Home Remedies For Psoriasis & Scalp Psoriasis Part 2 II सोरायसिस & खोपड़ी सोरायसिस – उपचार भाग-2

Home Remedies For Psoriasis & Scalp Psoriasis Part 2 II सोरायसिस & खोपड़ी सोरायसिस – उपचार भाग-2

Welcome to health care at home In the previous episode i told you some of the applications to be followed in psoriasis & scalp psoriasis. that what all you should apply that with which you can have relief in problem of psoriasis now i will tell you that what all you should take orally with which you can have relief in psoriasis or scalp psoriasis so, take 1 cup juice of Bitter gourd and add 1 spoon of lemon juice in it so, if you will squeeze half of lemon then you will get almost 1 spoon of lemon juice mix it and you have to consume this with an empty stomach. and you will notice that slowly you will start getting relief in psoriasis similarly soak 10 gms of sesame seeds for almost 7 hours After 7 hours drink this water and chew these sesame seeds if you can else you can swallow them like that. by consuming this also you will get so much of relief in the psoriasis similarly you have to mix small spoon of sandal wood powder in 100 ml of water after mixing you have to boil it boil it unless the water is reduced to 50 ml when the water is reduced to 50 ml then add 50 ml of rose water in it and also add some sugar in it and mix it well and strain it and fill this into a bottle. and the water which you have put in the bottle just consume 2-2 spoon in morning and in evening as well. if you will consume this then you will notice so much of relief in the psoriasis . there is one more very effective treatment for psoriasis That is oil of Psoralea corylifolia just take Psoralea corylifolia’s oil and apply this on your effective areas. just apply this oil with the light hands if you start having sore on your body then it means this oil is very strong on your body then dilute it by adding some sesame oil and then apply this and in case there is no sore on your body then you can directly apply Psoralea corylifolia oil with this also you will get so much and so much instant relief in psoriasis you have to use Psoralea corylifolia for about 2 months and within 2 months you will start getting so much of relief in psoriasis similarly you can do one more remedy, take 1 bucket of warm water & add 5 big spoon of rock salt in it mix them well and you have to take bath with this water and after bath apply olive oil on your body where you have psoriasis or apply the olive oil either if you have psoriasis on your scalp or any other part of your body after every third day you have to this remedy so by doing this video also you will get relief in psoriasis one more thing you can do that you can take cabbage leaf if you will wrap it on the affected area even then you will have relief in the psoriasis you can also use apple cider vinegar, just dilute it a bit that means if you have 1/2 cup of vinegar then add 1 cup of water in it and then with the help of sponge apply this on your body and to your infected area after application wait for 10 minutes and then take bath with this also you will get relief in the problem of psoriasis there is one more very good remedy, take 8-10 flowers of marigold crush them and boil them in 1 glass of water boil it nicely and when the water is reduced to half after that strain this water and when its lukewarm then with the help of a cloth you have to apply, rub this for 20-25 min on the infected area with this also you will get relief in the problem of psoriasis in case you have scalp psoriasis then you have to apply this water to your scalp just keep on applying this water with light hands for 15-20 min and you will notice that you will get relief in the problem of psoriasis if you got marigold oil then take 2 drops of marigold oil & 1 drop of oregano oil and mix both of these oil into 4 spoon of olive oil after mixing this just rub or massage nicely with this oil and you will notice that you will start getting relief in the problem of psoriasis you can also make margosa oil this is also very simple and effective take 100 gm of margosa leaves, wash them wipe thoroughly and then grind them after grinding take almost 100 ml of sesame oil put the margosa leaves into a cloth and squeeze them to take out their juice or you can put margosa leaves like that and in case you have prepare their juice then let this juice mix and heat up with sesame oil when this juice is completely burnt and oily is left you have to strain that oil and wherever you have psoriasis either on your scalp, elbow or knee or any other part of your body you have to apply this oil for overnight and sleep. Let this oil for overnight and next morning add some rock salt in lukewarm and take bath with this water and you will notice that within few days you will get rid of psoriasis So, isn’t remedies were very-very easy? and these remedies are effective, so just follow them and get rid of psoriasis Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe the channel, tell your fiends & relatives to subscribe this channel, get the health benefits while sitting at home and support us in our motive, our motive is to maximum number of people get the health benefits at home So don’t forget to share our videos as maximum as you can. Thank You


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    neem ke patte means curry leaves or dat bitter neem leaves???

