Healing MS with Water-Only Fasting and Optimal Diet

Healing MS with Water-Only Fasting and Optimal Diet

Hi, this Loren Lockman. I’m coming to you from
the Tanglewood Wellness Center I’ve been asked to talk a little bit
about Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Is there a way that people with Multiple Sclerosis
can heal? because MS is one of those conditions that the medical people say it’s incurable,
it’s progressive, it’s going to get worse, the body’s
attacking itself and there’s nothing that they can do rather than to treat symptoms. Let me tell you a little bit about my experience with MS,
I don’t have a tremendous amount of experience I think I’ve worked with 6 people over the last 15
years with MS, and I’ll tell you about a few of them today The first one was a woman who was introduced to
me by her employer, her conditions had
progressed until the extent and surely wasn’t capable of working anymore,
and she didn’t know what to do about it and her employer came here to me and said:
“could you help her?” and so she referred her employee to me. The woman at that time was not
willing to fast, she was afraid of it,
she wasn’t sure if she could do it whatever it might have been. So I coached her
instead on making radical changes to her diet and essentially adopting a fruit and simple leafy
greens salad diet. So she lived on only fruit
and only simple greens salads and that might sound crazy, I’ve been doing exactly
the same thing for over 20 years now and what happened was within about 6 months,
this woman felt so good she was able to go back to work and had basically eliminated almost all her symptoms,
in just 6 months time by changing her diet but that does not work for everybody, but in her case,
because most of what it was going on for her had not advanced so far that was still
a succesful strategy. The second person I will tell you about was a very
interesting and dramatic situation. This was a
woman that came to me in her mid 50’s or early 50’s perhaps and her MS had progressed until the extent that
she could no longer lift her right leg, so she would
walk dragging her right leg behind her and it was an interesting thing because our last
location in the United States, this is our forth location, over the last 15 years our last in the US, was a 3 storey building where
you came in on the middle level and we had only
2 guest rooms on that walking floor and we had 5 uptairs and 2 downstairs, and we had
4 other guests who were in worse conditions
to taking stairs than she was so she actually winded up meeting to the uptairs,
and at the beginning of her fast it was fine,
she would walk up the stairs she would lift her right leg with both of her hands
and put it on the next stair. By the time
she was about 10 days into her fast, she was too weak to do that, and one of my employees
or I would phisically carry her up or down the
stairs everyday, up to multiple times a day By the time she completed her fast, she fasted with
me for 32 days, and in these days consuming only water, no juices, no supplements, no anything else, 32 days
only water, and what happened as a result of that by the time she was complete with her fasting and 10
days of refeeding she was walking up and down the stairs without needing to lift her leg with her hand, she
was lifting her leg under her own power, using her leg
the way it was designed to be used by the first time in several years, and that was very exciting thing. The last person I’ll talk about today was another
woman, and this woman was a professor
in the California University system University of California, Berkley I think. She was a
professor there, she actually had very few phisical
symptoms but her MS had progressed until the extent that she could no longer think clearly, and what
this meant was she wasn’t able to teach, she winded up
taking a little retirement because she simply wasn’t capable of doing her job anymore, so she came
to fast and she had intended to fast for 32 days,
based on my coaching I said to her: “This is a very serious situation, in order to completely
reverse this, you’re gonna want to spend
at least 32 days fasting” and that was what she agreed to do, so she was going
to spend 6 weeks at the center as the last
one that I mentioned to you but she came with 3 other women that she knew
and each of them were only intended to spend
4 weeks at the center, on the 20 first days each of those other 3 were about to
break their fast the next morning the woman with multiple esclerosis came to me and said:
“I’m gonna break my fast tomorrow too and I’m going
to leave next saturday when my friends leave” and I pleaded with her not to do that, because
I was confident that would not be in her best interest but she wouldn’t be persuaded, she missed her
husband and she wanted to go home, and importantly
she said to me: “I came here because I had no mental clarity, and I’m
now thinking more clearly than I have for at least 10 years, I completely accomplished
what I wanted to accomplish” my response to her was that,
let me ilustrate it for you. We’ve all heard about
the straw that breaks the camel’s back So if we imagine there is a camel that one last straw,
maybe the 10.000, who knows,
the straws on the camel’s back caves in, if the camel’s back had a spring in it and could pop
that up, if we took one straw off at
that point, what would happen? it would go right back to where it was before.
I explained to the woman, to this client with MS
that her symptoms were perhaps only one straw away from returning,
although she was thinking as clear as ever
that maybe she wanted to keep going so that she could take as many straws off the camel’s
back as possible, again, she wouldn’t be persuaded.
She broke her fast, she went home, she was doing great, she was thinking clearly.
What happened though was that over the
following 2 o 3 months, and maybe her choices weren’t optimal, whatever it was,
about 3 months later she sent me an email,
she said: “Loren, now I understand what you were trying to tell me”, she said:
“my symptoms have come back, my back was like it
was before, not as bad but has come back to certain extent that I realise I should have fasted longer”,
and she winded up coming back about a year
after her first fast, and she completed a second fast as intended, and until these days, 4 o 5 years later,
she has been doing fantastically well, thinking clearly, functioning as well as possible,
because when she got home that second time, having had that first experience she followed
the coaching that she got about maintaining an optimal diet, and the other lifestyle
choices as well as possible. Having seen this 3, just talking about these 3
particular people with Multiple Sclerosis, I’m confident that almost anybody now,
it’s entirely possible that someone has a condition, any condition that progressed long enough
and has deteriorated enough, maybe there will be some aspect that is not completely reversible,
but we never know who or when that’s gonna be. I approach every situation as if our amazing body
can completely cleanse and heal itself, if it’s given the opportunity,
and MS and almost every other so-called
incurable disease are no exception, the body can handle these things
if it has the right opportunities. If you or someone you know is
dealing with Multiple Sclerosis, you may want to consider finding a place
where you feel comfortable with it, that you believe in and that you trust,
and go and do a supervised water-only fast, because there is no more powerful way with this
or any condition to allow your body to be in conditions
in which it used to cleanse and heal itself. Thanks


