How do you manage diabetes during the holidays?

How do you manage diabetes during the holidays?

Turkey, giblet gravy, wine, mashed potatoes,
stuffing, green bean casserole, wine, sweet potato casserole, wine, dinner rolls, cranberry
sauce, wine, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and my mother’s favorite (even though I don’t
know what it is) green fluff. These are staples that I’m planning to have
on my Thanksgiving table which don’t even account for snacks that will be served throughout
the day before the feast. American Thanksgiving is famous for its gut-busting
portions and rich dishes, but there are a number of holidays this time of year that
can be just as challenging for someone with diabetes. So, how do you keep to a diabetes management
plan when temptations, travel, and parties throw you off your routine? Here are a few tips to help keep blood sugar
under control. 1) Plan ahead. Are you in charge of hosting a holiday party? Make healthy menu decisions. Are you invited to a party? Offer to bring a healthy dish to share. 2) Mimic your regular routine as much as possible. For example, don’t skip meals to prepare
for a feast. Have your normal breakfast and try to eat
as close to your usual meal times as possible. If the party happens later than your usual
dinner time, try having a small snack at the regular mealtime and cut back when the holiday
feast is served. 3) Be smart about alcohol. Alcohol can interfere with blood sugar levels
and diabetes medications. It also lowers your inhibitions, making you
more likely to overeat. So, if you do choose to imbibe, limit your
intake, sip your drink slowly, and don’t drink on an empty stomach. 4) Beat the buffet. Start the meal with non-starchy vegetables
and low calorie proteins to take the edge off of your hunger. You can also make smart swaps, like skipping
the dinner rolls if you want to eat dessert. On the other hand, if you don’t want to
deny yourself dishes you love, prepare a small plate of your favorites and move away from
the buffet table. 5) Sweat it out. Don’t neglect exercise. If you aren’t getting to the gym during
the holidays, plan on getting in an extra walk after your meal to help offset the calories
and reduce stress. 6) Sleep it off. Staying late at holiday parties often comes
at the price of sleep which can make it more difficult to be mindful of your eating habits,
leading to indulgence and difficulty controlling blood sugar. 7) Check your blood sugar often. Small indulgences may affect your blood sugar
levels in ways you don’t expect. Food digestion and absorption into the bloodstream
takes about two hours, so check your blood sugar about two hours after you’ve finished
eating, and about every hour after that to ensure proper blood sugar control. 8) Start again. Nobody is perfect. If you slip up at a holiday feast, don’t
sweat it! Just get back to your healthy routine the
next day. Alright, to wrap this up … Remember, holiday
celebrations are first and foremost about bringing people closer together. Enjoy the feasts, but strive to make them
about connection and togetherness, and not just about the food. Thanks for watching, if you’d like to watch
our more in depth video on diabetes mellitus, check it out at


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    Thanks for this informative video . I have a qus about another topic . Is there have any relation between ' uncontrolled ' diabetes and insuline resistance or oral hypoglysemic drug resistance ? Plz need a lecture about ' uncontrolled ' diabetes management .

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