Home Remedies For Psoriasis On Hands

Home Remedies For Psoriasis On Hands

Remedy Psoriasis on your Hands hey my friend health guru Mike here with
some natural home remedies for psoriasis now I myself suffered from psoriasis
before as well as I assume you may and let me assure you it is curable and
in this video I’ll provide some natural home remedies that you can use and
they’re easily obtainable easily usable you can also check out the description
box underneath this video for specific information on the natural home remedies
that i mentioned in this video as well as links to resources for them now
before i go into natural home remedies for psoriasis let me explain that you should maintain
hope it is curable now simply applying something to your
skin is not actually going to cure psoriasis it may alleviate psoriasis
some of the things that all explained in this video alleviate psoriasis some of them help heal the underlying
causes of psoriasis but you really need to take a pretty
diligent and internal approach to carry and psoriasis in order to really get rid
of it for good and to that end I do provide a free
course on how to cure psoriasis naturally so you may see in the upper corner of
this video a little icon that you can click for access to my free course on
how to cure psoriasis naturally or also put a link in the description box
underneath this video that you can use to get free access to my course if you
want to use that because in this short video I can’t fit all of the guidance
that you need to cure psoriasis but i will provide some natural home remedies
for psoriasis this video so with that said the first natural home
remedy for psoriasis is coconut oil coconut oil is solid at
room temperature but when it gets a little warm it melts and it melts right
into your skin really easily feels great and it has healing
properties that are good for healing psoriasis and it is also antifungal but
in order to get the most benefit from coconut oil you want to obtain really good quality
coconut oil preferably organic coconut oil so that
is not contaminated with pesticides or herbicides or other poisons which would
cause trouble but you also want to look for what’s
called direct micro expelled coconut oil because there were various
processes used for extracting the oil from the coconuts and you really want
the most pure natural coconut oil that you can get and that available via the
direct micro expelled coconut oil which you won’t find a lot of stores you might be able to find it at some
stores but probably the easiest sources online and i’ll put a link to that
source in the description box underneath this video so you may find as i did that
coconut oil helps alleviate surprises now another one is castor oil castor oil
comes from a seed of the castor plant and you want again you want to look for
organic castor oil so it is pure and healing as possible and I’m providing
info on that in the description box and to meet this video now as far as other natural home
remedies for psoriasis in order to get the most benefit and really have your
best chances of securing psoriasis you have to do that from the inside because psoriasis even though you may
see you know symptoms of psoriasis on the outside of you and actually comes
from the inside out so diet is you know what you eat what
you drink is absolutely key to curing psoriasis so make sure that you’re eating plenty
of vegetables preferably organic ones those will have
the most nutrition and the least toxins so you get the most benefit from that
and also fruits especially berries because they don’t raise your blood
sugar as much as other fruits can so really emphasize those whole natural
fruits and berries and fruits and I’m sorry vegetables and fruits in your diet
and what you want to avoid or minimize our sugar whether you’re drinking and or whether
it’s foods or sauces or other things that you’re consuming absolutely avoid
sugar because it will worsen psoriasis also avoid alcohol that will worsen your
psoriasis if you drink some alcohol and avoid flower because anything made from
white flour is likely to worsen your psoriasis so avoid those junk foods and suites and
you may find that your psoriasis improves over time also a couple of supplements that you
can take that are quite safe and very beneficial for your health overall but
which are also very good for leading psoriasis are flaxseed oil it provides omega-3 fatty acids that
reduce the inflammation in your body and can alleviate psoriasis and i’ll provide
a link to a good source of that in the description box underneath this video
and also probiotics probiotics are little capsules that you take that
replenish the beneficial bacteria that are now truly present in your colon and
oftentimes in cases of psoriasis those bacteria are crowded out or killed by
harmful bacteria or yeast such as candida and to get those beneficial
bacteria back into your colon and serving you well and alleviating
psoriasis you can take capsules of probiotics so i
have had good results with a couple of brands of probiotics through many
probiotics on the markets are not so good so I’ll provide links to the two
brands of probiotics I’ve had good results with and i’ll put that in the
description box underneath this video and again if you’d like my full course
on how to characterize this naturally you can check out the description box
underneath this video and if you like this video let me know by clicking the
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through my channel on youtube and you can also leave me your feedback and your
questions in the comments area of this video and i’ll be sure to write back so
thanks for your time and I hope this was helpful to you


  • Jessica Garver says:

    Mike, my name is Jessica and I was watching your video for my fiance because he is getting worried about the psoriasis on his hand because it is spreading up his arm. He is diabetic with means he needs sugar or he will faint. but u say to avoid sugar. what else can he do to avoid it getting worse?

  • Minati Vishwakarma says:

    Thank you so much! But I would like to know more about the treatment and cure. .

  • Minati Vishwakarma says:

    Mike. ..Please tell me the method of applying coconut and castor oil. .Thanks! ! :))

  • BMJSpitteler says:

    Thank you very much will start using it as it has now spread to my hands and is painful as it bursts the skin open like a deep cut! You do not say what to do with the Coconut / Castor Oils – will go and look on your website. Thanks.

  • Sumit Dutt Sharma says:

    I have literally thought of ending my life because of this disease quite a lot lately but it's You who have brought a ray of hope in my life as of now.

    P.S will follow the coconut oil regime, hope it help!
    Will surely update You after 30 days!

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