  • Loren Lockman says:

    That's great Liz! Thanks for spreading the word. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help your clients.

  • Loren Lockman says:

    Sure Greg! It would be wonderful if you could help share the message. Thanks amigo.

  • Bodhi106 says:

    what do you think about dried fruits? Like driend mango organic and dried unsweetened bananas? I guess sweet potato cooked is not good nor is veganaise. These are my foods!!

  • Loren Lockman says:

    Hi Bodhi, I think the foods you've mentioned are far from ideal. Most people are very dehydrated & consuming anything dried only adds to that issue. Also, because the sugar in dried fruit is much more concentrated, dried fruit has a much higher glycemic load = drives your blood sugar up. Mango has a low GL @ 8, dried mango, high GL @ 24, 3x higher! Bananas are moderate GL @ 12, dried, much higher.

    Cooking carbs creates carcinovenic acrylamide. All processed foods are crap.

    Fresh is best!

  • Colleen Wilson says:

    what if someone is on ms meds?

  • Loren Lockman says:

    I don't fast people who are taking medications, and wouldn't encourage anyone to fast while on any drugs. The folks I've fasted have weaned themselves off of the MS drugs and then fasted. And as is true with many conditions, after fasting most need no drugs…

  • Colleen Wilson says:

    Ok, thanks for the info. I've fasted many times, but a friend of mine is extremely depressed over her MS and willing to try anything at this point so I'll see if she is willing to wean her self off of her meds I suppose

  • Loren Lockman says:

    Feel free to have her contact me if I can help. She has a very good chance of being able to eliminate MS if she's willing to do what she needs to do…

  • LAURA OCHOA says:

    I have multiple sclerosis and currently on Rebif and low dose naltrexone. Is it not recommended to do the fasting (at all?) while on the medication. I'd like to start this program, maybe for the weekend at first, to start conditioning myself. I've diagnosed w MS since 2004 at age 16. I'm having sensory problems on my right leg, foot, and hand, have had optic neuritis since December 2011. And have lost central vision in my left eye.
    Please advise me!!

  • LAURA OCHOA says:

    I want to do something about because copaxone didn't do anything after a year of daily use. Just started with Rebif but there's nothi g that guarantees a complete recuperation or stop to MS.

    Please advise to what to do

    Thank you

  • Loren Lockman says:

    Yes Laura, it is Not recommended to fast while on any medications. And fortunately, because our bodies are designed to fast, there is no need to "condition yourself" or work up to a longer fast. Many of my guests never fasted before coming to Tanglewood and their first fasts were 21-42 days.

