Hair Myth – Dandruff is Due to a Dry Scalp

Hair Myth – Dandruff is Due to a Dry Scalp

This week’s hair myth is that dandruff is due to dry scalp and it really isn’t. Dandruff in most cases is oily because you have oil glands on the scalp which always function and you get flaky scalps with oily roots. And if you have oily roots the oil has to pass through the scalp into the scalp flakes which makes them oily. Rarely ever dry. And if you put oil on, people saying I have dry scalp so I’ll oil it and it won’t be dry all you do is make the oily flakes oilier and stickier and really much more upsetting.

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  • onyxr says:

    October 2015 that's the last time my scalp produced oil!! Because of accutane. Always had a flakey scalp, on accutane it got much worse. How could it not be because of dryness?

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