How Has Juicing Changed My Life🍹

hey guys back in another video I had a
question somebody had asked me and I thought I would answer it and it was
right on time because it was something that I had been thinking about for a
long time in regards to how juicing has changed my life and I have more control
over my eating choices because of juicing so when somebody asked me this
question I was like this is right on time very you know appropriate to bring
it up because it’s been over a year me still juicing no I haven’t
when I say juicing I didn’t jus when I mean juice and I don’t need like 540
juice cleanse where I didn’t need any solid foods I continued to juice 32
ounces of juice on a empty stomach before any solid meals which I consider
a meal every single day and it has changed my mindset of how I look at food
it has made me make better choices of how I eat those foods it has made me go
into the grocery store and make better choices of what I pick up to bring home
that are good and what’s bad and days when I have my treat days I have a
better control over knowing that this is short-lived I’m going to have this tree
day and I’m going to keep it moving and that’s going to be it you know back on
to detox and then healing the body I feel as though I have more self control
over myself since doing the juice fasts they usually say it takes about 21 days
to start a good a bad habit and since juicing my clarity’s there my
thought process is on point and I look at even when I’m
like on YouTube stuff that people are eating you know people love eating show
channels and I say to myself that was me I probably wasn’t eating that food in
abundance like they are in these eating show videos or my bangs but sometimes
you know especially if you’re on a sad diet the way prior to how I was eating
from a young kid to an adult was killing me and now I have a better understanding
of that I know what to do to change that so it doesn’t become a health risk to me
or my family and I have and I take an action and I’ve made juice in a part of
my everyday life it has saved my life it has cleanse my body to the point that I
have no cholesterol anymore my pressure isn’t high at all it’s normal never had
diabetes but I’m quite sure I would have gotten it sooner or later the road that
I was going down if I didn’t do that hundred and forty juice cleanse that I
did last year that I continued to do on a regular basis and I’m very mindful of
what I put in my body because I know that my body is a super cleanse and I’m
super toxic and I don’t want to start putting back in my system with I took a
year to get out of my system it’s really hard to come clean the liver the kidney
in the lymphatic system very hard it takes months to at least a good year for
you to stop functioning the way you need to when you stay consistent on your
juicing and eating raw produce I’m not a a plant base you know eater I’m a meat
based eater but I do eat I will say 80% raw in the other 20%
meat base or cooked foods that’s including not just meat but cooked
vegetables as well and my quality of life is better because of me taking a
lot of processed things out of my diet replacing it with 32 ounce juice each
day now I do celery juice so I drink like 24 ounces and celery juice first
then I have my 32 ounce juice after that and you know I’ve want to eat a meal I
try to during the week have salads and if I have proteins I’ll have like
grilled chicken and salmon and I try to stay away from fried and processed foods
and it’s just a good thing overall you just feel so much better when you’re
detoxed and you’re on a consistent basis healing the gut detox and and cleansing
the liver and the kidneys and the lymphatic system you also find that once
you get some type of consistency on this kind of lifestyle you will probably
ultimately end up not being on medications that you once were on when
you were on the sad diet so I don’t want to make this video too long just want to
check in and you know answer any questions that I get time to time in my
videos answer them and make them you know brief and sweet and keep it moving
please leave a like on this video share this video and make it a favorite and
I’ll see you guys in the next video bye for now

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