    Given the severity of your symptoms, I would encourage you to create the possibility for a 6-week visit as soon as possible as you will need to fast for 30 days to see the kind of healing you need.

  • Loren Lockman says:

    Arrange to come to Tanglewood on Nov 10, 17, 24, or Dec 1 (the last day you can come to have enough time this next session.) The drug co.s and drs don't even pretend that these drugs will ever heal you; they won't. The body heals itself when it has the chance & drugs only suppress symptoms & make the body more toxic. They are never the way to health.

    There's a good chance you can regain your health & you need to give your body the chance to heal itself that only fasting/complete rest offers.

  • LAURA OCHOA says:

    how long before I start fasting should I stop the medicine??
    I am a Master student, I have classes twice a week, I go to the gym at least 5 times a week, is it recommended with this schedule to start fasting ASAP?

  • Loren Lockman says:

    I'm not sure I understand your ?…while fasting, one needs to rest completely, & in order to see a massive shift in the condition, most people need to fast at least 30 days…something that really requires experienced fasting supervision. My advice: figure out how you can take 6 wks off & get yourself to a fasting center. I know it's a big deal, but we are talking about the most important thing: your health. I can't give advice on meds, but most wean off & stop just before coming to fast.

  • maciej wrotek says:

    sounds similar to hydration of dr batmanghelidj

  • Loren Lockman says:

    Thanks for your comments maciejrotek. I certainly learned much from Dr Batman and his book, but unlike his way of treating people — which I would suggest is a typical medical approach, treating the symptoms only — what we do here gives the body a chance to cleanse and heal itself so that it is then able to become fully hydrated.

  • Loren Lockman says:

    Hi AA, I usually dress my salad by simply chopping up an avocado and mixing that in, but there are an infinite number of possible simple dressings that one can make with two or three ingredients that take no more than 5 minutes in a blender. An example: the juice of a couple of oranges and a half-pint of rasberries blended together makes a delicious, simple dressing. Get creative!

  • Loren Lockman says:

    Hi QS, In an ideal world, one would eat as close to as optimally as possible for at least a few weeks before coming. By eating as well as possible prior to fasting one will get a head start on the process, & therefore, can accomplish more overall. Eating well also allows one to insure that the digestive tract is functioning as well as possible which means that one will be more comfortable while fasting. Though there are clear advantages, even if one eats poorly, they still benefit from the fast.

  • Theresa vasendin says:

    hi my nephew has ms where can he go to get better

  • Loren Lockman says:

    Hi lafi211! We're located in beautiful Costa Rica now & can take your nephew through this amazing process so that he can regain his health.

    Our space is limited & usually booked in advance, so contact me at info at TanglewoodWellnessCenter to get him registered as soon as possible. We book by the week in one-week increments & our next two sessions are March 9 to May 11 & August 3 to October 5. We still have a little bit of space available.

  • circlebabe says:

    What if you're already REALLY thin, how can you fast for 32 days, no foods, supplements, juices, only water?

  • Loren Lockman says:

    Hi circlebabe. If you use either supplements or juices you won't l get the same benefits… But almost everyone has 6-8 wks of reserves, even when very thin. Very lean people simply go through their reserves more slowly. If you'd like to pm me with your height and weight you can. If you have body fat measurements, great. If not, send me photos that give me a chance to see how you look. I can give you a pretty good idea that way. I've fasted many very lean people for as long as 42 days or more.

  • Loren Lockman says:

    Done Amanda! And thanks for your patience…I always forget to check the "other" box…

  • JohnW says:

    Hello Loren, Hey just a quick question, is the reverse osmosis water you can get at the local supermarket O.K. for fasting ?

  • Loren Lockman says:

    Hi riadozee! If you mean R/O water in plastic, than the issue is primarily the bottle itself. All plastic breaks down w/time & faster if exposed to heat/light. If the stores have machines that make r/o & you can fill your own bottles, that's probably fine. If you're in a position where you don't have access to pure spring water & buying an r/o filter isn't currently an option, than you do the best that you can, even though it may involve some compromises. I hope this helps! Namaste, Loren

  • JohnW says:

    Yes Loren they do have the machines that you fill youself. also I'm going to put that water in a berkey filter and drink it from there. Thanks for your help bud, John

  • Loren Lockman says:

    Sure thing John! Glad to help whenever I can.

