Hot Oil Treatment | Triniti Alysse

So, for today’s hot oil treatment, I’m going to use organic extra virgin olive oil, a hundred percent grape seed oil, avocado oil, lavender Jamaican black castor oil, and I also like to use the peppermint Jamaican black castor oil. I love to use the sweet almond oil. I’m going to use tea tree oil for my scalp and, lastly, I’m going to use lavender essential oil to calm my scalp. Once I’m done adding all the oils, I like to put them in a jar of warm to hot water or a bowl of warm to hot water for three minutes and once I’m done, I go ahead and place it into an applicator bottle. Of course I have my hair parted in four sections like I always do. First, I’m going to go ahead and apply the oil onto my scalp and massage it in, (just like how I mentioned in my 10 Tips for Hair Growth and Length Retention) you really want to massage your scalp to stimulate blood flow and stimulate hair growth. So, that’s what I’m doing first. And next, I like to go ahead and spritz my water before I add the oil to the shaft of my hair. It just helps the oil to penetrate my hair a bit better and you’ll see me rubbing it into my hair and kind of squeezing the oil into my hair because it really helps the oil to penetrate my hair strands and I lightly detangle and remove excess shed hair as I do this. And once I’m done, I go ahead and twist up the section and move on to the next. So, the oils that I chose for today’s hot oil treatment all have their own benefits, and I spoke about choosing the right oils and the oils that have the right benefits for you and your hair in my DIY Growth Oil video, (which I’ll link up above and in the description box I’ll leave the benefits to these specific oils that I used today) but feel free to use whatever oils that you have laying around your house or whatever oils that you need to help strengthen you and your hair’s weaknesses. So, when doing a hot oil treatment you can let it sit in your hair overnight, you can do it for 20 minutes to a couple of hours, you can sit underneath the hooded dryer–I personally like to do this right before I wash my hair and use it as basically like a pre-poo treatment so I can go ahead and do a hot oil treatment and detangle my hair before getting into the shower. So, like I said, I like to use hot oil treatments as pre-poo treatments before washing my hair. This is what my hair looked like after I did a hot oil treatment, shampooed, and applied my deep conditioner. I let my deep conditioner sit for about 30 minutes but my hair looks really, really healthy and I can always count on hot oil treatments to like basically get my hair back into formation when I need it. So, yeah, this is what my hair looks like with my deep conditioner in and this is what my hair looks like without my deep conditioner. I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and I’ll see you guys in my next one!

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