have babies?

  • SheWhoWalksSilently says:

    My skin was better as a teenager ironically enough 😑. There’s a variety of things that seem to contribute to my acne 1. Stress (GAD/ADHD) 2. Hormones for sure. 3. Oily foods 4. Facewashing (frequency seems to be better, but my face is Excema prone, so I have to be careful about products)

  • Esma Myren says:

    Rachel if you're reading this: egg whites have been a life saver for me to repair my skin texture. Put it on your face for two hours. Wash it off. I swear to God you'll see a difference the next morning. Also, I'm so sorry about your struggles,I could really tell the subject pained you

  • Ya Zhang says:

    Lol this is the best skin care routine I’ve seen 😂

  • Nicole Kiss says:

    I have a similar spironolactone experience, I also got the bonus side effect on no underarm sweat or BO!! No deodorant for 5 yrs now.

  • tupe xo says:

    I got rid of 3 year long acne problem just by swimimg real hard..

  • tupe xo says:

    Birth controls are very bad for a womens body…it can lead to infertility.
    . So pls.. Don't use it without seeing a doctor…

  • tupe xo says:

    To fix your hormones just do any kind of realy tough physical activity running swimming etc…birth controls are bad for the body… Exercising is the best, safe way.. I bet if your acne are caused by hormonal imbalance…it will work for you 100% …

  • Armadeira says:

    Actually I am glad it works for her but ultimately I think using birth control and spironolactone for a very long time could cause harm to her health… When I used birth control it messed me up badly and I tried different kinds… If you read up on both medications they both have a lot of side effects too… I wish there was a more natural remedy that worked for her…

  • 101 Life says:

    Eat more vegetables? Get rid of pressure in life?

  • BOPIT boo says:

    love you 😘

  • less than mediocre says:

    0:38 Ewww. Yuck! I commend you for your honesty.

  • less than mediocre says:

    1:36 HOLY FUCKIN YUCK! Lol! Sorry dude.

  • 1979 Hellcat says:

    The only time my skin was 100% clear was when I was on chemo n drank nothing but water. I still drink a lot of water but I’m off chemo n on estrogen blocking meds n OMG it’s bad. I was also on hard chemo that threw me into menopause but not all the estrogen was being blocked like it is now so I will never have clear skin.

  • jeanmae sarimos says:

    I am thanful I found this video. I tried it as soon as possible since I saw this. I consumed 10 tabs of 25mg only and my oily face and pimples dried up. I stopped and oily face and pimples came back. Now I stick to it. ❤️

  • GuacaMolly says:

    I have been diagnosed with PCOS and also take Spironolactone for cystic acne! It has helped better than anything I've tried.
    Thank you so much Rachel for this video! This is the most realistic and concise video I have found about acne.

  • Aimi La says:

    I have just asked my dermatologist about Spironolactone and she says it is an option for me! I'm feeling really hopeful, I just hope this works for me! Thank you Rachel for raising awareness of this medication!

  • Kaleiddmode says:

    Birth control for the rest of your life which means no plans to have children….

  • Phonetic Meow says:

    I tried everything when I had acne. I changed so many doctors, all was in vain. Until I just had enough and bombarded acne from every side. I found a good doctor, took medicine internally, followed every prescriptions and finally in three years my battle was over. I still get some small acne before I get period, but no big deal for me. I thank God I can finally look at myself in the mirror and feel confident.

  • Calhaora Lightsbane says:

    Wish I Could do Birthcontrol :/
    But it makes my skin even worse xD

  • Melissa Andrea Gutiérrez says:

    I just started taking Altreno for my acne, a tretinoin lotion. If that doesn’t work by the end of the year, I’d like to switch to spironolactone. You’re the second person I’ve heard rave about it for acne!

  • KP01235 says:

    It took 2 years for my skin to re-balance itself after stopping birth control.

  • Violet Z6 says:

    Spironolactone holistic/natural alternative = "DIM".

  • Cheyenne Hurst says:

    Ok go far because I've whatched thistwice now I get you happy with your skin but if you take birth control for ever do you not plan on having any kids

  • Nasexsav Kifs says:

    I never really had to deal with acne at all as a teenager. I did get blackheads, but they were all hidden behind my long fringe. After growing my fringe out I found when my forehead was uncovered the blackheads cleared up. But my brother got really bad acne. He’s 24 now and even though a majority of the acne has cleared, he does have some pretty bad acne scarring all over his back especially. I think different methods of clearing acne work differently for everyone. Many people claim that cutting out dairy helped them, but chances are it doesn’t work for everyone.