  • mrcircle says:

    I have MS and my own water distiller. How much outside supervision do I need?

  • Loren Lockman says:

    Quite a bit mrcircle. The process is tricky and can be very difficult, potentially harmful, and even dangerous when you don't complete understand what you're doing. I would find a qualified/experienced water-fasting center that you trust/resonate with and get yourself there. It's both too important and too potentially dangerous to get it wrong. With MS, you'll likely want to fast at least 26 days, which is roughly 20 days longer than anyone really ought to do alone. Let me know if I can help.

  • Loren Lockman says:

    You're very kind myiphonerocks3gS! Thanks for you comments.

  • Wonderboy says:

    I needed to watch this. doctors diagnosed me w Transverse Myelitis (similar to MS) and I just found out about water fasting. I just finished day one and am attempting a 10 day fast! Are there great results for only 10 days?

  • Wonderboy says:

    Thanks loren, I have watched many of your other videos to see you do recommend 26-32 days of fasting to give your body enough time to heal. I'm actually considering doing that now. I've heard of fasting my whole life and know it's Biblical, but never paid attention to it until now… this seems be the holy grail to healing:) haha. I'm w my mother relaxing, and may contact you. This is amazing information.

  • SUASTE says:

    Hello Loren,
    I am a huge fan of yours and I really appreciate you taking the time to make all these wonderful videos, they are very informative, educational, and helpful. I just completed an 18 day water only fast and I have experienced great things, however, I didn't allow for my body to cleanse itself completely and I would like to do so. I am 23 years old and my question is, how long do I have to wait before fasting again. I have MS and that is my motivation for doing this.

  • Geraldo Bastos says:

    I have multiple sclerosis and currently on tysabri and solumedrol. Is it not recommended to do the fasting (at all?) while on the medication. I've diagnosed w MS since 2005 at age 28. Please advise me!!

  • fahri akdemir says:

    This sounds very interesting and promising. One question came to my mind is during fasting days these people can take their medication or not? Thanks in advance.

  • Susan Gaskin says:

    Hi Loren, thank you for your fascinating video.  I have MS (since 1996) and had breast cancer in 2012 with no chemo or radiation, just a mastectomy.  Plus I'm on the thin side.  Would water faster for 26 + days be beneficial for me?  Thank you in advance!

  • Lynn Krudo says:

    Loren, my name is Lynn.  I just spoke to Diego yesterday and today via skype.  He lives hear LA, and I'm in Israel.  He's been in contact with you via skype about his MS diagnosis.  He went from being in a wheelchair and having an assortment of MS symptoms to walking.  He did the water fast in January.  I've been scouring the Internet for alternative solutions to whatever it is that I have. Traditional medicine doesn't know.  According to the fluid taken from my spine, MS was ruled out, but I have many, too many, MS like symptoms.  I posted something on a Youtube video about hydrogen peroxide and Diego contacted me.  It's been very encouraging speaking with him.  Nothing has actually changed, but I feel relieved having listened to him.  I've listened to one of your Youtube videos where you spoke in Arizona.  It feels so wonderful to have genuine hope again.

  • George Kafantaris says:


  • tImotejFajmot says:

    Nice,thanks for sharing,just wanted to post this question about MS on you latest video.Im a big fan,I just dont think it is sustainable to do it where I live in Europe,which is why I am migrating…

  • 2ndSamuel710 says:

    Cure MS with O3 ozone. Check out Brian Aston testimony on Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bny7ucYS-SU Does cost $600 in oxygen concentrator or oxygen tanks and ozone generator but works in a matter of days. Also good for many other serious aliments. Dr Rowen is big proponent.

  • Jesse King says:

    Hi Loren, is there anyway fasting can allow the body to fix and heal epilepsy? Epilepsy is damage in the brain so an unprofessional guess it could right?

  • Farah Sharif says:

    HI can you tell me how the fasting is done? I have fasted before when a meal is eaten before the fast begins and after the fast is broken everyday. is the fasting you do the same?

  • koreishite says:

    And now I understand why it is said in the Koran :"and indeed if you fast is better for you even when you are ill"

  • KangenAlec says:

    This program works best on Kangen water. By adding a strong negative charge to the cells, you activate healing process much faster. Strongly recommend getting Enagic SD501 water ionizer and start Kangen fasting.