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    hi sir G i m sakhawat from USA do you have any tips for tmj i have this problum last 7 years when i open my mouth cliking on my one side jaw i talk to doctor he say its cost $ 5000 plz i need your helps thankx alot i love to watch your videos

  • Umesh Kumar says:

    Sir , Can pitta predominant people use Applecider vinegar, and salt water bath ?

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    can you do a video about
    how to loose wait ?

  • Gurveen Bedi says:

    do it quickly please

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    Lymph nodes mai swelling aur pain na hone k liye koi solution bataye plzzzzzzzz🙏🙏🙏

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    How to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss. Kindly reply asap.

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    Thank u so much sir agar ap jab bhi is par episode bataye to ye bhi bataye ki jo lymph nodes stomach mai swelled aur pain ho rahe hai uske liye bhi kya similar solution hai

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    cellulitis or psoriasis are same if different. pls tell me cellulitis remedies

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    sir first of all thanku for sharing the knowledge with us but i need some more i have the same problem of hair fall like other nd m just 21 yr old but but i want to ask for itching in scalp nd i have pain on my scalp or roots on my hair so plz help me sir what can i do for it?

  • Lavy Lavs says:

    Hello Sir, I am 38 year old, I have been Psoriasis patient for years, right now I am taking Ayurvedic medicine for it but, could not understand the proper diet I am pure vegetarian , I avoid garlic also .,I don't drink cooldrinks etc.,I am a south Indian ,My question is some say Urad dal increases this problem some say not and very much confused with correct diet .I am in USA ,suggest me the food.Please help !!!!

  • Hardeep Singh says:

    Hi sir Mai New York actually meri mom ko lichen planus skin disease hai and also Inhe diebeties and blood pressure hai kya aap lichen planus ka ilaj btae

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    sir I am losing lots of hair because of psoriasis plz advice

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    Sir I am a south Indian, you have suggested all liquids ,,what about the lunch and dinner? anything i want to eat these days i want to google ,,,so frustrating!!!! can I eat urad dal in Idly and dosa? and I am using ayurvedic medicine , Dr. said to stop tamarind, jaggary , milk ,coconut, peanuts , sesame seeds etc., so much of confusion so i started eating fada ,,is that ok ? as i said i am confused 🙁 ……

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    Sir, mai do mahine se onion treatment kr rha hu usse mujhe labh to mil rha hai,lekin jo nye baal nikal rhe hai wo bahut patle hai.please koi aisi home remedy btatiye jisse mere bal mote ho jaye

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    Sir,three importance tips use karne se kya mere ball mote ho jayenge,onion & udad ki dal dono ko use kr rha hu , kya mere bal pahle jaise ghane ho jaenge?

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    Sir,maine jo probleme bataya tha ,uska upchar btaiye.6 mahine baad meri shadi hone wali hai aur mai apne naye nikle patle baal ko leker bahut pareshan hu ,onion treatment to kar rha hu, jo mere thin ball hai wo kaise mote honge,aur apne jo tuar daal ka prayog btayatha wo kaise krte hai please help……..

  • Sunil Kumar says:

    sir, mere jo bal patle hai aur jo nikal rahe hai kya wo psoraisis ke lakkchhan hai?

  • Nichole Lopez says:

    Numerous studies have demonstrated that proper dieting plays a crucial part to get rid of Psoriasis.

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    plzzz sir mujhe ye bata dijiye kya ye bawachi ka oil main sir me jaha hua hai waha laga sakta hu..

    isshe hair pe koi side effects to nahi hoga na..

    plzzz sir plzzz reply me ass soon as possible..
    plzz reply me

    main psoriasis ka 6 months se pesent hu

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    sir I have brought babchi tel can u tell me for how many times u have to apply on scalp in a week ? please please tell me its urgent

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    Psoraisis ko door krne aur scalp ko dandruff dhool mitti ko door krne ka koi upay bataye kyu ki onion treatment daily kr rha hu ball to patle nikal rahe hai lekin kujlahat bahut hota hai

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    Dear Sir, how to thin to thick hair , mujhe onion treatment to fayda kar rha hai but naye bal bahut patle hai jiski vajah se mera sir khali-2 dikhta hai plz advise-

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    sir onion ka juice lagane per mere naye aur purane bal fir se jhad rahe hai please advise, can i talk personaly plz give me your number

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    is bimari ka end h ya nhi

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    to ky lemon khaa sakte hai ky .ise avoid kre .plz sir rply

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    I've been researching treating psoriasis naturally and discovered an awesome website at Jeds Remedy Planner (google it if you're interested)

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