Health Benefits Of Bone Broth | For Daily Use

Health Benefits Of Bone Broth | For Daily Use

In this video, I’m going to teach you the
health benefits of Bone-broth. Hi, I’m Dr. Zyrowski from If you’re new to the channel than it is such
a pleasure to have you here. Be sure to subscribe and hit the little bell
notification if you want to excel your health and your life and you’re going to be well
on your way. In this video, we’re talking about the health
benefits of bone broth. When I first started my health journey, bone
broth was one of the first things that I discovered and started utilizing and even use it today. It’s something that I find to be very helpful
for so many different aspects of overall health. Now simply put what bone broth is, is you
take beef bones, you take chicken bones, and you take those bones, throw them in a pot
boiling first 24 to 48 hours. A lot of the nutrients come out of those bones
and then you consume that. Now you also can throw some onions in some
garlic, some herbs. Really get it to the taste that you like,
and then from there, you’re going to get all the benefits that we’re going to talk about. Now, bone broth is something that has been
used in ancient Chinese and Jewish medicine for years, and it still works well today. It’s one of those things that just is very
effective. Right now it’s a very popular topic and I
figured I better share some information on it considering it’s something I’ve used for
so long. Now what we’ll do is we’ll talk about all
the benefits that bone broth has and then also talk about some of the nutritional components
of bone broth that actually gives you these different results. So first let’s talk about gut health. So bone broth boosts your gut health. Now there’s so many people suffering from
gut conditions, you know, just because of the diets that people are eating today in
the poor quality of food and all the different toxins that are on the food is tearing down
our gut lining, tearing down our guts. And there’s so many issues out there like
leaky gut. There’s so many issues whether it’s dysbiosis
or ulcer, any of these different conditions out there, many people are suffering. So if we want to actually go and heal the
gut and actually boost our gut health, bone broth is a really good way to do it. One of the reasons it works so well is because
it has collagen in it. Collagen is a structural protein that really
is going to help support the gut lining and lay down new lining in order to actually reverse
problems like leaky gut. Now, the other reason bone broth works so
well for gut health is because it has Glycosaminoglycans in it. Essentially what this does is also aids in
overall gut health, and so if we want to improve our gut health, by all means, be sure to utilize
some bone broth. Next is it improves joint function. OK? When we look at aging, you know, one of the
things that happens with agings is our joints start to break down. If you’re an athlete, then also you want to
support your joints. The reason that bone broth functions and works
so well to support joint health is because it has glycosaminoglycans in it. Glycosaminoglycans are going to really work
to support overall joint health. They’re going to support the connective tissue,
the muscle tissue and all the tissue around the joint. Now when we look at joint function as well
and joint health, glucosamine is very important for supporting the cartilage. Bone broth is rich in glucosamine, which is
going to support the cartilage, the elbows, and the knees, and all these different joints. Now the next thing is, is bone broth supports
skin health. Now everybody wants to have good youthful
looking wrinkle-free skin and as we age, what happens is we actually start to lose the elasticity
in our skin. You know, when we look at people who have
a lot of cellulite, it’s due to a lack of Collagen in the skin. So if we actually want to have good quality
skin health, bone broth is a really, really good in supporting that. And the reason it does so is because one,
it has the Collagen and also it has hyaluronic acid in it. And so these components both really support
skin health. So if you want to look youthful, you want
to keep wrinkles down, you want to support your skin elasticity, bone broth on a daily
basis is going to really help support that. Next bone broth boosts your immune function. You know, when we think back to as kids, as
you know, our grandmothers gave us soup made from the bones of the beef or the bones of
the chicken. Essentially what happens is we’re boosting
our immune system in order to help us get well. And it wasn’t until later on in life that
that really clicked for me like, oh my goodness, you know, that soup was there for the purpose
of the bone broth coming from it. So if you’re getting Campbell’s and all these
different soups out there, you’re not gonna get that same benefit. The reason that bone broth will boost your
immune function is because it’s going to do many good things to support gut health. Now when we support gut health, we also support
immune function as well. And so if you want to boost your immune system,
be sure to use bone broth. Now, last, if not least, musculoskeletal health. Overall bone broth is going to support musculoskeletal
health. It supports the anabolic process in muscles,
it supports the joints, it supports the cartilage, the connective tissue. In every one of these ingredients right here,
though they do some other great things for the body, but they overall support musculoskeletal
health. So as you age, if you want to age gracefully
and you want to preserve your skin health, your joint health, your gut health, your immune
system health, bone broth is all very important for that. It has so many of these different great ingredients
in it. Anything from Collagen to minerals, I mean
how many people are deficient in nutrients that are found right in bone broth like magnesium
and potassium and calcium. You know these things all do great things
for overall musculoskeletal health. Now, if you want to learn more on how you
can actually boost your gut health and your immune function, be sure to check out my playlist
on gut health because it’s going to give you all the details necessary in order to improve
gastrointestinal health. And guys be sure to implement this right here
into your lifestyle because it’s very beneficial. You know my wife and I will make a big crock
pot of bone broth at the beginning of the week. We’ll use it all week. We’ll make soups with it, stews, chicken noodle
soup, and even I use bone broth for fasting. That’s going to be the topic for another video,
but I use bone broth for fasting, weight loss, all types of different things. So be sure to implement this into your lifestyle
and you’re going to get the benefits that we just talked about right here. Other than that, guys, be sure to subscribe
to the channel. Check out my other videos in order to improve
your health. If you could give this video a thumbs up and
post any questions that you have in the comment section below, I’d love to answer those questions
for you and until next time guys, make it a great day.