  • Cheryl Reed Rinick says:

    Menopause will fix your hormonal breakouts LOL you might not like the side effects though

  • Sin says:

    I use to wear make up and had terrible acne as well. A fire situation happened, and I stopped wearing it because sweat and make up dont mix, and it helped soooo much, but didnt completely clear me up. Later on, I found out I had a hormone problem, and I cut out dairy and went vegan, and that helped 100% for me. I still get it from time to time, but it happens during a time when I stress out.

  • D. Bryner says:

    Rachel, I'm glad you persisted until you found what works for YOU. Both my daughter and I have taken spironolactone. It has done wonders for her skin. Good for you for finding a liveable routine. Love from Anchorage, Alaska!

  • royalprawn says:

    Also for anyone out there who is stressed about their skin or any other thing.
    Know that you are more than that. You are more than just your skin and hair and stuff 🙂

  • Mandi Moon says:

    I use spironolactone too, works amazingly!

  • Sarah K says:

    My story is so similar to yours! I also have PCOS, and ended up on the same combination of meds to help. I kept nodding along as you explained.

  • Little Fox says:

    I've had the same problem for years. Although it wasn't SUPERR bad, for me it was still bad. Everything disappeared when i started taking birth control (except maybe one strangler sometimes) 2 years ago I quit for a while with birthcontroll pill and tried a spiral however that didn't seem to work at all. So back to birth control pill now and everything is fine.

  • INY says:

    As a person with REALLY oily skin myself, I couldn't agree more when you say that we need to try what works best for each one of us. As an example if I wash my face too much then it gets dry and starts to hurt, if I use products with salicylic acid it makes my skin burn like hell with 0 results and so on. Thank you so much for making such an educational video.

  • HauntedShadowsLegacy says:

    Yoooo, the unsolicited advice is absolutely relatable. So sick of everyone and their great aunt's chihuahua trying to tell me they've got ambrosia. I haven't been on birth control for long (started for ovarian cysts, like you), so I don't know if it'll help me yet. Started the third week yesterday, face still looks like Mount Vesuvius.

    At least if I ever start Spironolactone, I won't have to worry about the potassium thing since I don't even like bananas (nor am I a multi-vitamin evangelist).

  • Kenn says:

    When I started taking birth control, it made my skin a lot better, but my periods would last 10 days, then stop for a week, then come back. I’ll just stick with my bad skin, but I’m glad it worked for you!

  • turgsh01 says:

    Based on the thumbnail, I'd say you cleared your skin with better lighting. Next time try harder.

  • Barbara Botanica says:

    it is everything about food – sugar and carbs feeding acne , cow milk and hyperglycemic fruits too. in general, if we have an inflammation, we need to fast. this is my experience and since I cut out all sugar and industrial made food and grains – I am very healthy for age 64. most people don't realize they have vitamin D3 deficiency – the basic for so many health issues

  • Phoenixgirl 2000 says:

    Only advice i can give because i have acne myself but with my routine im kinda clearing up but im not gonna tell you that because other people will have a different effect probably. I recommend if your using facial wash, if its drying out your skin dont use it because with me and maybe some others it makes me produce a little more oil and its unhealthy for your skin
    Hope i helped just alil :/

  • Ben G says:

    I don’t know why I clicked on this video but now I did. The only trade off here is you are not able to have kids. Is that something you would like to have in the future or you guys are not planning to have children. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I know you have quite a few cats.

  • Hellga Vampenstein says:

    Thank You for sharing ❤️

  • Shogun1982 says:

    The answer: 10:16 *

    *not a solution for guys

    You're welcome.

  • star light says:

    Im acne but really really oily skin and huge ass can see the universe in them..idk how to fix this..if by any chance you guys have the same problem and was able to solve it and please share some tips. Thxx

  • bastarka says:

    poor girl 🙁 <3 i hope your skin get better and you don't need pills to fix that :(((

  • Rose Robinson says:

    Do you ever want to have kids?

  • Margaret Mayer says:

    Rachel….stop!!! Irritating…overkill!!

  • ILoveHorses❤🐎 says:

    I love witch hazel on cotton balls; sulfur face masks (kaolin clay); and a dab of triple antibiotic ointment on any pimple over night. Rarely break out now.

