Have scalp pain? Use a shampoo for sensitive scalp

Have scalp pain? Use a shampoo for sensitive scalp

[MUSIC PLAYING] If you have sensitive skin
and you suffer from dandruff, it’s likely that you
have sensitive scalp too. In fact, the scalp is the next
most common area for sensitive skin after the hands and face. The most common symptoms
are redness and itching. It’s a powerful combination
because as you scratch, your scalp becomes even more irritated
and your hair can be damaged too. But there’s something you can do. First, turn the water temperature down. Washing your hair in very hot water
can aggravate your sensitive scalp and make itching and
redness appear worse. Second, just like you would
choose products designed for sensitive skin on
your face and hands, choose a shampoo that is
designed for sensitive scalps. Head & Shoulders sensitive
scalp shampoos and conditioners are designed to be gentle
on your scalp, and have been proven to calm itching and redness. They’re great for everyday
use too, giving you flake-free, beautiful-looking
hair with every wash. Want to find out more? Visit our website for more tips and
advice from Head & Shoulders experts just like me, or choose the
next video in the series.


  • David Lewis says:

    i really am uninterested in Head & Shoulders shampoo or any other dandruff shampoo.

  • Jenexis says:

    I find that this product works great for my sensitive scalp. However, this specific one with aloe vera is extremely hard to find in Australia at the moment.

  • david bonilla bravo says:

    I have an intense scalp sensitivity problem, I've tried all sorts of "solutions" for the problem, I've tried all kinds of shampoos, medical, organic, vegan, every single brand available in my country, I've tried even stupid ideas like putting vinegar and aloe in my head, I tried shaving my head constantly and without trying to sound like a paid promoter, but nothing works as good as Head & Shoulders, nothing even comes close to it

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