Guttate Psoriasis – Guttate Psoriasis Healing Stages – Guttate Psoriasis on Face and Scalp

Guttate Psoriasis – Guttate Psoriasis Healing Stages – Guttate Psoriasis on Face and Scalp

Guttate Psoriasis Guttate psoriasis is a type of psoriasis that shows up on your skin as red, scaly, small, teardrop-shaped spots. Although guttate psoriasis usually occurs on the trunk, arms, or legs, it not unusual for the condition to involve any areas of skin. It doesn’t normally leave a scar. Who Can Get Guttate Psoriasis? The guttate form of psoriasis is relatively uncommon. Fewer than 2% of those with psoriasis have the guttate type. Guttate psoriasis is more common in children and adults younger than 30 years of age. Causes of Guttate Psoriasis An outbreak is usually triggered by a bacterial infection, typically streptococcus. In some cases, guttate psoriasis is genetic, if someone in your family has it, your chances of getting it go up. Other triggers include upper respiratory infections, tonsillitis, stress, cuts, burns or bites on your skin or some drugs. Symptoms of Guttate Psoriasis The spots you get from guttate psoriasis aren’t as thick as the ones from plaque psoriasis. It can sometimes spread from there to your face, ears, and scalp. But it doesn’t show up on your palms, the soles of your feet, or nails, like other forms of psoriasis can. Diagnosis of Guttate Psoriasis Your doctor will want to know your medical history, especially what kinds of medications you may be taking. She’ll look at your skin. Usually, a physical exam gives your doctor enough information to diagnose or rule out guttate psoriasis. Guttate Psoriasis Treatment Cortisone cream can help stop itching and swelling. Alcohol and smoking worsen the symptoms for many people who have psoriasis, avoid them as much as possible. Lotions and moisturizers with coal tar to soothe your skin. Do You Want To Get Rid of Psoriasis Naturally? Discover, How Men & Women of all ages are getting rid of psoriasis in just 3 Weeks using this SECRET METHOD..! This method is so simple and easy, the results you will see in the mirror will surprise You! Visit the link given in the description of this video to get Instant FREE Access To This Miraculous Psoriasis Treatment..! Don’t forget to Subscribe to our Channel! Get FREE tips to cure Psoriasis naturally & stay tuned about best Psoriasis Treatments.


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  • Duca Schoenberg says:

    This time I'll use WooPep instructions to learn about diets more 🙂

  • lisa marion says:

    I was doubtful about embarking on a diet as I have never had any food intolerances before, so was obviously skeptical that doing so would help.

  • Christine Welch says:

    After a particularly bad flare-up I took to my bed because of the pain and discomfort and decided to do some research on the internet.

  • Nicolas Perez says:

    if you think it is giving you symptoms, try cutting that food out for a while and see what happens.

  • Blake Creighton says:

    I have also problems with my skin and small joints and tendons so it all workes out as a quadriple wammy.

  • William A. Robertson says:

    I started to assume this mite not be male baldness as it was so unataral looking and didn't fit the profile of my father uncle and grandads pattern of baldness.

  • Joseph Sims says:

    Once I got rid of the worst I've used T-Gel shampoo ever since and now don't have any problems at all.

  • Bobby M Pyatt says:

    Alcohol consumption always causes a flare up. Needless to say, my skin looked pretty bad in the college years!

  • Samuel Abercrombie says:

    Doctors suck when it comes to healing people all most of them care about is money.


    Your diet is very important, and your psoriasis can be a side effect from something totally different.

  • Karen Hoffman says:

    It got so bad that I could barely walk and my hands were covered with embarrassingly painful sores.

  • William Robinson says:

    The redness got worse and flares up from time to time, I get dandruff also.

  • Pete Goodloe says:

    Certain foods can cause a problem.

  • Yvette L. Beasley says:

    I read about the light therapy, but the doctor said for me not to go to the tanning salon because it's not good for me.

  • Victor M.Hale says:

    I tried AIP paleo diet and my symptoms drastically got better over a 5 week time span, into complete remission.

  • Evil Bro says:

    I still have no fingerprints, but under a magnifying glass I can see faint outlines returning

  • Jeanne D. Fisher says:

    Who is suffering from nail psoriasis?

  • George Matthews says:

    I had resigned myself to not being able to work anymore.

  • Angel McDonald says:

    When I was using it (it's a topical medicine) my nails improved more than they had otherwise.

  • Peggy R Brown says:

    Can anyone recommend a good moisturizer that is gentle and effective?

  • John Patterson says:

    I could tell the difference and now I am under 20% coverage.

  • Sean Quinn says:

    This video is marketing bullshit. If the creator wanted to help people with psoriasis there would be no use of "secret" treatments and such. If you have psoriasis, and I do, then you need to know there is no cure, it is an auto immune malfunction, we can't cure it, but we can treat it. Please don't waste your money on "natural" cures and other snake oils.

  • Sarah Vazquez says:

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  • Jennifer Overbey says:

    The left arm of my mother has got a decade-old psoriasis. It is dark red in color and is very large. The redness as well as scales washed out after almost 14 days of employing skin psoriasis treatment solution “Κοkοzο wuno” (Google it). Mom says there is no itchiness and she is happy with the final results…

  • Graeme Lastname says:

    "Miraculous" most commonly translated as "bullshit".

  • Ida Freeman says:

    My husband’s redness and flaking under and also around his eyes and nose were almost removed right after a couple of days of applying this psoriasis treatment solution “Κοkοzο Wuno” (Google it). After Five days, there are certainly not any traces of redness and flakiness. He simply wanted the problem to disappear permanently so he still keeps using the treatment solution until recently..

  • Heather Carter says:

    This skin psoriasis treatment plan “Κοkοzο Wuno” (Google it) has been magic for my younger sister. It made her legs wonderfully clear. It worked well. After the problem has eliminated, she can now wear shorts..

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