Hair Shedding Vs Hair Loss: Am I Losing My Hair, And How Can I Tell?

Hair Shedding Vs Hair Loss: Am I Losing My Hair, And How Can I Tell?

Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author
of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these videos
I love to answer the questions you are sending me via email so any of you have any questions
you like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional
information so without further ado the to get right on into the video in this videos
aspire by email I received from Georgia, Georgia emailed me because she said every time she
take down her yarn braids she is noticing a lot of shedding it feels like she’s losing
so much hair when she is detangling through her hair and taking down her braids and I’m
extremely happy that you sent me this email because this is a major concern with a lot
of women with the hair that like they fell like they are shedding too much hair especially
when it comes to having natural hair so what I’m going to do is tell you some reasons why
you shedding your hair as some things to look out for to make sure that everything is perfectly
fine so the first thing I’m going to address is that shedding hair is a natural process
they are going to go through it s living proof that you are alive and healthy and well your
hair going to shed different hair shed across your head at different moments of time that
is the natural process of your hair some hairs aren’t shedding yet and some hairs are shedding
this a random event that’s taking place that’s naturally happening with your body without
your consent it typically speaking you shed anywhere from 80 to 100 strands of hair a
day now the next thing I want to lead onto is that the frequency of times that you are
detangling your hair has a lot to do with how much shed hair you’re going to see so
when you’re taking down your yarn braids how long are you leaving them in are you leaving
them in for week to three weeks of one week’s add up all those days and times them by 80
to 100 and that’s how many shed hairs are going to lose is a natural process and the
reason I feel so scary is because you’re seeing all of you shed hair over that entire frame
of your hairstyle all at once and it’s going to make you think oh my gosh I’m losing
clumps of hair my goodness my hair is falling I don’t know what to do you are just seeing
all the hairs accumulated over the life of your style all at once so you can see a lot
of hair that’s a lot of hair that you want to lose over the timeframe the last thing
I want to mention as well is that when you are taking down your style or you do feel
like okay some things a little off I think I and shedding too much hair in order to figure
out if it’s healthy or not you need to evaluate your hair are you thinning in certain areas
of your head do you notice ball spots or patches do you notice that your hairline is thinning
that is a clear indication that your shedding too much hair because your hair will look
thinner or will actually just completely fall out in certain areas now if your hair is falling
our or thinning there could be a number of reasons one reason could be the way to your
extensions are installed if you wear your braids are twists or weaves to tight over
time this will make you shed more hair because it will make your hairline regress or cause
you to lose our hair and create bald spots in different areas where the extensions were
too tight another thing that could lead to thinning hair or bald spots or patches and
is things that could be going on internally things that could be going on externally so
if you’re suffering from alopecia there is that there is a difference between traction
alopecia in the alopecia that is trigger by your immune system which sometimes can make
all of your hair fall out parts of your hair fall out work or cause your hair to thin and
some other factors that could lead to hair thinning as well or bald spots is any medications
you’re taking or even if you take way too much of a vitamin or certain types of vitamins
this could also give you ill effects on your body if you’re taking more than what you should
be taking or if you are taking medications that could interfere with things like having
hair loss and thinning hair so if some of these are symptoms your noticing I highly
suggest you to make sure to follow up with your doctor and let your doctor know or whoever
is prescribing you any medications that this could be a reason why my hair thinning or
starting to fall out so Georgia I want you to just be calm about it because the longer
you keep in a style the more shed hair you will see when it’s time for you take down
your hair and another thing is that if your hair is very thick or very curly you will
notice that the hair will look like a lot when I detangle my hair it looks like a lot
of hair but I’m used to because I know what it looks like when I’m shedding hair normally
all and I’m not shedding her normally and always check my hair to see if the thinning
or if there are any bald spots just to make sure which never is I noticed that when I
see other people detangle hair and have more of a looser curl it doesn’t look like much
volume so if you can imagine is what you have maybe some hair around your house from different
weaves or extensions I want you to take a couple of strands of straight hair and put
it in one hand and then take those same amount of strands of very curly hair put in the other
hand you will notice right away that with the volume of hair to curlier your hair will
look like it’s way more so that’s just naturally what it will look like we are detangling hair
that’s a lot more curly or kinkier is that it will take up more space look like a bigger
ball of hair versus losing five straight hairs you get what I’m saying so I want you to just
keep in mind that is on natural if you’re not balding or you’re not noticing any thinning
your all okay so Im glad you sent me the email because of how to view always ask me and always
want to know where my don’t know what should I do with my hair can you please help me and
I just want to put everything in retrospect that you going to shed hair and that you want
to make sure to watch out for thinning and balding so thank you for sending me the email
and I want to thank you all for watching as well and before any of you go make sure to
check out my description box to sign up for my email list because only their you will
receive exclusive content so until then I’ll see you all in my very next video


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    My preferred hairstyle is a "modified" loose ponytail. (It's really cute, heh).
    (Much to my father's displeasure… The guy wants to burn it off every time he lays eyes on it… Sheesh)
    Now… Every time I comb my hair, a lot of it falls off.
    I comb like…one or two times per day and I use zero chemicals and stuff.
    (I don't even know if you can buy most of them in my country).
    I read online that that is actually an optical illusion caused by the length of my hair,
    thus making it seem like A LOT of it falls off. I actually took each strand, straightened them and then counted.
    Thankfully, it was as I read. If I had short hair, I wouldn't have even noticed it.

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