  • Alchemi Azazel Goddess says:

    Why that length of cooking time? Can you use the bones more than once? Thank u

  • Linda ola says:

    Great for fasting thank you

  • William Lozano says:

    started drinking  a cup a day between my 8 hr window of fasting.  Taste just like chicken bones!  Great ancient stuff and understanding!  Thanks Doc!

  • Tanja Ward says:

    I’ve just started drinking this every day this week, but it’s one I’ve purchased. Do you have a recipe/instructions for yours? Thanks, great information!

  • Samantha Merkau says:

    I made this when the flu was running through my house. It truly is amazing.

  • Oscar Winkelaar says:

    Bone broth? Why not call it Russian Borscht?

  • Fadia Sydney says:

    Very useful information, I will start from to day, thank you very much

  • KrisS8528 says:

    What do you recommend for ulcerative colitis?

  • SGT Stefykay says:

    So bone broth is Ok while fasting?

  • fadia k says:

    why is the cooking so long? Can someone actually leave something on the stove to cook for 24hrs? At what level do we cook it on? high, medium , low, simmer?
    Thank you

  • MERA ISHQ True Love Lyrics and urdu poetry says:

    How can I use bone broth for unbalance hormone? Because when I use bone broth one cup a day. It heat my body. Why?please answer me ?

  • Juanita Weaver says:

    Can you buy healthy bone broth in the store

  • Holistically Clean&Clear says:

    I made my first batch a couple of days ago which resulted in a beautiful gelatinous broth. I made my second round yesterday and no gelatin! The only difference is I actually roasted my bones this round but I did use about almost 1 pound less of bones…with the same amount of water. Could the less amount of bones have been the issue? Also, even if it’s not gelatinous, is it still healthy and full of nutrients? Thank you, Lola.

  • Hitesh Bellani says:

    Hi are you on fb or instag

  • Keabetswe Machailo says:

    How long can you keep the broth in the fridge before it looses nutritional value? i want to make it once a week and keep drinking the rest from the fridge.

  • Julie Mcglinn says:

    Hi Dr Nick, how much bone broth should you consume daily to see benefits ? Jules

  • Online guy says:

    Can you provide any scientific double blind studies that are not funded by bone broth companies to back up any of the claims you make because until then this truly sounds like another snake oil product to me?

  • Richelle Ortega says:

    Can i take bone broth while doing IF 16:8?

  • Richelle Ortega says:

    And is it necessary to boil the bone 24 hours? Can i not take bone broth even i just boil it for 2 hours? Is there a difference at the nutritional.content

  • LS Dagri says:

    Dr. If you put carrots and celery to the broth, do you blend them with the broth and drink it or just drink the broth without them?

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  • Bismillah Beginnings says:

    Hi, what time of day is best to drink this? Morning? Empty stomach or later in the evening/night? Thanks.

  • Sharon Phillips says:

    When we make it ourselves…Are you supposed to skim the fat off the top or drink it with the broth? When it becomes gelatinous, does it thin when reheating? Or do you “eat” the gel? I’m new to all this, please help

  • Christine Breecher says:

    What kind of doctor are you? Are you a medical doctor, a PHD or what?

  • KoKo De Castro says:

    So interesting! I’ve been eating bone broth my whole life never knew how good it is for you. Thank you for sharing

  • MB Stephens says:

    Never boil your bone broth.

  • rosedragon108 says:

    question about using bone broth with IF. … and why it wouldn't stop my fast? going DAILY 18=20 hrs and OMAD.

  • Dennis Sievers DC,RCRD says:

    Hey Nick better see Dr Grundy bone broth on U tube
    I believe his take, collagen doesn’t target your joints, broken down amino acids do. No peer review articles on benefits
    Nothing but anecdotal stuff. Collagen very hard to digest

  • Amy De Paulis says:

    Does the bone broth fast kick you out of Ketosis?

  • Sandy A says:

    Hi do you have to use organic meat/chicken

  • mariacarolinaortiz says:

    I’m doing the bone broth, but since the first day (this is my second day) I have been having a headache.
    I’m drinking like a liter and 1/2 of water, what do you suggest Doctor?

  • Stuart Richards says:

    Hey great video, i just wondered, how often can this be done?

  • jim kline says:

    I've heard to stay away from bone broth, because of all the toxins that are in the bones of those animals, such as lead, and now your consuming it, I really would appreciate your opinion on this, thank you

  • G G says:

    Can we use the pressure cooker instead of this long time?

  • SuLebo215 says:

    Do NOT BOIL !!!!!! It will destroy nutrients and collagen. Simmer at no more than 180 degrees.

  • aliswonderland says:

    If you have IBS you can't add garlic or onion. Is that still fine and does it help with IBS?

  • J T says:

    Dr.Nick if I am using a pressure cooker, how long should I cook the broth for?

  • Kelly Clover says:

    Is the bone broth they sell at supermarkets any good? I have bought 1 quart containers of beef bone broth at Walmart many times.

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