Home Made Hair Oil For Dandruff & Scalp Psoriasis II रूसी के लिए घर का बना तेल II

Home Made Hair Oil For Dandruff & Scalp Psoriasis II रूसी के लिए घर का बना तेल  II

Welcome to healthcare at home We have received mails from so many viewers who suffers from dandruff. And they often ask like ” Sir which oil we should use either this one or other? See, there is no authenticity of the oil available in the market as in you & I have not into involved to their preparation process. But yes, if we make the oil at home then we have the authenticity first of all will make with every thing which is clean and washed and will make completely authentic So, come today i will make you teach to prepare oil and home Make it in large quantity & whenever you have dandruff then you can use this oil and specifically in winters we face major problem of dandruff To in winter season make this oil little lukewarm and then apply it on your face You will notice that the problem of dandruff will be no more. So,what all ingredients we require let me tell you Firstly , i have sesame seed oil with me. Will use this Lemon, which is required in lot of quantity Along with this will use gooseberry, I have Bhrahmi Apart from with we will use Margonsa leaves.Dandruff is basically a fungal infection. and margosa leaves works wonders in fungal infection. But how will we use this., We have taken 1 hand full of margonsa leaves and we have grind them into grinder and after that we have strained it from muslin cloth & take out its juice so, here i have margosa juice ready. So way basil also works wonder in dandruff and very good for hairs & skin. So, same way we have taken out the juice of basil, here i have ready the juice of basil. Apart from that we have grated the gooseberry and we have taken out the juice of jooseberry and along with lemon juice, So here it is the juice of 4 gooseberries & 5 lemon juice which we have mixed. This is Hibiscus flower which is called japa Kusum we will also use these 2 flowers And along with i have bheemseni Camphor and if you have dandruff in summer season, then add this camphor it will make your head chill. Apart from that we will put gel of fresh Aloe Vera, this is also very good for your hairs. So, let us start making the oil for dandruff. So firstly. In a deep dish pan put 100 ml Almost Sesame seed oil What all process we are doing that has to be done on the low flame If you are using gas or any other equipment then put the flame on completely low And the moment the oil is heat up lightly, then here I have bhrahmi leaves What we have to do , will chop them finely into this Use bhramhi leaves or powder in your food for your hairs & brain It works wonders And same way Here I have the flowers of japa kusum will take them also Will chop them and then will put them so that we got fullest extract it works wonders for your hairs. And let it burn And now will squeeze the juice of fresh lemon, however we also have the juice of gooseberry and lemon juice And this lemon is also very useful in the dandruff problem So we have to us the lemon juice as per the quantity of the oil And now in this we will add the juice of 1 hand full of margosa leaves With this any type of you skin or hair problem , any fungal related problem It also works wonder for those who problem in their scalp So, here the juice of margosa leaves goes into the pan And let is cook for a while, will stir it a bit So that all the ingredients may leave their extract And we have to cook them till the time all liquids added by us That all will burn, stick to the bottom and oil will float So, margonsa leaves juice is mixed and now will the basil leaves juice And give it a mix also Moment is got cooked a bit then will add gooseberry in it And lemon juice which we taken out it contains 4 gooseberry and 5 lemon juice So, this will also goes in this, Gooseberry is very good for your hair Not only dandruff but for the other problems like who have hair fall This also works wonder in that, so here the juice of gooseberry and lemon goes in it So, for making this oil we have taken 100 ml of oil and 100 ml juice of lemon has added on And now once again give a mix to all this And after that Will add aloe Vera in this Take out the piece of Aloe Vera This way you have to cut out the sides Since it has cactus on its side And take out its upper layer And after that its gel We have to use the gel Carefully, take out it gel out And cut the gel this way, so that it get dissolve easily And put this aloe vera gel into this And after putting gel we have to cook it up till then, as you can see the surf This surf will disappear and oil will float on this This can even take ½ n hour Or it can may take bit longer, as it depends on the quantity So we have to leave it for ½ minutes till the time oil floats You can mix it in between if you want What all ingredients we have used in this , their extract will be in this oil And all these ingredients works really wonders for your hairs & dandruff For any type of dandruff, make this oil apply it in the night and then wash it off next morning If you will regularly use this oil for 3 months then you will notice that dandruff will ruled out from its roots You need not to use any shampoo Yes, people do ask me that which shampoo we should use? You may use any tupe of shampoo, although in next episode will teach you how to make shampoo The authentic shampoo which is very good for your hair Will make the shampoo which has no added chemicals But till the time we are not doing the episode on shampoo, I have a advice for you If the gooseberry is in season & you are using any type of shampoo in that Then add 2 spoons of gooseberry juice and if you don’t have this then add 2 spoons of lemon juice Then only use that shampoo and will let this cook For almost ½ n hour minimum till the time oil floats on upper layer And after that will add some bheemseni camphor in this and let it cool, strain and then oil for dandruff will be ready,. So, from the last 1/2 n hour this oil is getting cooked and as you can see the oil is separated And what all ingredients we have added they have become like a layer and floating. Put them on the side as their extract is in the oil so, now what? will add a small piece of Bheeseni camphor in this This camphor gets melt in the hot oil very fast, Now put the flame off and let this oil get cool down and after that get it filled up in the glass bottle and whenever you have the problem of dandruff or you have any type of fungal infection in your scalp, you use this oil you will notice that within few days your dandruff problem or any problem related to scalp fungal you will start getting relief in that. So, isn’t the remedy was easy? Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe the channel, Tell your fiends & relatives to subscribe this channel, get the health benefits while sitting at home and support us in our motive, our motive is to maximum number of people should get the health benefits while sitting at home So don’t forget to share our videos as maximum as you can. Thank You…


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