  • Maria villalona-smith says:

    hi, I have MS, I've known about it for 15 years, for the most part it was ok to deal with, I could function. in the last 2 years, I have hit bottom. the MS has given me trigeminal-neuralgia. I have been fasting for 5 days, nothing is happening. should I go longer? my plan is to juice fast for however long it takes to feel better. Trigeminal-neuralgia is also known as the suicide desease, I'm so scared of getting off the meds, it's the most painful condition known to man, have you had any members with this condition? did they go off the meds and fast?
    thank you so much!

  • "So where are you going?" (chapter 81 verse 26) says:

    Doctor, are you suggesting that we go on a water fast for 32 days continuously? wouldn't you starve to death?

  • nonya business says:

    Thank you. I'm on day 2. 28 to go!

  • nonya business says:

    what do you mean by refeeding? What does it consist of?

  • nonya business says:

    I'm on day 3 now

  • nonya business says:

    I'm doing it alone. Why would you need supervision? I'm desperate I see this as my last alternative. Do you Skype? Could you assist me?

  • George Kafantaris says:

    loren,your old and still alive//

  • Peter J Maguire says:

    you can heal your own body.

  • joesl8 says:

    I have MS, I'm 45 and have some minor symptoms. How long should I fast and can I do it on my own and still go to work at the same time?? Thanks, god bless all!

  • Mighty Mart says:

    3k $ to do this.. here we go!! fucking charlatan, you should be ashamed of yourself, taking ill.people and giving them false hope and charging huge amount of money for it… if you really wanted to cobtribute to the cause youd do it for free instead of leeching of people and praying on the suffering, whats next, stealing from children? how do you sleep st night? look at yourself in the mirror, people like you make me wanna puke

  • Roya Rowling says:

    How long fasting would you recommend for ms for people in wheelchair?

  • RoseMarie Boel says:

    I am 20, and I was just recently diagnosed with MS. After a lot of research, I realized medications do very little for those who suffer from MS (which my doctor did not like hearing at all) and that the natural approach has blessed so many lives in actually treating their MS.

    But this is my issue, my lesions are currently active, and EVERYONE is telling me to take steroids, even some of those sold on the natural approach. I see you as a leader in the natural MS movement, and I would really value your opinion on this. Should I take the steroids to stop the current lesions or not?

  • eexxiittoo says:

    Hi Loren: Where are you located?
    Do you know someone that can supervise fasting in NJ?

  • C M C says:

    so far and after reading all comments not one that says YES IT WORKS

  • Star Cat says:

    You are beautiful, thank you. I will do fasting when I go to holy dham in India.

  • Viren Joe says:

    so is the fasting 10 days or thirty days? can I do ten days?

  • PinkGold says:

    hi can you help me i have early ms

  • Viren Joe says:

    so fasting means just water ? for thirty days? what's the fasting rules ?

  • Farida Aali says:

    pls can yu help me pls by ans questions I think o have ms not think I know it's ms y since 3 years off on I been having shaky trembling in side my both legs inside flesh not outside ignore it bt for the past 5 months my leg have been playing up badly severe those symptoms I mentioned n my feet hav been hurting n one legs badly pls tell that is not ms

  • Farida Aali says:

    I hav problem walking not been to doctors

  • Farida Aali says:

    Wt do I need to tell the doctor pls reply

  • Sb Gmz says:

    Hi, I have been diagnosed with ms since last year and I fast for Ramadan so I think this would be easier for me..could you help me?

  • abelworld says:


  • abelworld says:

    I'm on permanent Ssdi. Ms since 2008. Right hand totally numb. Right foot lifts two inches high. Right knee unstable. I've noticed left knee similar feelings since July 2017.

  • swimm3r137 says:

    Loren, I have a question — if we live in a urban area and only have access to store/super market bought water and choose to water-fast on our own, what would you suggest?  I own my own water distiller but also know your stance on distillation vs spring water.  What would you do ?  Thank you

  • Alynna Bee says:

    Mr. Loren, can fasting improve severe brain inflammation and ALS? Also, how come I don't see people with ALS fasting at your facility? I don't see any video of people with neuro disease fasting at your center.

