Habits that Can Cause Acne

Habits that Can Cause Acne

Hey! Christy here again, and today we’re going
to talk about the 10 DAILY HABITS that could be causing you to break out. So the first one is, your bangs, okay? So these tips can be both for gals and guys. So a lot of times, what people who break out
do is they want to hide the breakouts. So they’ll pull their bangs in front of their
breakouts, or if they have back Acne, they’ll try to, if they’re wearing a sundress, they
try to cover it with their hair. Well what happens is, on your scalp, your
scalp is producing up to 2 TIMES more oil, and typically the oil is a little bit thicker
to get onto the hair to keep your hair soft. That oil is getting onto your forehead, or
onto the sides of your face, as well as your back. So that’s the first one. So try to keep them away from your face. Okay? The second one is, changing your pillowcase
more frequently. So again, going back to the scalp. When we have more oil on our hair, that also,
we tend to have more dirt, environmental pollutants on our hair. So if we wash our hair in the morning, and
then at night, you’re tired, you’re all sweaty, and then you lay on your pillow, and then
you, you sleep to the side, sometimes all that oil can get onto your face. So if you typically have oily skin or an oily
scalp, it is best to change the pillowcase more frequently. Number three is, washing your make-up brushes. So you have to be ’cause if you tend to have
more oilier skin, then that oil can get on to your brushes. So, the oilier your skin is the more that
you’re going to have to wash your make-up brushes. So, if you have a synthetic brush, then you
want to wash with an antibacterial gel-based soap or cleanser. So, and if it’s real hair, animal hair, you
don’t want to do it with an antibacterial soap. Preferably, if you do it with a Tea Tree Oil-based
shampoo. ‘Cause it is hair. Okay? So you want to wash them, and what’s going
to happen is all the oils in your skin get onto this and when you put the cleanser or
the shampoo on there, it’s going to emulsify, and so it’s not going to lather as much. So you want to keep washing your brushes and
rinsing them until they lather up pretty good. Okay? And no more, there’s no more make-up that
keeps reappearing when you wash your brushes. Okay. So the fourth step is, obviously if you are
taking a dirty brush, and adding it to your dirty make-up, that oil and the bacteria collects
on your make-up. So, what you want to do is, you want to replace
your make-up regularly. Especially if you tend to do make-up touches
throughout the day when your face is oily, and you’re using the same make-up, that make-up
can go rancid pretty quickly. So every time you’re re-applying then that
bacteria multiplies on your product. That same make-up could be causing you to
break out. Okay halfway through, number five is, avoid
products to go on your face or your body that contain: Talc, Mineral Oil, Petroleum-based
products, heavier oils, “LAKES”, synthetic frangrances, they tend to be “COMEDOGENIC”. And so what that means is, they can have a
clogging pore effect. So generally speaking, for LAKES, it could
be, these are mineral-based, but more intense blushes and intense-colored eye-shadows tends
to contain LAKES in it as well. For men, you all should avoid heavy-scented
aftershave products. One is, a lot of them tend to contain alcohol,
and alcohol can dehydrate the skin. If you have oilier skin, then what your skin,
and how your skin is going to respond is it’s actually going to product MORE oil causing
MORE breakouts. And if, usually they’re very, very heavily
scented with synthetic fragrance and that can tend to irritate the skin and clog the
pores. Number six is, to remember to wash your hands
frequently and to avoid touching your face. Some people are not aware how much they touch
their face when they’re bored or just when they’re brushing their hair away from their
face, so, if you must touch your face, then try to use the other side of your hands, the
back side of your hands to push up your glasses, to move the hair away from your face, and
that is because on this side is where we touch everything. It also tends to have more oils on those areas,
so the bacteria sticks to the fingerprint area, and so if you’re always touching your
face, you can cause breakouts that way as well. Okay, number seven is, our phones. These are all of our security blankets and
so we’re always using our phones. So, we’re always placing them everywhere as
well, and bacteria can get on our phones. So disinfect the phones, and how you can do
that is getting the disinfectant wipes and on a daily basis, learn to wipe them down,
because you’re always putting it near your face, you’re always touching this inadvertently. Number eight is, to wash your face after a
workout. So the more you sweat, the more likely you
are to product oil, and the bacteria that is on our skin feeds off of the lipids, and
the salt, and the sugars of our sebum. And so, typically, when you workout, try to
wash your face and for some of you if you can just go a little bit inside the scalp
area because a lot of that comes down onto our face. So, if you’re doing errands after you go workout,
and you just, you sweated a lot, it’s not enough to take a towel and wipe it down, you’re
going to have to rinse it off your face. So that will bring down the level of bacteria
that potentially can cause you to break out. Number nine is, razors. So ladies and gentlemen, when you use a razor,
I understand, razors can be very expensive. So, razors are meant to be used ONCE. And so, when you re-use a razor, when you
are shaving any part of your body, it’s also taking off the dead skin layers and getting
trapped between the razors. So when you keep re-using it, the bacteria
level grows on the razors, and every time you shave you’re causing micro-contusions
in the skin. Which are microscopic little cuts in your
skin, and that bacteria can get back into the skin, which is why you can get the bumps,
or what’s called “PSEUDOFOLLICULITIS BARBAE”. The, and especially, if you, they have those
razors out there that are triple, double and triple razors, AVOID those. Get the, get the cheap, single ones and then
just use them on a daily basis, just single use, and just by doing that, you can reduce
the amount of bumps that you have. Okay! The final one, number ten. And that is, cleaning off your glasses and
your sunglasses. Okay? And the reason why is because, we are typically,
especially here in Southern California, we are constantly wearing our sunglasses. And if it’s hot, we’re also sweating, and
if you’re a girl and you’re wearing make-up. So, on the underside of your sunglasses, and
then the area where your nose rests, that’s where you have a lot of your oil, your dirt,
and your make-up. And most of us don’t clean our sunglasses
every single time that we use them. So remember to keep them clean, and I don’t
mean just wiping them off, you need to use a cleaner to break down the oil and the dirt
that’s on your sunglasses. So that’s it! And obviously there are way more tips that
we don’t think about that may be causing us to break out. So if we haven’t listed them here today, please
comment below and add your tips that you tried to do to reduce the amount of breakouts that
you have. And please subscribe to our channel and don’t
forget to hit the notification bell! And thanks for watching!


