Herbal & Natural Remedies : Herbal Cures for Armpit Sweat

Herbal & Natural Remedies : Herbal Cures for Armpit Sweat

The first thing that I would recommend is
for you to utilize sage. You can find it in herbs at the local store, and also in the
form of a tea, and you can just dump it in cold or hot water, and drink it either hot
or cold; the way you prefer. Within two hours you should feel a tremendous difference, and
that will last you up to one week after you drink the the sage. Number two; peppermint
drink with tea as well. You can mix fennel and lemon balm, and here I would just mix
it with cold water very easily. And same thing as the sage earlier. You drink it. It’s and
regulate the heavy sweats. Last thing that I would do is tea tree oil. All you need to
do is very little of it that you can just apply with your fingertips under your armpits.
And here for demonstration purposes I’m going to just put some here on my hands. If you
have sweaty hands you can also do the same thing. And all you need to do is put a little
bit on your hands and then rub it in very nicely like this, and let it penetrate your
skin very nicely. And then you can rinse off. And that’s all you need to do. It’s as simple
as that. I hope this tip, these tips will help you with your condition. I’m Isabelle
Simon, your personal and workplace wellness consultant. Talk to you soon.


  • Crose25 says:

    I Sweat all over and i dont have to do any thing, i was wondering would this work over the body. its hard to work in out door weather whne your a heavy Sweater a little cold brease to some people is really cold to a heavy sweater

  • sum41Rck says:

    @RentHead711 hahaha holy shit does that mean all teens are diseased?! O:

  • Alexander Oliveira says:

    There’s a relatively new method that can also help you stop sweating within 48 hours if nothing else has worked for you. I can’t quite remember the URL so be sure to google it!

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