  • TheLaylainlila says:

    Though birth control does definitely help with acne and other skin problems. PLEASE keep in mind that birth control can have a ton of side effects most people aren't even aware of. Women on birth control are more likely to develop depression. Many get migraines, lose their libido and get frustrated in relationships. Most aren't even aware that they are suffering from side effects. There is even a chance of getting a birth control induced thrombosis that definitely could kill you.
    There are some groups of women that are more likely to suffer from side effects than others.
    So please do your research 🙂

  • kokoro37 says:

    Omg same for me!!

  • Heer Syal says:

    I don't want to add to the over-whelming advice you already may have received, but I have found TCM
    to be very effective for my similar health issues
    . Needless to say, I wish you great, good health!

  • Rebeca Macedo says:

    the first thing that i thought when i saw your acne is that thing is a hormonal problem

  • Alexis Veigel says:

    That's what happened to me! I got on birth control and spironolactone (as well as a couple topicals) and everything has cleared up!

  • J says:

    I’ve always been told your skin is a picture of your gut health

  • Amelita Amy says:

    And what if you want to have kids? Or you cant im quite a new to your channel. But anyway so if you want kids you have to quit your medicine and then you will feel unhappy i guess??? I have problems with my whole life and im over 30 yrs now. And the worst advice i have hade is to have sex, like really? F*** of! 🤬

  • Michalina Łata says:

    10:55 „I guess my body just had too much man juice” 😂❤️

  • C R says:

    diet helps the most I found ~ quitting dairy (except eggs), deep fried foods, processed foods, and red meats helped my face clear up the most (you really are what you eat). Also, even though I had oily skin before I still moisturized ~ turns out my face was getting oily before because my skin made more oil to protect itself because I was not properly hydrated and moisturized and eventually my skin stopped making it oily ~ I only get maybe 2 zits a month sometimes if I wear makeup and get too lazy to wash it off before bed

  • NnetTucnak says:

    Should mans try birthcontrol pills too? Will it make my skin looks better?

  • MR Now says:

    Dr Pimple Popper channel has very interesting skin stuff! Blackheads are only blackheads because…??

  • Balut Adelina says:

    same, hormonal related acne and hair loss. In my case, to much estrogen and I can not take the pill because it makes me sick. What works for me is finding ways to lower my estrogen. Be as close to a vegan diet as possible. Dairy is the first thing I cut because it has animal estrogen, then read meat. I also found out that goat dairy does not have the inflammatory effect cow dairy has, so I have that when ever I feel like it. I also take natural adaptogens (ashwaghanda and tulsi). So far, it works, but as soon as I have a piece of chicken, it all comes back with vengeance.

  • Salina W says:

    I never had super bad acne but of course i still had some and still get some occasionally. I have super dry skin and i honestly only really wash my face like once a week. ever since i started taking birth control it definitely has gotten better though. I just dont want to dry out my face or body by washing it every day.

  • Kacie Boyden says:

    Spironolactone is the only thing that worked for my hormonal acne too! I’m so glad that it is helping other people. I wish i had known about it in puberty and so could’ve avoided scarring, but my skin is great now pretty consistently.
    Also low percentage Tretinoin cream helps with scarring and also wrinkles, so that’s a bonus!

  • Noname Garofano says:

    Nice before picture xD

  • I D says:

    For oil production and the look of pores, niacinamide + zinc serums are amazing! They have really low reaction potential and work very well with any skincare routine. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I will never stop using it.

  • Kelley Ernst says:

    I did Spironolactone before birth control and it was amazing… it is a life changing experience to feel comfortable in my skin

  • Charcol's Trash Vlogs says:

    My 'acne' (its not that serious) goes away with cleansing and moisturising. Im very lucky

  • Kamonchanok Tiwattanasuk says:

    Oh thats the reason why you two dont have kids?

  • Zappa Wench says:

    I found the birth control pill "Dianette" really helped clear my acne.

  • Zappa Wench says:

    I think it was very brave of Rachel to make this video. I'm sure it will be found helpful to fellow sufferers from acne and give them hope that there is a solution.

  • Native Things says:

    The region of life plays more role and the ecological situation is very important. If you live in the dirty ecologic region cosmetologist and dermatologists procedures don't help your skin! 😉😊

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