Helping Kids with Severe Eczema

Helping Kids with Severe Eczema

Severe eczema is an allergic disease
that can rob a child of a normal life. Constant itching makes sleep nearly impossible,
infections are common, and even breaking a sweat can make the condition worse. Josh Milner and Kelly Stone, physician scientists at the National
Institutes of Health, or NIH, study people with severe eczema to better
understand, prevent, and treat the disease. Most of the patients who we see are
basically desperate. They’ve been to multiple, multiple different physicians. They are often covered, to some extent
to another, from head to toe with itchiness, heavy rash in certain areas over their skin, weeping rashes, bleeding rashes
that leave blood on their sheets every single night. Many of these patients literally have
not gotten a good night’s sleep from the
day that they were born. Kids with severe eczema come to
NIH for evaluation and may receive wet wrap therapy, which
includes three baths a day. Here, Shannon Dougherty covers her
6-year-old son Logan with wet towels to keep his skin moist. Each bath is followed by an application of
topical medicine and moisturizer that is sealed in with wet cloths. I have never seen his skin this clear, except maybe at birth. It’s always
been red and itchy and flaky and just he’s been a miserable child, and his personality has changed as well in these past three days. He’s happy. He’s smiling. He gets up and dances
and tells jokes and just, you know, the kid that I’ve really been missing. NIH researchers have found that wrap therapy
combined with education on daily skin care can lead to rapid and long-lasting
improvements in eczema. Logan’s skin has almost cleared, and his
mom will receive an action plan to address any flare-ups after they leave NIH. What we’re teaching them to do is to control those flares at home. But by getting the disease under control with the wet wrap therapy, we’re able to maintain
that control much better. Wet wrap therapy and home skin care also
changed the lives of the Allen twins, Nicole and Tony, who came to NIH with severe eczema from head to toe. Their skin improved dramatically after
two weeks of wrap therapy. To show their gratitude, they made the team
a scrapbook of their remarkable progress. We actually got our life back;
we couldn’t do anything. We were inside on the couch. They couldn’t really go to school. It was really bad then, but then we got back, they could do more sports. I mean there’s still little things we’re working on,
but they’re definitely 70 to 80 percent better than what they were before.


  • scalab1 says:

    Almost made me cry. I know about the itching 24 hours a day. It is painful for a parent. Keep finding the cures. God Bless!

  • Rep. Hopper says:

    The problem I have always had is that just being in most hospitals for a while cleared up my eczema. Being the starile environment was in and of itself enough. The only exception to that was a stay at Dartmouth Hospital in NH. It was in the old building and the area I was in was in the basement and it was damp.

  • Michael Broot says:

    This is a very touching video, heartbreaking yet optimistic. It is very rewarding to hear about recovery with the wrap therapy. A recent article on eczema in children explores some additional treatment of symptoms, mostly outside of a hospital setting: theeczemaspot . com/eczema-in-children/

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  • Thomas Johnson says:

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  • Nicole Erin says:

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  • Sunya Sumayyah says:

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  • Mason RobertsTV says:

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  • Olivia Yeomans says:

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