  • Go See Christy says:

    What are some things that you are doing that may be causing break outs? The cell phone is one that I saw an improvement with my clients as most people are unaware how dirty their cell phones can be. Do you touch your face often? Have you washed your make up brushes lately?

  • Pauline Newman says:

    I just started cleaning my cell phone after each use. I wash my pillow cases every week and wash my pillows every week as well. Thank you for sharing Christy.

  • Katarina H. says:

    Fantastic tips. I knew about some of them but had no idea about most of them. I have a question Christy. My son is a swimmer and he tends to break out after his practices. I think it must be from his sweat but I thought that when he is in the pool, the sweat washes away. What do you think?

  • Sax Station says:

    Thanks for sharing Christy! Learned some things.

  • Andrea Nicholson says:

    Thank you for the great tips! We are all guilty of at least a few of these.

  • RemainForever Healthy says:

    Good thing i got rid of my bangs long time ago. I use to have bangs when i was teenager. I still acne though, and Im in 30s. Maybe because of food allergy. I stay away from make up, clogs my pores.

  • Drost Video says:

    Great tips for reducing acne

  • Heather Gerhardt says:

    Never thought your hair could cause acne! Great advice.

  • Kay's Kreations says:

    Great video and really good information to help!!! 🙂 loved it

  • FashionJusticeTV says:

    Thank God I have no more bangs!

  • Liz Torres says:

    Mineral oil and petrolatum came as low comedogenicity on the bunny ears test. I also use a mineral oil and water based lotion daily with no problems, and I've actually put vaseline on my face some nights to seal in a hydrating product with no issues. I think that's a misconception. Some people react to those ingredienta, but as far as I've seen its rare.

  • Brooke B says:

    ithink the wrong cleansers can cause acne like the apricot scrub was terrible just a basic milky cleanser is best but they dont sell that much in the us. it is more of a european thing. stress and hormones mostly cause acne and maybe dairy.

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