  • Esty Riddle says:

    Fine and dandy but what if you're 105 pounds

  • Adel Najjar says:

    Hi Loren
    Thank you for this video
    I want to ask you about my mother
    She is having MS since 1999 and she is now 55 years old
    She is having MS now for 19 years
    She lost the ability to walk and to think well
    I want to help her with the fasting process
    Do you recommend that she starts to water fast and how I can help her with that
    We live in Egypt and we cannot come to the USA
    Please help

  • meenakshi aggarwal says:

    Hello Loren,
    Can you please tell how to cure spinal injuries. I have herniated disc. Severe pain in left leg and lower back. Please help.

  • Liza Lopez says:


  • reggie pathak says:

    U atleast need electrolytes in your body if your fasting becuase fasting and going on for days with out them is dangerous

  • demoskunk says:

    Since the vast majority of the 7 billion people on Earth eat everyday and never fast, shouldn't there be WAY more than 2.5 million people with MS??

  • Stephanie Bourne says:

    Hi Loren I also have MS and because of finances I tried fasting at home. I know this is not recommended but that seemed my only choice. After two weeks the dry mouth thing was so bad along with such a horrific taste I couldn't continue . What would you suggest if I try this again?

  • Mamta Jadhav says:

    Hi Lorren, I m taking Rebif injections every Saturday . Can I do your type of Water fasting while on injections . I m 38 and recently diagnosed with MS . Please help .

  • Michael Johnson says:

    what if you have diabetes ontop of having ms

  • Jeff Bruner says:

    So I take a Xanax 2 milligram every night before bedtime will it be ok to take my medicine ne,t question I've lost use of my left leg and my left arm is affected by numbness and I'm left handed I'm unable to work now as a diesel technician and I miss it so much . I'm about to have ankle fusion surgery so I'll be down and completely resting now will be a time to do it and is it only water for 30 days and where can I get as much information as possible on this fasting

  • nonya business says:

    How much water daily? What kind of water?

  • jorgkeller07 says:

    Hello, ive had MS for about 9 years now and for the past year, my ms has gotten to the point where i have almost no balance. I cant walk anymore without support. My quality of life is at a all time low next to zero. I had a few months where i was depressed and did not eat at all other than organic smoothies with lots of greens and slowly started to walk without support… but went off the wagon for about 3 months and now im right back where i started. I only did this because my waight was under 150 lbs. Im thinking of fasting again but without being depressed(haha) i need help with what to do with this issue of losing too much waight. I want my life back. Please help

  • 4 hours ago says:

    Will OMAD or 16/8 fast help with MS?

  • 4 hours ago says:

    I decided to go on OMAD for MS

  • Dina Kamel says:

    Try urine therapy and all of you will heal

  • Bouz Dji says:

    A very inspiring video! You look such a great person! Very simple and logical enalysis…
    I have recently been diagnosed with ALS. ANY HELP ! ? Thank you so much

  • King A - says:

    Got a question can MS be cured ?

  • King A - says:

    Got another question is it possible to get rid of your immune system and make a knee one through fasting ?

  • MaryELLEN Johnson says:

    I am taking Myelin Basic Protein from Sphingolin. The immune sees the myelin and then applies it to the area or areas of your body that requires it. It has been wonderful for me along with a specific diet.

  • MaryELLEN Johnson says:

    intermittant fasting, MYELIN, B vitamins, Bone Strengthener by New Chapter and Wholefoods is the answer for MS. For pain, acupuncture, Medical Massage, a mild OTC pain med when required.

  • D.A. GAMER says:

    can i use vtamin d3 and coffee and garlic with this fast???

  • michael88863 says:

    Psuedo-Scientific feces. It ain't hard to do a clinical trial into this.

  • hassan iftikhar says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have an autoimmune demylation progressive disease but called not MS for 7 years. it's still an autoimmune disease. Worked worked but I am out of work for last almost 2 years. I am on medication tegratol 300mg twice a day and mycophanalate 1500mg twice a day.

    I have no other problem thank fully just in brain. What will be the best way to start fast and how wany days will be.
    I am 87kg weight and 5.10 height.

    Living with very caring wife and 2 kids: age 9 and 5.

    Based in England.

    Can I have plz your advice if possible Sir.

    Hassan Iftikhar

  • Tommy Jarvis says:

    I have foot drop. Even after 6 day water fast, I'm able to lift my leg much more efficiently

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